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Mosaic Wall Art

June is here, everyone is excited about the changing of the weather and the arrival of a new season! June could be the right time of the year to repaint your walls or start a great new decor project. In June, the paint on the wall is easily dried and its annoying smell vaporizes so easily. For some people, a painted wall is not enough and feels naked, leading them to think of wall art ideas for the season. Mozaico thought of inspiring you with a few wall art ideas and helping you choose the right decor for your walls. Mosaic wall art is well known for its everlasting worth and environment feel, as some mosaics are made with natural stones. Acrylic paintings could also be one of the most creative ideas for the season. In this article, you’ll dive into several painting styles: from realism and impressionism to surrealism and abstract art. You will also learn how to take care of your art pieces according to each season. If you are not a big fan of wall paintings, wallpapers are also a great option: easy to apply and beautiful to see! It is all about tastes and preferences. Sometimes what we see as beautiful could be the total opposite for others. That is why it is always essential to pick the wall art that resembles our personality and way of life, to avoid a fast tedium feel.

Enjoy these wall art ideas and this new season of decorating!

• Summer Wall Painting Tips and Tricks

When we mention house wall painting, the first thing that comes to mind is a spoiled room. Sprucing up for summer doesn’t need to turn a room into an overdone area. You will always enjoy taking on the task yourself and pour your soul into combining colors. Everyone with simple and cool tricks can become a professional and save the expenses used on wall artworks. It’s well known that painting with a roller and an edging brush salt away a colossal amount of time. Always consider having a brush to use as a tool to apply paint along the edge more easily. This summer consider rejuvenating your walls with vivid colors and brash hues and saturations; get inspired by the hot days of summer!

Color Palette of the season:

Color Palette Wall Paint

Yes, go wild this season! With fuchsia pink, chartreuse or sea-foam green, watermelon pink and vivid orange. Don’t be hesitant, you can paint over it to hide any flaws or reject the mind-numbing feel later on!

Wall Paint Fuscia

Source: http://www.houzz.com/pro/cindyaplanalpyates/cindy-aplanalp-yates-and-chairma-design-group

Green Wall Art

Source: http://www.houzz.com/shelly-riehl-david

Here is the most brilliant paint color of the season! Blue, blue, blue! This is a beautiful combination of elements and colors! Different types of dappled wood contrasting a vintage leather chair, and blue paint complementing the deep violet of the curtain panel, this is definitely a design to inspire!

Blue Wall Paint

Source: http://www.angelinenguidodesigns.com/

• Mosaic Mural Ideas and Examples

A mosaic mural can sometimes extend the mind with a new perspective and vision of the world, while others stir the sensations. A mosaic can simply set a tone to neutral walls. The special thing about handmade mosaics is that they are made out of natural stones, which creates a feature to cherish for years and years! It’s not just a cool way to dress up one’s living room, bedroom or any space, but it’s also a luxurious and long lasting environmental medium to bring layers, elements and philosophy to your home!

If you decided to go with pastel or light shades of wall paint, think of adding movement and colors with mosaic wall art ideas and go all out with daring strokes!

Mosaic Art

Source: https://www.mozaico.com/modern-islamic-art-reproduction.html

Mosaic Wall Art

Source: https://www.mozaico.com/music-godess-stone-mosaic.html

Wall Art Idea

Source: https://www.mozaico.com/colorful-abstract-mosaic-mural-marble-art.html

• Painting Ideas and Styles

Paintings are like the wedding dress of all seasons, as beautiful, unique and charming as a lady could be wearing her long, white dress! A home with rich acrylic paintings will therefore craze the season and beyond! After the rigid style set by the French institutions, modern art came out as a revolution; it emerged in 1860s and continued through the 1970s. Modern art refers to different styles of painting that could disdain photo-realism and old traditions. It also focuses on experimentation with various mediums and visions.

Acrylic paintings layered with a good varnish, are perfect for summer time because sometimes very high temperatures can cause the darkening or fading of an oil painting.

During summer, it is sometimes better to wrap your oil paintings, carefully and leave them in a place where there is occasional sunlight coming through. However, don’t store them in the attic or basement as the complete darkness will later affect the colors.


This is an acrylic painting of Nicola Simbari <1927-2012>.

He was an Italian painter, known for his devotion to the Impressionism style.

According to Claude Monet, the great father of this art form: Impressionism is only direct sensation. All great painters were more or less impressionists. It is mainly a question of instinct.

Impressionism Painting


Abstract Painting of Carmen Guedez

Carmen’s painting is an exploration of ideas born from thoughts, experiences and feelings.

Abstract art seeks to escape the traditional depictions of physical objects, through exploring the relationships of forms and colors, whereas more conventional art illustrates the world in familiar images.

Wall Art

Source: http://artcocktail.mallforarts.com/2012/07/25-nonfigurative-paintings-the-abstract-paintings-in-the-interior/

• Wall Paper Ideas

Vinyl wallpapers are easy to clean, to strip and remove. Made out of paper already coalesced with vinyl, it’s a kind of chemical made from ethylene, derived from natural gas. This ethylene coat makes wallpapers resistant to moisture, making it a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms. If your walls have patches and cracks, it’s usually better to apply fabric or foil instead of vinyl. Vinyl wallpaper is available as a self-stick. You only need to peel off the backing and press the paper against the wall. There’s also the pre-pasted kind that requires wetting the front with water. The non-pasted needs a separate paste in order to stick on walls.

The pop art wallpaper theme has been at its peek for a few years now and is so this year, with an extended variety of new patterns and designs. Yes it’s time to go wild and cool; these pop colors will revitalize the house!

Vinyl Mosaic Pop Art

Source: http://www.pic2fly.com/Pop+Art+Wallpaper+for+Walls.html

Pop art wallpaper

Source: http://www.pic2fly.com/Pop+Art+Wallpaper+for+Walls.html

Pop art womanSource: http://www.pic2fly.com/Pop+Art+Wallpaper+for+Walls.html

• Other Wall Art Ideas

The first thing that comes to mind when buying an artwork is to match its colors and themes to our furnishings. This is the worst mistake that one could make because it is admittedly offending the artwork and artist. The artwork must be a mirrored image of who you are and also a mirror of your fashion and notion of the world. Creativity is intelligence having fun, so in order to get an inspiring and exquisite design allow yourself to think big, try weird and make a lot of mistakes! Check out a few other wall art ideas we have for you.


After the craze of parquets and floor insert of wood, now it’s time to cover a small or entire part of the wall with wood.

Wood wall art

Source: http://mosaver.com/459/awesome-wall-ideas-for-creative-design/wood-trim-and-wood-wall-for-awesome-wall-ideas-for-creative-design/

Wood wall art ideas

Source: http://mosaver.com/459/awesome-wall-ideas-for-creative-design/wood-trim-and-wood-wall-for-awesome-wall-ideas-for-creative-design/

Light Tapes

Light tapes can illuminate plain internal walls or external facades. It’s a cool and new idea that is still an experiment but we think it will trend really soon.

Wall Light Tape

Light Tape

Source: https://lighttapeuk.wordpress.com/2010/01/

Create Space Saving

Organize some household items, decorate home interiors on a dime and keep life in working order with these creative storage ideas and wall art.

Creative Wall Art


Last but not least, wall art must drop a line to the remainder of the interior. Always choose the wall paint color, mosaic mural or painting that represents you and your style. That way you will always satisfy your vision and never feel bored!

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