Mozaico Black Friday 2019: Get the Best Mosaic Art Designs!

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Every year, Black Friday hits the shopping world like a blizzard. And we all know that shopping smart is always the way to go. At Mozaico art, on this day, we bring you a step closer to your dream mosaic art. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, shop on Black Friday 2019 now and benefit from our huge annual sale! You’ll get surreal mosaic designs that will accompany you for a lifetime.

What You Need to Know

Before you start shopping for anything, getting to know items and your way around an online store is a must. Let’s discover the world of mosaic art at Mozaico.

In short, our mosaics are handcrafted with extreme care and precision using hand cut marble and glass tesserae. Our artists will also craft any desired mosaic piece of choice with the size, color and type of material of choice.

Our Mosaic Art Best Sellers

In case you are new to the mosaic art world, or simply you want to further explore it before your Black Friday 2019 purchase, our most demanded mosaic art designs will surely help you make a better decision.

Birds and Butterflies

Nature art pieces, especially mosaics, are very popular for their relaxing aspect and the simple yet powerful connection to nature they provide. One of our famous bird mosaics is this Two Peacocks mural. The royal blue tones in this mosaic design harbor the beauty and individualism of a peacock.

Peacocks might not be everyone’s cup of tea, that’s why our Romantic Herons mosaic art designs might be a better choice.

Romantic Herons
Romantic Herons by Mozaico

This mosaic wall art depicts two herons in love and unity; made from hand-cut natural mosaics. It will definitely add a warm and joyful feel to indoors or outdoors.


Even when we know our plans in life, we often need a reminder that uncertainty is required and external guidance is our only option. A compass mural will surely set this idea in stone. One of this category’s bestsellers is this sailing themed Anchor nautical mosaic.

Anchor on Blue Background Nautical Mosaic by Mozaico

If you aren’t a fan of nautical themes, and you desire a simpler compass design, a Round Stone Mosaic Compass Design will be a perfect match for your taste!

Mosaic Round Stone Compass Design by Mozaico


Geometric mosaic designs can transform a surface into a stunning three dimensional one. Our Stone Tile Mural Medallion is favored by many for its warm and cool colors colliding within a Cala stone design. It will be a perfect fit for a floor centerpiece or even a mosaic wall mural.

Stone tile medallion mosaic
Stone Tile Mural Medallion by Mozaico

Earthy tones have been a major trend in interior design this year. From furniture to art pieces, decorators are favoring this theme for its calm and elegance.

arabesque medallion
Afya – Shadows Arabesque Round Mosaic Medallion by Mozaico

Ancient Mythology

Mosaic originated in Greece then spread through Rome. So, it is no wonder that Greek and Roman mosaic art pieces are famous and highly demanded until this day. Within this category, the Versace Logo is captivating for its beauty, elegance, and Medusa’s magic.

Versace Logo
Versace Logo by Mozaico

This logo was adapted from the floor of ruins in the area of Reggio Calabria where the Versace siblings played as children. Diving deeper into the Roman culture, the glorification of gods can’t be ignored. That’s why this Neptune god marble mosaic, the god of freshwater and the sea in Roman religion can’t be overseen.

Neptune God Marble Mosaic Mural by Mozaico

Flowers and Trees

Whether you are decorating hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, or even outdoor areas, flowers never fail to dazzle. Depending on the type of flowers, trees, and their design, these natural elements will add a feeling of openness and relaxation. It is known that surrounding yourself with natural elements, especially in your home, supports the psychological wellbeing and boosts our connection to nature. For this category, you can start with our Autumn Garden mosaic tile art design. Despite the name of this piece, its beauty lasts through all seasons.

Autumn garden
Mosaic Tile Art, Autumn Garden by Mozaico

If you are into philosophical natural elements, then you definitely know the Tree of Life and its representation of growth, health and immortality. We are sure that you’ll love this mosaic art design.

tree of life
Mosaic Tile Art, Tree of Life by Mozaico

Human Figures

Humans possess individual forms of beauty. This is one of many reasons one might choose this form of art. Humans figures mosaic art reproductions are known for creating an impact statement, especially indoors. Depending on the character of choice, you’ll be reflecting a part of your character or certain preferences in characters. Among our bestsellers in this category are a mosaic reproduction of Mother and Child famous painting. This mosaic art piece is fully handcrafted using natural hand-cut marble.

Mosaic Reproduction of Mother and Child Reproduction by Mozaico

Another popular mural is a mosaic reproduction of The Kiss by Klimt. This piece of art glorifies intimacy between couples where everything else loses meaning when the couple are immersed in the heavenly world of love.

Marine Life and Nautical

The sea holds mysteries more than any biosphere on earth. And as much as this world harbors secrets, it possesses beauty and symbolism. Starting on the surface, waves are a power force of their own. Which is one of the reasons this detailed Wave Design Marble mosaic is popular. The wave is a symbol of power, resilience, and good luck .So having such an enchanting reminder around is no doubt motivating.

Wave design mosaic
Wave Design Marble Mosaic by Mozaico

Second in line within marine life is a vibrant mosaic mural of sea turtles and fish. It is no doubt an amazing scene that combines marble and glass tiles.

Sea turtle and fish mosaic
Sea Turtles and Fish Mural by Mozaico


In addition to the natural aspect of most scenery mosaic designs, one will definitely lose any sense of time while staring at these pieces or simply having them around. One of our most loved pieces is our Tuscan Ville mosaic design. Adding these vibrant shades and hues of countryside scenery are fit for any kitchen or living space.

Tuscan vill
Tuscan Ville Mosaic Design by Mozaico

Another stunning scenery piece is the Villaggio Italiano mosaic art. The quaint scene of this mural makes a perfect kitchen backsplash.

Villiago Italiano Mosaic Art by Mozaico


Religious mosaic art is immortal, and the renditions vary between reproductions and originals. There’s nothing more classic than the mosaic icon Portrait of Virgin Mary.

Virgin Mary Mosaic
Mosaic Icon Portrait of Virgin Mary by Mozaico

This mosaic piece will bring home a classic yet timeless beautiful vibrant art and the history of sacred icons.

Moreover, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper Mosaic Reproduction is a top bestseller among religious art. It is no doubt a beautiful illustration of a timeless historic moment.

the last supper mosaic
Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper Mosaic Reproduction by Mozaico

Gift Cards

Black Friday 2019 sales aren’t the only thing you can benefit from. That is to say our gift cards are the go to option for family and loved ones regardless the occasion.

gift card

Certainly, any one will appreciate a card to such eternal gift of mosaic art!

With all these designs at disposal at a great discount, you’d definitely want to place your order as fast as possible before the day ends. Stay tuned for our discount % reveal on Black Friday 2019. In the meantime, which mosaic design is your choice? Let’s know in the comment below!

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