How To Use Mosaic Medallions In Home Decor

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Did you ever wonder how to use a mosaic medallion as a creative ornament in your home décor? To make it easier on you, we created a post to inspire you with many geometrical mosaic medallion designs, to inform you about the origins of decorative medallions. Let us start by a frequently asked question.

“Where can we add a mosaic medallion?”

Well in any place you wish to fill with exclusivity and exquisiteness. You can use mosaic medallions to add a mesmerizing and unique sparkle to your floors, walls or tabletops.

The Origin Of Medallions

A medallion is a large medal, the word is ultimately derived from the post-classical Latin word “medalia”, which describes a coin worth half a denarius. This circular (sometimes oval) shape is a decorative item that resembles a medal that usually bears a portrait or relief moulding, used in architecture, textile design and of course mosaic art seen frequently in home decor!

Yellow mosaic medallion

Here is an example of a geometrical mosaic medallion. This artwork is considered as a sacred geometrical pattern for many cultures. Typical to the ancient art of mosaics, sacred geometry has been used to decorate sacred places of worship. The orange and rose madder are joyfully greeting the white which is brightening the mosaic artwork.

Floor Insert

A mosaic medallion is one of the many decorative items that we can use as a floor inlay ornament. It is easy to install it indoors or outdoors, as a floor insert or wall art. This following mosaic medallion is inspired by earth tone colors and shades of an Oriental theme.

Floor mosaic medallion

Source: https://www.mozaico.com/marble-mosaic-medallion-9454.html


We always stumble upon outdoor ornaments, either around the patios as a floor insert or a colorful mural adding dimension to the walls. Mosaic artworks can have different sizes and shapes. Square designs are the most common form. Between rectangular arched and half moon designs, the medallion shape remains one of the best for patios and backyards.

mosaic medallion outdoor

Source: https://www.mozaico.com/medallion-stone-art-decor-6473.html

Table Tops

Ornamenting round tables with mosaic medallions will certainly give a dynamic feel to your home decor, and here is another way to creatively use mosaic . Always contrast the colors of the wood and the stones to give a unique and attractive whole. Tabletop mosaic designers were mainly inspired by the exquisite style of Moroccan mosaic tables recognized by their lively colorful and patterned tiles.

Mosaic medallion table top blue flower

Source: https://www.mozaico.com/white-medallion-mosaic-with-blue-and-purple-petals.html

Mosaic Table top Inlay Medallion Flower

Kitchen Backsplash

Adding a kitchen backsplash is a quick and easy way to update your cooking space. Here is a way one can use a mosaic medallion in kitchens. In our century, kitchen backsplashes are known for their bright colors and fire tones. Although this medallion might seem pale for some, it certainly adds a classical and rustic touch to the kitchen.

Mosaic backsplash

Source: http://www.armstrongtileandstone.com/portfolio.html

Mosaic Fountains

Mosaic Water Lily Fountain

Town Square fountain Mosaic Lily Flowers

Town Square Fountain – Temecula, California

The new Town Square Plaza’s most prominent feature is definitely the bulky mosaic fountain. Designed in an exclusive way where water flows into the fountain from both sides, to illustrate the Temecula Creek from one side and the Murrieta Creek on the other. What is also special about the fountain is its center, brightly appealing with a bronze sculpture of acorns. Acorns symbolize the food the inhabitants of the Temecula Valley used to appreciate.

Town square Fountain Mosaic Medallion

Source: https://oldtowntemeculatours.wordpress.com/2010/01/28/town-square-fountain/


This wonderfully colored mosaic medallion was designed for the altar of St. Agatha’s Church in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. This altar became well recognized by the divine title “Living Water”. The Living Water mosaic was created in the Art of Life studio and installed later at St. Agatha’s altar a few days before Easter. According to the Christian artists and designers from the Art of Life studio, this wonderful creation will last the life of the building and manifest as a platform where many faithful souls will receive the Holy Spirit and the inkling of goodness and blessings.

Outdoor Mosaic Medallion in a church

Source: The Art of Life

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