Architects Changing the World

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Lotus Building Architecture

Photo Credit: John Gollings

Exceptional legends are meant to land on this planet to regularly change the way we perceive masterpieces and to fill our spirits with sensations. Since the late 80s, humanity came across many spectacular visionary experiences through painters and musicians. Today and during the 21st century, humanity gave birth to a new visionary outlook not just in music and painting, but also in architecture. Architecture is the art of experience aiming at eternity. It became yet another great field where bright and ingenious minds generate marvels and change the perspective of the world! Architects are also liable for the intense emotional impact on humans, changing the way we see entire cities and countries. They have always been so passionate about redesigning the future and changing things before it’s time for them to leave. Here is an example of one of the greatest architectural projects. Through the innovative spirit and devotion of the architects, this ingenious architectural wonder changed our world and beyond!

The Lotus Building in Wujin, China

While brainstorming for architectural marvels that inspired our visions and moved us with extravagant impressions, we thought of this spectacular architectural project in Wujin, China. Flourishing out of an artificial lake at the center of Wujin, “The Lotus Building” was gloriously designed and built by the farsighted Australian architecture firm Studio 505.

The Lotus Building Art

As its shape manifests the blossoming lotus flower that emerges from a murky pond, the building gained its name. This nautical monument of China shows the three stages of the flower: the young bud, the full ripe flower and finally its blooming with a seed pod within it. The world never ceased to be amazed by the beauty of this exquisite plant. The farsighted vision of the architects who worked on this monumental building created an even bigger image of this plant, with brash colors and lights. Just as a lotus flower looks so clean and pure against the background of the dirty pond, the lotus building in the artificial river also appears so. lt looks as alive as a real lotus flower with brighter and more majestic shades!

The Lotus Building In Wujin

The lotus building has recently become one of the most impressive government institutions of the world. It consists of a double story subterranean municipal facility situated beneath the artificial lake. It also houses parts of the planning bureau as well as new exhibition halls and conference centers.

China Architecture

Visitors and tourists usually enter from below into a vaulted cathedral-like monumental interior space where the color and light blend to create a brash and uplifting atmosphere.


Lotus building china

Glowing external petals add a living structure to the nautical monument that is brilliantly filled with colorful ribs, emulate the flower and the appearance of the structure design. The lotus building is also enhanced by atmospheric lighting at night glowing the whole river. Watching the glowing ‘Lotus Building’ at night is indeed a treat to the eyes!

Lotus Building Wujin China

Lotus Building China

Lotus Building Wujin

The intuitive vision of the architects has made them land in the biophysics of environment. The Lotus paradise has also been designed to minimize energy usage with over 2500 geothermal piles driven through the pedestal of the artificial lake. It’s believed that the river pre-cools during summer and pre-warms in winter, through a synthetic water mass technology and an air conditioner system reclined beneath the lake. The project is also naturally ventilated and utilizes evaporative cooling from the lake surface to drive a thermal chimney within the main flower pod.

Since the Australian architecture firm Studio 505 has completed the project in early 2013, the Lotus Building has become one of the most popular landmarks in China, and a must visit destination of the world!

Architects are always proving their unlimited creativity and second-sighted visions, that’s how artists and architects are changing the world.

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