Top 10 Mosaic Christmas Trees | Mozaico

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Top 10 Mosaic Christmas Trees | Mozaico

The ancient art of mosaic has been used to revamp sacred places of worship but now we can see mosaics everywhere: chronic, modernized and as stunning as ancient mosaic marvels! Mosaic art can decorate any atmosphere you wish to brighten up, everlasting from the tiniest tile on your kitchen backsplash, to your mosaic wall art, mosaic rugs and even mosaic decorative items like Christmas trees and balls. For all aesthetes and mosaic lovers, Mozaico thought of filling your souls with boundless inspiration and exquisiteness with ten of the most beautiful mosaic Christmas trees!

1 • 40″ Mosaic Christmas Tree

Multicolored Mosaic Christmas Tree

This handcrafted mosaic Christmas tree, is ready to fill up any place with lasting inklings and Christmas peaceful vibes. Paul Michael tiled each mosaic glass tile pleasingly to get the result of a dazzling 40 Inch long Christmas tree.

2 • Trifari Glass Mosaic Christmas tree

Mosaic Glass Christmas Tree

Alfred Philippe, the chief designer of the Trifari jewelry brand, has handcrafted this Christmas tree pin and introduced it into the modern mosaics series. This brooch is gold plated, and ingeniously embellished with emerald green pour glass pieces and red rhinestone pieces. This Trifari handcrafted mosaic jewel is one of its kind.

3 • Turquoise Mosaic Christmas Tree

Stone Christmas Tree

The Swoboda jewelry company uses real turquoise and amethyst stones on this mosaic like Christmas tree brooch. This handmade mosaic piece has a mysterious and judicious unique style electrifying Christmas with a vintage vibe!

4 • Blue Mirror Mosaic Christmas Tree

Mirror Mosaic Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree mosaic is composed of dazzling sapphire blue mirror mosaic pieces, bright glass mosaic tiles and moonstones. The appealing feature about this mosaic art piece is the contrast of light and gloom. Hang it on a branch of your Christmas tree and fill up your living room with sparkles!

5 • Multi-Colored Mosaic Christmas Tree

Multicolored Glass Mosaic Christmas Tree

This 12 inch long mosaic Christmas tree is made out of tapestry glass mosaic tiles and mirrored colored mosaic glass and mosaic beads. This ornament was designed in a millefiori glasswork technique producing decorative patterns. The mosaics are tiled in a ball chain matter. This mosaic Christmas tree sparkles in the light and is perfect to decorate a table or a window. Add a little color magic to your homes!

6 • Shabby Mosaic Christmas Trees

China Christmas Trees

These inventive shabby Christmas trees give a romantic and soft feel and are made out of hand cut vintage china. Gold filigree china is used to design the flowers, pinks, vines and leaves. Glass tiles, smalti and glass gems are sprinkled throughout to define the mosaic patterns and design. White sanded grout is used to connect the mosaic tiles to each other. These Christmas trees will illuminate your powder room or kitchen counter during the holidays and spread their romantic vibe.

7 • Sparkling Mosaic Glass Christmas Trees

Mosaic Christmas Trees

These Christmas trees feature sparkling mosaic glass on each of its three tier. These tiny sparkling glass mosaic tiles tiled together to make unique and exquisite handmade mosaic art. This gorgeous mosaic artwork can decorate your desk, your dining table, your living room table or bedside table. These gold and silver Christmas trees are perfect for this magical holiday season!

8 • Mosaic Mirror Christmas Tree with Star

Silver Mirror Mosaic Christmas Tree

This contemporary handmade mosaic Christmas tree will spice up our ornaments this holiday season. It’s an iron mirror mosaic design that reflects the Christmas spirit through its bright and dazzling color.

9 • Sea Glass Mosaic Christmas Tree

Sea Glass Mosaic Christmas Tree

This is a special handmade Christmas tree ornament created out of California sea glass. All you have to do is to take a walk on the beach, pick out your own sea glass in varying shades of green and glue them together. This mosaic art piece is decorated with bright green and red seed beads. A sea glass mosaic piece is cute enough to be in your Christmas ornaments collection.

10 • Wall Art Christmas Tree

Wall Mosaic Christmas Tree

This wall art mosaic Christmas tree can be framed and hung on your wall to add a flavor to your homes. Different shades of vibrant colors are intermingling together to make this mosaic mural unique and vigorous. The mosaic tiles crafted form an impressive variation of texture. The bright colors of this mosaic artwork are perfect to set the joyful feel of Christmas!

Which one of these Christmas trees is your favorite ? Which one would you add to your ornaments collection? Share your thoughts with us and don’t hesitate to contribute with any ideas you might have!

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