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Kitchen Décor Trends To Revive in 2017


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Kitchen Décor Trends To Revive in 2017

I’m a great believer in the saying “what goes around comes around”. According to Hegel the famous German philosopher, this concept is a circle between the thesis and the antithesis, one generation creates the trend and the next generation reacts against it. Then the following generation revives the most out of the first thesis and improves or develops it to fit the current trend. We lately noticed that there are many ongoing trends in 2017, like reviving vintage décor elements, such as retro-style gadget, that people would only have seen in their grandparents’ houses!

So what are the key trends to revive in 2017? Scroll down to discover!
kitchen decor

Artisan-Crafted Ornaments:

2017 will include an emphasis on uniquely crafted ornaments. According to Beth Diana Smith, people will be going back to furniture that is more of an investment – handcrafted furniture and ornaments. Mosaic art, dining table in Louis XVI style and handcrafted wooden kitchen utensils are the trends that will add character to your kitchen this year. A mosaic kitchen backsplash, for example, is not overly traditional anymore, and thus embraces all tastes. While dining table in Louis XVI style can be exorbitant for many, but handcrafted kitchen utensils are affordable and moderate. After all, a great decor is not a luxury of the few, but an integral part of everyday life for all.

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Tropical Prints:

It’s no secret that interior designers get enthused the runways, and this year, we’ve seen several fashion designers reviving the tropical and floral prints. Tropical prints will continue to appear as wallpaper and pattern craze, and we will convey it to kitchen decor this year. In my opinion, tropical prints will soon become a booming trend to revive in 2017, especially in kitchen accessories, such kitchen chair cushions, kitchen towels, and crochet lace table covers.

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Credits: The Home of Rebecca Williams

Indoor Plants:

Everyone I knew has this sweet lovely memory of watering plants or vines at his grandparents’ house. This is the trend to revive in 2017. No, you don’t need to buy a new dining table or paint up your kitchen to revive trends in your kitchen décor. Sometimes a new indoor plant is all it takes. After all, there’s nothing like a well-designed display of indoor plants, and this is the year to keep your creative juices flowing, especially with greens!

kitchen decor

kitchen decor

Last but not least, although we live in a digital age, it seems that people are even more precious now about having vintage décor elements around them. Whether it’s a vintage-inspired wall clock or bohemian lampshades with floral prints and fringing, the retro-style trend will be an ongoing trend in 2017 that will sweep the design community all year long!

Do you consider trend when redesigning your interiors? What home decor trends can’t you get enough of in 2017?

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