Fine Feathers: Mosaic Art Peacock Flamboyance

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Basic components of mosaic art consist of color, various patterns and reproduction of visual appeal. Each region and civilization has it's own inspiration.

Isn’t the evolution of human artistic creativity highly dependent upon nature and its entailing features (flora & fauna)? Basically, how is it possible not to be awed by the beauty seen in the evolution and genetic exhibition of features witnessed by animals such as the peacock? Their luxurious feathers adorned with a multitude of colorful shades and patterns are utilized as a main method to attract their female counterparts.

Basic components of making art consist of color, various patterns and reproduction of visual appeal. Each geographical region, each civilization and hence its entailing culture has been inspired by different animal species to create various forms of art. The peacock is surely one of those special cases.


The peacock has been worshiped all around South East Asia, but is undoubtedly the distinctive protagonist of Indian culture, religion and mythology. More specifically, in 1963 it was declared the National Bird of India due to its highly religious attributes. Lord Krishna, one of the most worshiped and popular deities of Hinduism, is often depicted with peacock feathers. Legend has it that the god was offered the king Peacock’s feathers in humility, whilst echoing a sweet melody from his flute. This allows us to understand the peacock’s propitious place in Hinduism. It is believed that the animal and its feathered canvas represent beauty, knowledge, glory, immortality and royalty.

Since prehistoric times, the peacock has been a source of inspiration not only for Indian mythology & artistry, but is also a favored bird amongst artists globally, providing a rich and deep color palette with hypnotic eye patterns …

peacock feather

People used peacock fest feathers as an addition to their homes, as it was believed that they promote good luck and prosperity to their respective resident companions.

peacock feather

○ Take a glimpse at some of the most artistic Peacock mosaic art illustrating this colorful mystique:

Peacock Mosaic Artwork in Action
The Bottega Ristorante, one of the most luxurious and newest restaurants in Jakarta (Indonesia) hosts an impressive wall-floor & table mosaic. The architects in cooperation with their designers were capable of incorporating Italian mosaic tiles to create an intricate pattern of magnified peacock “eyes”, simultaneously accompanied by floral components/decor throughout the vicinity of the space.

mosaic art peacock floor pattern

mosaic art peacock floor pattern

Pool design dominated by Peacock Mosaic

This large contemporary pool design is inspired by the flawless array of vibrant blue & green color shades seen on the admired bird. Glass and ice jade mosaic tiles have been used in order to capture the aesthetic essence of the animal’s majesty.

mosaic art peacock pattern pool

Peacock Mosaic Artistry

When art meets inspiration these are the results… Stunningly handcrafted peacock mosaic artwork, comprised solely of smalti & multi chromatic natural stones that create an alluring display of the creature. Traditional techniques and various sizes of tile simulate the true color observed which is due to a phenomenon called light interference.

Mosaic art peacock

The peacock is a creature which is defined by beauty – combining both a remarkable design and also a representation of nature itself, by which humans have been frequently tenderly inspired. The results are no less than astonishing as far as artistic material is concerned; commonly defying any prior expectation.

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