How to Decorate your Home for Christmas with Mosaics? | Mozaico

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How to Decorate your Home for Christmas with Mosaics? | Mozaico

Christmas is finally knocking on our doors! We’ve been all yearning for the reddish and greenish colors to enlighten our spaces. Mozaico thought of inspiring you this year with some creative ideas on how to use marble mosaic and glass tiles to decorate for Christmas this year!

Mosaic Christmas Balls Ornaments

Mosaic Christmas Balls

These colorful and creative mosaic Christmas’ balls are fully handcrafted and composed from hand cut mosaic glass. Use maché paper to cover polystyrene craft balls, adding some glittering glass shards to embellish them. Easy to do and will fill up your trees with some multicolored fruits.

Colorful Mosaic Christmas Trees

Mosaic Christmas Trees

These vibrant trees are made out of stained glass shards and tiled with mosaic glass pieces. This contemporary mosaic art with its bright and cheerful colors will prettify your living room décor.
Complete your holidays with the Christmas spirit you need!

Mosaic Christmas Jar

Christmas Jar

Christmas Candle Light

This green mosaic jar is easy to do. You only need a good adhesive and contemporary glass tiles. During the days of December, you can use it as a flower vase to fill your homes with a joyful vibe.
With a candle glowing inside this handcrafted mosaic jar, decorate your dining tables and hope for warmer Christmas Eves! Beautiful isn’t it?

Mosaic Santa


This mosaic artwork composed from natural stones and hand cut marble represents a portrait of Santa Claus. What brings more joy to our families than seeing Santa framed and hanged on our walls!
Where can you find this mosaic art piece? It is available in our own Mozaico Shop!

Happy Christmas Decorating!!!

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