5 Must-See Colorful Street Mosaics | Mozaico

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5 Must-See Colorful Street Mosaics | Mozaico

Villa Harvey Mandel Mosaic, San Diego

This glass mosaic mural illustrates the spirit of the community and its oneness. We also can witness a modern tree of family and divine partnership in his artwork. This monumental mosaic mural measures 43 feet wide and 72 feet tall and it’s one of the largest of its kind in the world. It hangs on the west face of Villa Harvey Mandel building in San Diego, California. Mr. Italo Botti, a deviant artist and designer handcrafted these mosaic glass tiles to bless the village and neighborhood; he sadly died four months before its completion. Italo’s wife, Mrs. Ethlyn Panzironi Botti and son Mr. Christopher Botti finished this street mosaic art piece.

Villa Harvey Mandel Mosaic

Subway Fish Mosaic, New York City

Two large glass mosaic murals ornament the Brooklyn metro station of the Essex Street in New York. The artist of this mosaic artwork is Ming Fay. His creative energy is very apparent. He is renowned for his unique 2D and 3D works, inspired from nature and mixed media. “ Shad Crossing ” brings liveliness and dynamism into the station, representing two colorful giant shad fish swimming, along with another mosaic mural of blue waters. It represents the journey of immigrants across the deep. The mosaic glass tiles make this street mosaic look brighter in color and deeper in perspective.

Street mosaic

Mosaic Staircase, San Francisco

Irish ceramist and mosaic artist, Colette Crutcher, joined forces with more than 300 community volunteers for a period of two years and a half, to unveil these 16th Avenue Tiled Steps. Through these hand cut marble mosaic tiles, she was able to transform an enormous mosaic rug embellishing this staircase. There were a total of 163 separate mosaic panels, fashioned for each step riser! It’s a hidden mosaic art gem in the city of San Francisco. You will get to discover a tremendous artistic passion that will overwhelm your senses. You will also get to appreciate a blissful mosaic running up 163 steps.

Mosaic Staircase

Het Kompas, Amsterdam

Fabrice is a mosaic street artist, and one of the true street art pioneers of Amsterdam. He handcrafted mural figurative art in the Heineken Plein back in the late 70s. Fabrice called his impressive street mosaic artwork ‘Het Kompas’. It symbolizes the word itself. It is a working mosaic compass design to guide you north, south, east & west as it made on a round column. An impressive creative mind beautifully coalesces art with geography.

Street mosaic

Mosaic House of Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

Located in Brooklyn New York, this mosaic house of Boerum Hill is marvelously vibrant! Susan Gardner transformed junk into joy with mosaic tiles, to decorate her indoor and outdoor space with mosaic designs and patterns. Her mosaic wall art became more famous after the terrorist attack in 2011. She therefore started often working in crafts with premium and contemporary mosaic tiles. Susan Gardener also known as a painter and sculptor now covers most of the home façades with surrealistic mosaic portraits, angelic beings and abstract mosaic art!

Mosaic Walls

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