Why Buy Mosaic Art on Black Friday 2019?

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Don’t forget to include mosaic art in your Black Friday 2019 shopping! The perfect piece of mosaic wall art is at your fingertips right here on the Mozaico website. Even better? We’re kicking off your holiday season with a terrific discount!

Holidays are the time we get together with family and friends. In a busy season, you’re balancing hosting duties too. If you’ve been putting off an interior design refresh, our sale on mosaic wall art is one of the best Black Friday 2019 sales.

It’s easy to welcome your guests into a lovely new space during the holidays – just look at some of our favorite projects.

Time to Refresh and Dazzle Guests!

Everyone seems to gather around the kitchen at parties. Open floor plans have brought kitchens out into view. Mosaic designs are fantastic for kitchens; providing color, texture, and durability. From backsplashes to countertops, they can transform a room.

Kitchen backsplash mosaic
Kitchen Backsplash Installed Work by Mozaico

We have unlimited options for your next kitchen project. You can search our catalog for a pattern, color, or theme that fits your decor and style. Patterns, glass mosaic wall art, or even custom mosaic pieces are available.

The popularity of tile in kitchen spaces is justified. It’s easy to clean, stands up to moisture, and looks incredible. Choose a favorite during our Black Friday 2019 sale, and surprise everyone with your kitchen makeover. Don’t forget, we also carry simpler patterns and field tiles, too.

If you’re not ready for a whole room, our mosaic designs include some wonderful accent pieces to welcome guests into your home. These also make amazing gifts! Think about installing a permanent doormat or greeting at your entry!

Our home mosaic
“Mosaic Welcome Home Hanger” by Mozaico
Bless thi shouse mosaic
“Home Blessing” by Mozaico
Hey! welcome home mosaic
“Hey Custom Mosaic” by Mozaico

Create Some New Memories and Share the Old

Family memories
Image Source: Pinterest

Every year during the holidays, new memories are made, and old ones are cherished. Mosaic art is a wonderful way to commemorate both.

We carry a huge range of themes in our mosaic designs. They’re perfect for recognizing military service, hobbies, passions, travels – any memory you might find in a scrapbook.

We encourage you to use these interests and bits of history to create gifts that will astonish the recipient. Our mosaic art comes ready to install. You can create a piece of furniture, mosaic wall art, or other installation in advance, or let them choose the location.

There’s nothing like the detail of mosaic wall art to capture scenes. Here’s an idea for a traveler.

World mosaic
World Map Mural Mosaic by Mozaico

Maybe someone you love has a special interest in transportation? We have so many options, all available in our Black Friday 2019 deals.

Harley Davidson Mosaic
Harley Davidson Logo by Mozaico
Ferrari Mosaic
Ferrari Logo by Mozaico

Any sports team is either available in stock or can be customized. What a great way to remember all those family gatherings to watch the playoffs!

Liverpool Football Club mosaic
Liverpool Football Club by Mozaico

You can even set your family up with their own copy of your coat of arms, available to display however they wish.

Coat of Arms family
Family Logo Custom Mosaic by Mozaico

Surprising someone with a specialized room or garden makeover is easy with the right pieces of glass mosaic wall art or mosaic designs. Here at Mozaico, we’ve seen our pieces installed in so many ways.

A small outdoor chapel or meditation room is a deeply meaningful way to honor life and belief.

Garden mosaic
Religious Mosaic Mural of Jesus and Mary” Installed in Garden by Mozaico

Bring Everyone Together with a Mosaic Art Project

workshop project
Mosaic Workshop

Once you’ve taken advantage of our Black Friday 2019 deals, how about planning for a group activity that will build memories and bring everyone together? Mosaic art is fun! We have ideas that can challenge kids to try new skills, and projects for the grown-ups.

We’ve gathered all the information you need to kick off your mosaic event!

Visit this blog for everything you need to know!

Mosaic art kit
Mosaic Kit by Mozaico

How to choose your project? There’s something for everyone. For a great introduction to mosaic art, there’s nothing better than our DIY Mosaic “Kit-It-Up”. These are all-inclusive kits that provide every material you’ll need to create your own mosaic art. All you need to do is select a piece of artwork from our collection based on the technical skill level you feel comfortable with.

If you’re thinking about adding your new mosaic art project to your home interior or exterior, you can get a preview with our amazing Visualize This tool.

It’s also easy to create a custom piece from your sketch or photo. We can reproduce everything with great detail, from a photo of a family member to a child’s drawing.

Portrait of family member mosaic
Customized Portrait on Marble Mosaic” by Mozaico

When you’re done, you’re ready to install your new group project. Mosaic art looks great anywhere. Depending on the size of the pieces you’ve created, you can turn your new art into tabletops, wall niches, garden art, backsplashes, stunning wall art, and much more. Any flat surface is easy to work with.

Kids crafting mosaic
Image Source: Pinterest

We’d love to hear about your ideas for what your next Black Friday 2019 mosaic art purchase will be? Would you turn a photo into a family activity? Surprise someone with a deeply personal gift? Make that change in your kitchen that you’ve been dreaming about? What designs are you dying to work with? Let us know in the comments!

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