Importance of Custom Mosaics

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Are you feeling the need to showcase your personality and creative side through artwork but cannot narrow down the type of artwork it would take to fulfill this task? Here is an option that could help and allow you to stray away from the typical commissioned portraits and paintings that numerous others look at: Custom Mosaics.

Mosaic art is a form of artwork that takes little pieces of a hard material – think glass, stones, marble or concrete – to create a picture of various proportions and detail. It can be a design that you and your local artist create together, or it can be a custom design that is thought of by them with the facets of your personality you want to showcase!

Why Custom?

The brilliant thing about custom mosaic art is that anything and everything goes; any medium can be used to create custom made mosaic tiles and these tiles can be joined together to create a mural, installed in your patio stone or in your backyard pool. It can even be converted into backsplash murals that brighten your kitchen.

Whereas paintings and portraits are beautiful in their own right; it can be difficult to display them in any way other then hung on the wall at eye level. Custom mosaic art can be installed into existing furniture or structural components, be hung on the walls, or even used as accent pieces such as coasters on the tables in the living room or as placemats on the kitchen table.

The best thing there is about custom mosaic designs is that the sky is the limit and the murals you create can be as simplistic or as out there as you want. It is a representation of your personality and not something that people think you should have hung on your wall or installed in your backyard pool or bordering your kitchen as a funky backsplash. You choose your art and you show it off with pride.

Click on each link below to view some breathtaking examples of custom mosaic art pieces that can inspire you to create your own custom piece of artwork!

Mosaic Down Under

You can use custom mosaic art in a simplistic way to make a statement or to catch the eye using mirror images throughout the mural. Stick to neutral colors for both the background and the text to contrast the wording in an attractive manner. Use a template like the example in the photo above to create your own custom mosaic art and to really set off your personality; choose words that offset each other or are complete opposites.

Mosaic designs such as these are the perfect design for those that aren’t comfortable with flashy or showy pieces and instead would prefer a more subtle approach to their custom design. Talk to your local mosaic artist about the vision you have in mind and truly become a part of the design process. This will add a uniqueness to your custom mosaic art tile.

If you didn’t want to go through the process of getting an artist to design your custom mosaic art tile, then look into art classes that could teach the process or use the numerous online web tutorials to create your own piece!

Monsters INC.

Looking to spruce up your child(s) bedroom or playroom with a custom mosaic mural or wall piece? Want to add a pop of color to the walls that doesn’t come from their drawings (when they shouldn’t, course). Are they a fan of Disney movies mosaic art with bright animation and quotable characters? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then you simply need to order your custom mosaic art piece in the form of their favorite characters.

The Disney movie Monster was a massive hit for both children and adults alike; so, it is no wonder that you can now immortalize these loveable characters in a custom mosaic art mural. This piece is big enough to cover a good portion of your wall but not big to the point that it overpowers the room.

So why not look at a custom design that features your child(s)’s favorite Disney character and watch them become the envy of their playgroup! Another bonus of custom mosaic tile is that they can be installed into a table and are sturdy enough to be used as the surface. Watch the amount of crafts that will be completed when they have their “monsters” edging them on!

Self Portrait

Another neat idea when it comes to installing custom mosaic art in your home is recreating a photograph that captures the perfect memory. Artists that have ample experience working with mosaic wall art can use a variety of means to transform a simple box into a cherished family member, a childhood memory or even a combination of the two. Use a wide variety of sizes for the hard pieces that create the picture to add texture and depth to the custom portrait mosaic art and watch it come to life.

Custom mosaics are designed by you, not the artist, but you. So, if you want to recreate a photograph, then find the artist that is willing and able to make this vision come to life! Another way to make these personal mosaic tiles even more so is to use items from that time in the photograph as the pop of colors for the persons’ eyes or apples of their cheeks. Use personal items as the background to add a higher level of personalization and truly make this art piece something that cannot be beaten in terms of nostalgia.

Branding for Schools and Sports Teams

Custom mosaic art doesn’t have to be limited to just in your home or for your backyard. It is a style of mosaic signs and logos artwork that is just as home in your residence as it is in your place of business or employment. It isn’t like a hanging painting or picture where you kind of need to match the décor to the artwork but instead its universal in its appeal.

Check out the example in the link above and notice how your eyes automatically went to the logo and mascot of the selected school. The first thing you noticed was the brightness of the mascot and then you were automatically intrigued to want to know what was this design? Who was it for? And upon further evaluation; you noticed it was a school logo!

That is why custom mosaic art can take a simple piece of signage and transform it to a whole new level that captures the eye; which in turn, makes people want to know more.

Mosaic Medallion

Looking to bring a sense of whimsy to your décor? Want to invoke the feeling of a priceless work of art that was created years before you were born? Then you want to investigate custom mosaic stone medallions. When you have mosaic art murals done using weathered materials to mimic the look of art that you would normally only see in a museum, it brings a timeless sense of style to any room.

Experiment with shapes and sizes to further add a sense of whimsy to your décor and shy away from typical square or rectangle shapes. Play up the other shapes in the world and use a circular tile that can be installed in your favorite place in the garden or use an oval to offset your patio stone. Try shapes that mimic sunbursts or the moon to truly draw the eye of anyone visiting your home.

Mimic shapes that are found in the room you are looking to install your custom mosaic art piece. Do you have a piece of furniture that has the retro look (think bubbly and bold with soft edges)? If so, then ask your local artist that is designing your custom mosaic art piece to place the small hard pieces on a backing of this shape. Have the border natural to tie it in with the existing décor of the room or instead use a contrasting color that draws the eye even more to your piece.

Company Art

Image from Mozaico.com

Looking to upgrade your business signage? Tired of the same typical sign that offers the name of your business and the hours? How about the fact that it seems you have a choice between a total of four borders and three colors? why not spruce up your business signage with a custom mosaic sign? Like the example that has the school logo done in an eye-catching mosaic art pattern, you can also use custom mosaic art to capture the eye of potential customers for your business.

The textures of the patterns that are used to create the background pop the text off the tile and showcase your business as something different then your typical store. An eye-catching mosaic art tile will make people stop and look twice to read what the text said. Then once they read it, they will most likely want to know more and drop into your business to see what services and goods you have to offer.

Abstract Fun

The beauty of custom mosaic art is that you don’t have to limit yourself to the typical landscapes or florals that decorate most wall hanging pieces. You are free to explore unorthodox abstract designs and imagery that truly showcase an aspect of your personality. Want more than one image in a single tile? Then go for it! As you can see in the example above, there is no coherency to the images, yet they all flow together for a striking but pleasing look.

Abstract mosaic art pushes the bar and allows you to fully play with colors, textures, images and backgrounds as well as being able to be installed in your home in numerous ways (wall hangings, backyard tiles, into your backyard pool or in the patio stone) which is why it is gaining in popularity each day.


Is your interest peaked in custom mosaic art because I know mine certainly is! There are art companies that deal exclusively in custom mosaic art for the home (from custom mosaic backsplash to custom mosaic tile murals) to companies that design and install custom pool mosaics to spruce up your backyard. A simple web search should yield you more than one company and it is easy to filter them by ratings and reviews.

Also, look into local sources for custom mosaic flooring; as there are numerous artists practicing the expression of one’s self through art in different mediums. Perhaps a local artist can design the custom mosaic art piece of your dreams and use materials found right in your hometown. Some artists might even allow you to supply the materials; such as beach glass that has been picked and discovered by your children or grandchildren, pieces of the foundation where your parents’ house once stood or even pieces of the buildings materials from your first home before renovations took them over once careers and lives stabilized.

Either way, you cannot go wrong with a custom mosaic patterns piece that is bound to draw admiration and compliments whenever it is viewed. So whether you decide to purchase a custom mosaic art piece through an online gallery or you choose to use a local mosaic artist; you are the designer and the visionary!

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