Contemporary Rug Ideas to Ornament your Floors

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When we hear the word “rugs”, our minds usually imagine arabesque and floral patterns and sink into more traditional designs. However, decorating your homes with more modern and contemporary designs can create a great feel. It might be a little risky but it doesn’t need to be. Mozaico will help you transform your home decor into a modern furnishing. Here is a list of contemporary rugs that will definitely inspire your home décor and improvement.

• Hand-Tufted Wool Carpet

Carpet Design

This modern rug design is hand knotted and made out of hand-tufted wool. The design symbolizes the 7th chakra. The Hindu name of the chakra is the Sahasrara Chakra which means White Lotus Chakra or Crown Chakra. The color of this contemporary artwork compliments the design making it more blissful and serene. This rug is perfect for a meditation session or yoga exercise and will definitely spice up any round shaped area.

• Modern Stamp Rug

Contemporary Rug Design

To craft a dazzling 3D Effect, each rug is individually and separately hand carved and skillfully hand woven from 100% New Zealand wool in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. This contemporary stamp designed rug has been given a Royal approval to manifest the collection. Illustrating the symbolic design of the Royal Mail Stamps, the design was considered a creative and unique contemporary rug. Guess what you can also decorate your walls with this stamp rug! You can find the exact carpet design here.

• Contemporary Leather Rug

Rug Design

These fire tone colors of this circle shaped rug and third dimensional texture make it a perfect contemporary carpet for any area. It illustrates a paradox between the universe and eternity through its circle motif that has neither beginning nor end. This modern floor art is ready to delight even the most dispirited spaces. This mosaic-like leather rug is a handmade artwork designed by the creative artist Pachamama.

• Floral Modern Rug Design

Floral Carpet Design

To make it one and unique extravagant design, this flower rug was made through applying a smart plan wrapped with advanced design and artistic handles. This carpet design renders the softness of spongy wool. The professionalism and exclusiveness in the weaving techniques. This modern rug creates a distinguished home ornament that brightens up any modern living room or even a cozy bedroom!

• Bibliophilism: Book Rug Design.

Mosaic Rug Design

This is an eco friendly rug design that inspires you with imaginative creativity for you to do it yourself! Pamela Paulsrud brought this design idea to life when she realized that education and knowledge are no longer extracted from books but rather the digital and cyber world. This contemporary and creative rug is composed of discarded books rescued from libraries. Ever wondered what to do with your old and unnecessary books? Be ecological and embark onto a journey of creativity.

• Rustic Mosaic Medallion Rugs

Mosaic Medallion

Mozaico’s range of natural stone mosaic rugs will also give a creative, luxurious and unique character to your floor. Mosaic rugs will ornament your floors for years without fading or being discolored. Marble is a natural stone that will get more beautiful over the years and gain its vintage and rustic touch. Mozaico has several innovative mosaic designs that will satisfy a wide range of tastes and complement your home decoration with beauty and exquisiteness.

Tile Rug

This floral mosaic pattern was handcrafted with natural petal tiles, a design which will look perfectly contemporary and modern on your floor or even wallpaper. Click on the images for more information about the mosaic pieces.

• Sculptural Rug Creation

Sculptural Rug Creation

Take a look at this sculptural rug creation. It looks precisely like an extraterrestrial surface of triumphed curls. This cozy and soft carpet is fully handmade with the finest New Zealand merino wool through the cutting-edge technology. This contemporary carpet design features a dreamy texture and engages imagination that creates a unique sensory experience.

Rug Design

• Wood Patchwork Rugs

Wooden carpets will add a bit of dimension to your floor and give it a contemporary feel. These designs were made using wood and linen to manufacture unique geometric shapes and transform your floor into a canvas through a plain and simple touch of parquet. According to Feng shui, the wood element is known to bring spirituality, romance and creativity.

Wood Carpet

Feng Shui Decor

•Ege Carpets Design

Over the past few years, nature and the environment have been the influence and inspiration for plenty of artists. When it comes to flooring, wood and stones are very popular choices. It is all about comfort, warmth and stillness. This innovative carpet collection was influenced by a desire to bring the rustic beauty of nature within home decor. This design provides a realistic and expressive charm. You can find tile carpets at Ege Carpets.

Carpet Design

Rug Design Ideas

Floor Ornaments Ideas

Did you find your favorite rug style? Which design would you apply to ornament your floor?
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