Top Modern Decorating Trends with Contemporary Mosaic Art

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When your personal style at home leans heavily to the modern look, you may not have considered mosaic as a compatible element. True, it’s an art that has been around for centuries, and the classic designs are still popular. But, think again – it’s merely a medium, and contemporary mosaic art is just as vital and appropriate for today’s interiors.

This style can be defined by some key aesthetic points: Minimal, Open, and Simple. There’s a preference for lots of floor space, slim furniture bases, and less clutter. That’s not to say that it’s cold, or lacking in color.

As a matter of fact, there are subtypes of contemporary design that purposefully veer away from the aggressiveness of some modern decor. It’s possible to combine texture, color, and spirited good looks with the pared-down austerity of other furnishings to achieve a look that is both comfortable and cutting edge. Mosaic wall art is a perfect way to embrace this combination.

Fine Details

Using the textural elements of mosaic tile art has a subtlety that lends itself to modern interiors. In a monochromatic form or lightly patterned, abstract additions of mosaic never have to be limited by color. If you can envision a shade, it’s available.

This mosaic tile design carries out several functions, as it carries the color scheme from one room to another, blends with the art in the next room, and accentuates the architectural details of the doorway.

Another example of perfectly placed mosaic tile work that pulls together the colors of the room, without adding clutter. The glittering small mosaic tiles incorporate the fresh hues of the glass dividers and other art while providing a clean surface for this spa-like bathroom.

Image from Habitat Studio

Here, the color scheme remains neutral, and the pattern does the work. The browns work well with this contemporary restoration of a historical home. There is no need to refer to the past in the decor here – simple furnishings don’t compete with the beauty of the windows, and the careful choices of outdoor sculpture that are just glimpsed are allowed their fair share of contemplation.

Image from AD Magazine

In this living room, the art is bold, and judicious use of contemporary mosaic art on the fireplace lends the cool effect of an art gallery to the mix. The pattern adds just the right amount of movement to the slanted wall and allows the owners to incorporate their grey-toned furniture without disruption.

Image from Little Piece of Me

Mosaic patterns are also ideal in humid bathroom environments. With the popularity of sleek modern plumbing and accessories on the rise, it’s a wonderful way to enliven small water closet areas without losing function.

Modern Trends Underfoot

The prevailing style of modern furniture incorporates a lot of glass tops, exposed legs, and a minimal footprint on the floorplan. Contemporary mosaic art is a way to maintain the sleekness of hard floors while setting off different areas.

This very contemporary look is completely dependent on the mosaic tile floor for its success. With the use of floor-to-ceiling grey in the same fabric texture, this space would have been claustrophobic without the patterned floor. With it, it becomes stunning.

Image from Archilovers

It’s not difficult to achieve a similar style with a floor mosaic tile. With a well-designed floor accent, you’re able to center a room and pull everything together, but without the worry of rugs. It’s always sleek as can be in rooms that choose to use this unique take on mosaic rug design.

There’s always the potential to go bold, as in this design with all the punch of abstract geometric mosaic design Pop Art.

Mosaic artists have also embraced the potential of floor-level statements. They’re referencing ancient pieces that indicated shopfronts and residences, but with a more tongue-in-cheek approach.

Jim Bachor was first inspired by the same ancient work on a visit to Pompeii. “I can still remember the guide saying that marble and glass don’t fade, so the artwork looked essentially like the artist intended almost 2,000 years ago,” he says. “It’s the thought that drives my work to this day—the idea of making an enduring mark in this world, however slight.”

Image from Artsy

This same irreverence can be brought to your home with a bold mosaic mural of your choosing. Placed at a door, in front of a fireplace, or as a cheeky mat replacement in front of a sink or tub, the look thoroughly contemporary.

Colors That Celebrate Modern Life

One of the wonderful qualities of mosaic wall tile is the limitless range of colors available. This allows for incredible reproductions of art or photographs, lets decorators use large swathes of colors that have a much more visual impact than just flat wall paint, and provide for color combinations that could never be found in-stock fabrics or wallpapers.

True contemporary style will always reflect the current times, and the color is part of it. Not all modern style is monotone or shades of neutral.

In this elegant urban setting, the furniture is based around a black and white scheme, which could easily be cold and severe. With the addition of jewel-toned window accents and a deep crimson focal point, the room comes alive. The mosaic tiles have a subtle pattern that both keeps the fireplace surround from being too overwhelming and picks up the white of the marble floors.

If you need a reminder that every color of the rainbow is possible in mosaic wall art, this bold piece will do it. Used as it is in an entry hall, this has all the power of a piece of modern art, with the color and strict geometry. It would look just as impressive in a grouping of contemporary art, or as a stand-alone piece.

For another idea that pulls in a little touch of surreal, a pinch of humor, and a look that is utterly 21st-century float some Blue Sky mosaic wall art over your couch in a room of neutrals. Paired with the simplicity of modern furniture, this art will look amazing with black and white accessories.

Even with the touches of French Revival on the doors, this incredible room is definitely from today. You’ll see the airiness of the furniture defined in the glass top and metal legs of the table. A perfect example of contemporary mosaic wall art not being boring, the exuberance of the wall behind uses a softer color palette that is in no way shrinking violet!

Image from Pinterest

Sleek and modern bathrooms also look very new with the right use of color. The pattern is precise, but the crisp blues of the tiles is lively and fresh. There are a variety of modern styles where this wall treatment would look at home.

Image from Kohler

Outdoors, But Not Rustic

Home exteriors, pools, and outdoor entertaining areas should go with the flow of the architecture and interior style. It’s important to keep a cohesive feel to your decorating, even when you step outside.

Contemporary mosaic art is actually a no-brainer when it comes to outdoor spaces. It stays attractive in all kinds of environments, shrugging off moisture and weather changes. Garden walls, fountains, tabletops, and outdoor kitchens are just a handful of places that can be improved with the right accents.

In an environment where sculptural elements are prominent, such as this stuccoed courtyard, it’s difficult to add the right accents. It’s important to respect the clean aesthetic of the lines, but the look can be harsh. The solution of adding a brilliant mosaic backsplash to the pool’s waterfall feature is inspired. Here, the colors of the sky and well-chosen specimen plants are reflected in the hues of the tiles.

Image from Designing Idea

It’s not an aesthetic where one wants to embrace anything overly twee. Modern architecture just won’t look right with anything overly done. This San Francisco garden hits all the right notes, with a circulas mosaic footpath with a minimal palette and maximum impact. Even with limited plants, this space has an outdoor Zen style that works with the home.

A similar look is possible in your own garden by using a black and white palette and a circulas mosaic footpath. On a wall, tabletop, or walk, it keeps the eye interested and moving, while not distracting from the serene outdoor environment that your architecture promotes.

Image from Gardenista

Similarly serene and monochromatic, this fountain with a tile backsplash is a masterpiece of design. The variation of textures within the mosaic work is just enough to keep it interesting. The pairing with strong vertical elements, like the papyrus plantings and the wall insets, provides a soothing symmetry that only enhances the architecture of the home. It’s both chic and relaxing.

Mosaic art can also be colorful in a contemporary setting. One doesn’t have to resort to pottery for decorative garden elements. This rainbow-hued abstract glass mosaic piece brightens up its corner of the garden, while still avoiding any hint of cuteness.

Image from Fresh Patio

In a shady spot that doesn’t lend itself well to luxurious plant growth, artful use of mosaic tile makes it summery year-round. This fresh look is evocative of floral motifs, without coming on too strong. The colors work in harmony with the existing landscaping, as well as with the contemporary brick and stucco exterior of this home.

Image from Beautiful House

The secret of blending just the right touches of color, texture, and artful location to your modern home style is not that difficult. Contemporary mosaic art is versatile – it’s the most flexible option out there for covering a variety of surfaces in any room – even outside. Enjoy looking through our online catalog, where you can search for just the right color or subject for your project.

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