Magnificent Fireplace Mosaic Designs

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If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, congratulations! This particular home feature is a perfect focal point, as well as a cozy companion in colder months. It’s also easy to showcase with one of our magnificent fireplace mosaic designs.

Since the key to decorating any room is a strong focal point, and mosaic art becomes the focal point of any room, it’s an easy combination to work with. As we’ve talked about in previous blogs, fireplace mosaic designs have been classic design elements for centuries.

Why We Love Fireplaces

Ask any real estate agent or someone about to go on vacation: Fireplaces are major selling points for homes. Everyone loves the idea of starting a fire: on a cold day, when it’s gloomy outside, or to create an instant atmosphere at night.

No matter where your own home is located, it’s a certainty that a well-situated fireplace is very welcome. Seaside, city, mountains, or desert – fireplaces contribute year-round to the style of your interiors, as well as the coziness of your house.

Floral mosaic fireplace surround
Floral Mosaic Fireplace Surround From Flickr

The basic elements of fireplaces: Mantel, hearth, and firebox, work together to make the perfect focal point. Basic interior design principles stress that each room should build its design around this key element. It’s often a make-or-break spot in a space – and too many homeowners miss the opportunity to use it effectively. However, when you use this prime piece of wall space to add color, pattern, and texture in harmony with other room features, your fireplace will light up the room, if you’ll pardon the pun!

Change Your Fireplace, Change Your Room!

Now that you know what adding interest to your fireplace can do for your home, don’t let it be boring! Rescue it with mosaic art that will magically add just the right touch to your space. This is a classic, strong design element that interior designers and stylists adore. Even Yves Saint Laurent fell under the spell of ocean-hued Moroccan tiles at his Marrakesh hideaway.

Moroccan Elle decor mosaic fireplace surround
Image Source: Elle Decor

When you’re making decisions on what type of mosaic design will work best in your home, you can start with color. As you’ve seen in our catalog and in pieces where we’ve featured some of our installed mosaic art, we can use any color of the spectrum, size, or shape!

This is great news for anyone pondering their next interior design project. Our Mozaico color range covers every shade of neutrals like grey, brown, and white – but even these calmer colors aren’t boring when used in mosaic art. The texture added by the carefully placed individual tiles is the difference. Simple flowing patterns, or more detailed mosaic art that resembles rug designs or landscape scenes are available.

Or, use fireplace mosaic art to add bold colors to your room. The visual weight of your fireplace provides the perfect setting for a design that brings together all the hues in your space! Whether choosing a favorite subject, a floral pattern, or even an abstract mosaic, the color choices are nearly endless.

Location is Important

After you’ve selected the perfect mosaic fireplace art, don’t forget that placement is important. Although mosaic art is incredibly durable, it won’t work inside the fireplace (the firebox) where the flames are active.

Likewise, leave the area in front of your fireplace (the hearth) un-decorated. Flying embers, tumbling logs, and other byproducts of fires are hazards that are best handled by regular stone or bricks! The good news is that this leaves a lot of space for a new look!

Possibilities for adding your new mosaic art? You can add pattern and color to your front-facing mantel edge for impact, and go on from there!

Your fireplace surround is another perfect blank slate to consider. As the eye is naturally drawn towards the firebox, a well-chosen mosaic design is a stellar choice to boost visual interest year-round. Even without a fire, this focal point will shine at any time.

What’s Your Style?

Geometric designs are a great starting point for your mosaic design consideration. They can help accent a variety of styles, such as Arts and Crafts, Art Deco, Rustic, or Coastal interiors.

However, the wide-open spaces above your mantel offer yet another possibility for big design impact with mosaic wall art. Again, you might choose to enliven this spot with a more interesting pattern – something to highlight items that are bold in color or silhouette that are displayed on this ledge.

Or, consider a big beautiful display of art. Mosaic designs are particularly beautiful over a fireplace, as they offer texture, shine, and a way of catching firelight that can’t be matched by other mediums. Adding a polished finish, or selecting a design with glass mosaic art elements is a way to further enhance this effect.

Moreover, they can be customized! No worries if your fireplace surround is large or small, or if you’re looking for something very personal in your art – here at Mozaico we specialize in creating custom mosaic art. We reproduce photos, work from sketches, and achieve extraordinary results with handmade mosaic wall art.

For some big changes, keep in mind that mosaic can be installed over other surfaces, even brick, with proper preparation of the area.

Just as you’ve seen in our examples, the mosaic designs you need to add to your fireplace can be vibrant, realistic, filled with patterns, and create a magnetic focal point. So, what’s your style favorite? Have you started to look at your existing fireplace with new eyes?

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