Top Must-Know Interesting Facts About Fluorite

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What is fluorite? What are some interesting fluorite facts? As humans, we have always been fascinated by minerals and rocks. Their formation, qualities and everything in between. So, let’s guide you through the must-know fluorite facts that you can’t overlook!

First of all, Fluorite is one of the most fascinating minerals; it’s not a rock but a substance occurring in nature that has a solid and inorganic structure. Also, this material has many essential industrial claims and its one of the most dazzling minerals according to collectors. Those who know about fluorite, consider it as a decorative gemstone that has to be worn with care. However, there’s a lot more to it than people know. For Instance, Fluorite can be in any of the colors on the color spectrum. Also, it was coined and discovered by Georgius Agricola. The mineral dates back at least to the 1500s.

Fluorite facts | Top Must Know Interesting Facts About Fluoride | Mozaico

Fluorite Gemstone from Unsplash

In fact, fluorite is such a special and dazzling mineral that it was the official theme of the Tucson Gem and Mineral Society show.
But, that’s not all! Here are more interesting Fluorite facts the you need to know.

1. Fluorite as a Multidimensional Gemstone

Through studies, scientists discovered that the mineral could be a multi-dimensional stone which attracts the highest aspect of the mind and spirit.

Fluorite facts | Top Must Know Interesting Facts About Fluoride | Mozaico

Fluorite Facts from Unsplash

2. Fluorite is a Healer Stone

Fluorite was believed to endorse spiritual and psychic unity, protection and peace of mind. How you might ask? Actually, it absorbs negative energy, and encourages positivity and energy balance.

Fluorite Facts | Top Must Know Interesting Facts About Fluoride | Mozaico

Fluorite. Image Source: Unsplash

3. Fluorite Glows With UV Light

Yes, the gemstone is known to be a dazzling colorful mineral visible in light and ultraviolet light.

Fluorite facts | Top Must Know Interesting Facts About Fluoride | Mozaico

UV Glowing Fluorite from Wikimedia Commons

4. The Magical Industrial Mineral

Fluorite has always been used to lower the melting point of metals during the production of aluminum. The gemstone was traditionally used to remove impurities and as a flux to lower the melting of raw materials in steel production and aluminum smelting.

5. Multicolored Beauties of Nature

Fluorite was initially known as Fluorospar and has been known as the most colorful mineral in the world. That being said, it has been used in jewelry and proved to be the most aesthetic.

Fluorite facts | Top Must Know Interesting Facts About Fluoride | Mozaico

6. Where is Fluorite Found?

The mineral is often found in dolomite limestone in southern Ontario, but it became available today in gemstones shops all over the globe.

Fluorite facts | Top Must Know Interesting Facts About Fluoride | Mozaico

In addition to the general metaphysical uses of Fluorite, meta-science of resonance forms the bridge between metaphysics and science which makes this stone worth its weight in gold. There are unique properties associated for each color of Fluorite: plenty of colors, each color is known to have plenty of benefits to the mind and spirit.

Color Symbolism and Fluorite

1. Yellow Fluorite

Yellow Fluorite is believed to be the crystal that manifests understanding and intuition.

Its known as the stone of unity, yellow fluorite enhances creativity and harmony and its the prefect stone for an excellent detox of negative energies. Also, it sharpens the mind in order to help you make the perfect decisions or choices. Moreover, it removes the bad energy from the room and help you through your work towards the good.

Fluorite facts | Top Must Know Interesting Facts About Fluoride | Mozaico

2. Purple Fluorite

Purple Fluorite is believed to stimulate the Third Eye Chakra also known as the Pineal gland. Fluorite brings some common sense to psychic intuitions. You also can use purple fluorite when you need to focus on the expressions of spirit and interact with its messages.

Violet Fluorite aids the ability to meditate and increase psychic development helping you achieve spiritual peace and wholeness. Use fluorite to heal emotional and physical obstructions. It helps you grow spiritually while aiding the ability to meditate. Sometimes people use this crystal just to make life easier…

Fluorite facts | Top Must Know Interesting Facts About Fluoride | Mozaico

3. Green Fluorite

Green Fluorite is well recognized as the color of growth and healing. and its known for the ability of awakening the heart chakra.

It is related to absorbing the excess energy including the environmental energy. Use green fluorite if you are dealing with dissolving emotional traumas because it divinely cleanses the mind, chakras and aura.

People everywhere started using the Green Fluorite in crystal. It eases and lightens the egocentric problems on a psychic level and with the stomach and intestines on a physical level.

Fluorite facts | Top Must Know Interesting Facts About Fluoride | Mozaico

4. White Fluorite

The White Fluorite is known for its ability to build a celestial link to the spiritual energies provided.

It is placed on the seventh crown chakra, which made it a crystal that complements all the chakras. It increases the place of spiritual and serene evolution. Use it to fill up any area with peace and strong consciousness, and wear it if you are dealing with a stagnation of avoiding the here and now. It makes you more aware about the moment and makes you live it in serenity and peace, through attracting the spiritual and intellectual harmonies.

Fluorite facts | Top Must Know Interesting Facts About Fluoride | Mozaico

5. Rainbow Fluorite

The Rainbow Fluorite manifests a variety of colors inherent in Fluorite crystals, such as purple, blue, green, clear and yellow. In short, it is used to blend all of the properties of color.

Typical to the colors of the rainbow, a rainbow or Chinese rainbow fluorite can have a full range of nuances and forms such as wands, eggs, orbs and nebulas. Therefore this type of fluorite gemstone became very popular. Rainbow Fluorite is know for the ability too the nervous system on physical level. On more spiritual and metaphysical grounds, it readily shows its meditative and inspirational features.

Use it to fill up any area with positive events, joy and creativity.

Fluorite facts | Top Must Know Interesting Facts About Fluoride | Mozaico

6. Fluorescent Fluorite

It’s known that all minerals have the capacity to reflect light, and this is what makes them visible to the naked eye. Actually, a few minerals have interesting physical chattels recognized as fluorescence.

These minerals are known for their ability to temporarily absorb a small amount of light and an instant later liberate a small amount of light of a different wavelength. Hence, this change in wavelength makes a temporary color change of the mineral to our naked eye. Fluorescent Fluorite has the capacity to emit such a phenomenal beauty. How blissful it is to witness the changing colors of fluorescent minerals in its most spectacular existence, illuminated in darkness by ultraviolet light and releasing visible light.

Did you know that the word fluorescent was derived from fluorite ever since the first fluorescent specimens ever studied ?

Fluorescent Fluorite | Fluorite facts | Top Must Know Interesting Facts About Fluoride | Mozaico

In short, Fluorite is by far one of the most beautiful and interesting minerals available on the minerals market. Nowadays, it’s used to make necklaces, earrings and rings. So, what if we use this precious stone in mosaic artworks? And begin decorating our homes not just with beautiful artworks, but also with positive energies and vibrations?

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David Sorrells

The largest fluorite producing area in the world up until the 1980’s was the Fluorite District of Illinois and Kentucky. The huge deposits ran from three counties in KY under the Ohio River into two counties in IL. The ClementMineralMuseum.org contains the largest collection of IL/KY fluorite in the world.


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