Top 10 Figurative Mosaics Of The Week

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Figurative Mosaic Art

This week, we discovered ten other impressive mosaic designers and their artworks. These handmade figurative mosaics will inspire you and spice up your day with art and creativity. If you’re looking to buy a new artwork, or just searching for inspiration this weekly list will clarify your vision and take you through an odyssey of creation!

1 • Mia Tavonatti


Mia has overtaken the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces into a different dimension, a new legendary experience. It is never easy to choose the best artwork out of a list of ten marvels. Here, Tavonatti is authentically shining at the top of the list. In this mosaic, we witness many shades of colors complementing each other to illustrate a divine wanderer in the sea of oblivion!

Check out her portfolio here: http://www.miatavonatti.com/

Figurative Mosaic art Mia Tavonatti

9 • Brustad llona

Queen Of Hearts

Ilona has always been charmed and influenced by the intense colors of Rouault and the primeval painters of Haiti. In addition, she finds the colors and textures of a mosaic natural and fascinating. That is why, she started her limitless path of puzzling pieces to each other to create artworks with tremendous endurance, tolerance and love! Her works are definitely unique and innovative, making her a central part of the list!

Check out her portfolio here : http://www.ilonabrustad.com/index.html

creative mosaic Queen Of Hearts

8 • Leigh Gordon

Marilyn Monroe

Gordon is a young graphic designer who beautifies our top ten list of figurative mosaics through her first mosaic experiment. She handcrafted this figurative mosaic illustrating the face of Marilyn Monroe, through buttons of different sizes, each sewed on individually.

Check out her portfolio here: https://www.behance.net/LeighG

Marilyn Monroe figurative mosaic art

7 • Mozaico Art

Colorful Geisha

Some people say many cooks spoil the broth. However, Mozaico’s legendary team of numerous mosaic designers was able to create this breathtaking artwork, perfectly detailed to illustrate a geisha with all of her different shades of colors using natural stones. This mosaic artwork manifests an innermost splendor and adds great value to the list!

Check out their gallery here: https://www.mozaico.com/

Colorful Geisha Wonderful figurative mosaic

6 • Monique Sarfity

Female Lust

Sarfity’s main fascination is the beauty and complexity of human figures, and how to illustrate them. She does not only manifest the physical aspects of the figures but also their changing emotions, which gives a personality to the forms she creates. It’s obvious that Monique always looks beyond the surface of outer shell and dives into the innermost being of a human, adding quieter qualities to pull the viewer in.

Check out her portfolio here: http://www.moniquesarfity.com

Female Lust Mosaic Figure


5 • Marco Zavalloni


Through the innovative mosaic art of Marco Zavalloni, real essences of the spirit are spontaneously delivered. His unique and simple mosaic idea illustrates the contrast between the sinuous shapes of the beauty of a woman and the sharpness of mirror tiles. Behind his experimental project is a conceptual meaning that reminds us of the feelings between the exasperated beauty, sensuality and the needs of the modern society.

Check out his portfolio here: https://www.behance.net/HAZOcustomdesigns

Reflex Mosaic creative

4 •Brett Campbell

Figure in Ambient Moonlight

The ambiance in this mosaic is obviously handcrafted through the delicate handles of Campbell. This mosaic was based of a photo taken by the artist herself, which took her 48 hours to get the lighting right. She involved a red globe placed well above the subject. The successful shoot was around the full moon, casting the blue purple light into the room and creating the most interesting atmosphere.

Check out her portfolio here: http://www.mosaics.com.au/mosaic-art-galleries.html

Figure in Ambient Moonlight

3 • Sandhi Schimmel

Vision Of Medusa

For Schimmel, an artist’s job is to challenge, provoke and immortalize the age he lives in. She thus developed a technique that reflects that argument. The media is her medium. She creatively uses junk mail, advertisement banners, marketing packages to come up with an artwork. The portraits are the transformation of images seen into a collection of words and images, re-imagined and rearranged to be re-seen anew.

Check out here portfolio here: http://www.schimmelart.com/

Vision of Medusa Mural Mosaic

2 • Paul Siggins

Sculptural Figure

As always the best is saved for last, this sculptural mosaic figure by Paul Siggins is a colorful vision of human and nature. Siggins is a renowned British mosaic artist and award-winning designer. His works have been commissioned, sold and exhibited in the UK and internationally.

Check out his portfolio here: http://www.themosaicstudio.com/

Sculptural Mosaic Figure

What do you think about this week’s top ten figurative mosaics ? Let us know in the comment box below!

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