How To Transform any Space With Scenic Mosaics

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This week, we’re here to tell you about the easiest way to visit the world’s scenic spots! Even better – you can stay home, enjoy the best views, and invite your friends and family to visit with you. Mosaic wall art is perfect for adding a scenic landscape to any wall inside or outside your home. You can extend the view, add the effect of a window, or visually open up any space with a mosaic design. Best of all, you can add art to your walls that’s almost life-sized – making the image realistic and maximizing the impact.

Ready to travel the world with us? Come along as we introduce you to just a few of our designs that will change your outlook!

Let’s start with the East Coast here in the U.S. You might associate the idea of a view with countryside scenes, but this dramatic mosaic art design will bring the feel of New York City to your room.

Made of all-natural marble tiles, our depiction of the landmark Brooklyn Bridge is a moody blend of nighttime hues. Thousands of handset tiles reproduce the rippling waters of the East River. For anyone who craves city lights, misses Central Park, or simply loves their hometown, this New York Brooklyn Bridge Mosaic will bring the Big Apple directly to your wall of choice.

Image Source: Mozaico

Was visiting the fields of Texas Bluebonnets one of your favorite memories of time in the Lone Star State? Would you love to enjoy the feeling year-round? It’s true that peak season for these indigo flowers covers just a brief, bright few weeks in March and April.

Place our flowering scene on your wall, however, and you’ll always be able to look out on a lush field of azure flower spikes on a perfect sunny day. With an array of blues, this mosaic art will coordinate beautifully with other cool tones, as well as in outdoor spaces. No matter where you live, you’ll feel like you’re deep in the heart of Texas.

Image Source: Mozaico

Heading West, the scenery couldn’t be more different – and we’ve reproduced the vividness of a desert sunset in brilliant reds, yellows, and oranges. Once you’ve experienced the intensity of sundown in Arizona, it’s hard to describe to others. It’s even hard to capture on film, but the effect of our marble tiles comes close to being there in nature.

Is there any better way to extend the glory of luxurious summer evenings? We don’t think so!

Image Source: Mozaico

Moving on to the west coast, we can indulge everyone’s love of a good ocean scene. There’s a reason seaside homes and vacation destinations command a premium price. We’re all for a good getaway near the beach, but believe it’s great to extend that feeling back home. It’s all about your favorite memories!

Perhaps your best days were spent on a hammock or chaise lounge, contemplating the palm trees overhead? Capturing that mood is totally possible! Imagine relaxing in your sunroom or shower next to our High Sky mosaic art. It has a photorealistic quality that can truly transport anyone to a quiet tropical spot.

Image Source: Mozaico

Here’s another take on those blissful seaside villa feels: the Luxurious Terrace gives your wall just that view! Perfect for extending the view on your patio or deck, this marble mosaic art puts you right on the edge of the perfect scene.

Arched brick walls, cool limestone pavers under your bare feet, and the bracing tang of salt air are all in your field of vision. Beyond, sailboats cruise silently across the waves, and the rocky shoreline fades into the distance. We’ll bet you feel cooler, just looking at this scene.

Image Source: Mozaico

Moving up the coast, we celebrate another type of seaside getaway – the enticing tide pools and gravel beaches of the Isle of Vancouver. If your favorite type of outdoor activities includes the thrill of the hunt for seashells and other treasures on this Pacific shoreline, you’ll find another keeper with this mosaic art scene.

Filled with long views and cool colors, this is a soothing addition to any wall, where it adds a sense of depth. Picture it in a windowless space like a kitchen or shower, and you’ll understand the power of scenic images to open up a room visually.

Image Source: Mozaico

Ready to head off to other continents? No worries – Mozaico has plenty of globetrotting destinations in their scenic category! Before we head to the countryside, let’s enjoy a famous stop in France. Van Gogh’s Cafe at Night has made generations sigh with longing, as they wish they could step into his romantic scene.

This stunning handmade version lets you feel like you’re actually there! Installed on a wall, with a table at hand, and a flicker of candlelight to set the mood – you’re suddenly able to hear the soft strains of music from a restaurant down the cobblestone road, yes?

Image Source: Mozaico

Heading south to the Italian coast, it’s easy to fall in love with those iconic views. How many movies have featured these undulating shorelines, ocean vistas perfectly framed by balcony arches, and seashell pastels of villas in the near distance? Probably too many to count!

The good news is that you can always live on a fabulous movie set with our mosaic art scenes. For example, this luscious balcony view captures the peak season on the Italian Riviera. Transform any wall – inside or outside with flowers blooming in a riot of color, palms swaying just at the edge of the scene, and a sea that’s always calm and blue. Paired with a glass of wine, a bit of charcuterie on the table, and a little classical music – does it get any better?

Image Source: Mozaico

Perhaps your idea of a getaway means a little less lounging on the terrace – and a bit more exploring. This scene, with its vertical height, gives the impression that one is about to step onto an enticing path in Italy. Are you at a palatial villa, in the gardens? About to head into the village for some shopping? The choice is always yours in this marble mosaic scene.

Placed on an accent wall, or nestled into an alcove, this piece of art adds interest and the illusion of depth to your home or garden.

For major impact in a cramped space, check out this 3D marble mosaic mural. Talk about a game changer in your interior! With an expansive overhead view, a vertical alignment, and a strong depth of field, any wall can look like it’s open to a light, bright, and enticing passageway.

Designers love the way that this sort of design can make a room not only feel taller, but much larger.

Image Source: Mozaico

Our last stop could be anywhere around the globe, but the view is exquisite. Any room can have an open window onto a night scene filled with blues, greens, and calm. This glass mosaic wall art has a sense of quiet mystery, and can transform a bedroom or bathroom with no window. Just a twinkle from the crescent moon illuminates the waves below.

The subtle shimmer of handset mosaic tiles is unparalleled for bringing nighttime scenes like this to life. We know it will also usher in the sweetest of dreams for anyone lucky enough to sleep nearby.

Image Source: Mozaico

Inspired by the qualities of scenic mosaic art? We have views to make anyone happy! Be sure to explore all our catalog selections for inspiration, and remember to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest design ideas, art history, and more!

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