Top 10 Marble Mosaic Artworks of the Week

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Mosaic Art

After wandering among many mosaic art designs, we noticed a great variety of mediums. Some artists upgraded mosaic art into a widely extended dimension with a second-sighted vision, using unusual materials like Rubik cubes and apples. Read More

Other artists stuck to more traditional mosaic techniques and used natural and synthetic stones. They emphasize on the creativity of the design rather than on the medium. They handcraft with marble, glass, granite, quartz, pebbles and ceramic tiles. Marble tiles and smalti glass tiles were the most common mediums used in mosaic projects.

Smalti glass is produced from large slabs of glass, to provide pure hues that can’t be found in marble tiles. Glass tiles are regularly seen in the walls and vaults of churches. Marble is more durable than smalti glass. In fact, marble and limestone have been frequently used in floor designs since 200 BC. Also marble was the main medium used for portraits and figures that need meticulousness and precision.

Mosaic marble art inspired us to elect the ten most amazing marble artworks amongst many other designs.

Enjoy the list of 10 impressive marble mosaic artworks!

10- The Ladybug

Marble Mosaic Art

Andrea Deszö

In 2007 “American for Arts” nominated Dezsös’ subway murals as the Best American Public Art of the year. This visual artist says it all through her perfectly detailed ladybug mural.

lady bug Mosaic art

Copyrighted Credits to Andrea Deszö.
More of her artworks here: www.andreadezso.com

9- Flower Vase

Marble Mosaic Art

Mozaico Art

Marble mosaic art has been famous for its creation of detailed artworks and is proving so in this flower vase mosaic artworks. In this piece, different shades of colors are complementing each other in perfect harmony.

Flower Vase Mosaic art

Copyrighted Credits to Mozaico Art.

Find more artworks here: www.mozaico.com

8- The Deer

Marble Mosaic Art

Vojna Baštovanović

This marble mosaic deer is an impressionist mosaic mural. Impressionism is an artistic movement that swept much of the painting and sculpture styles. Baštovanović brought out the best in her to integrate this style into mosaic art. This marvellous piece was a special commission to someone close to her.

Vojna Bastovanovic the deer - Mosaic art

Copyrighted Credits to Vojna Baštovanović

Click here to see her profile

7- Sleeping Beauty

Marble Mosaic Art

Gordana Jovanović

Jovanović and other mosaic artists wanted to promote mosaic art as an artistic and poetic expression rather than an obsolete or too traditional discipline. Jovanović wants people to perceive mosaics as more than decorative items and applied creativity. This marble mosaic artwork is able to do just that.

Sleeping beauty mosaic art

Copyrighted Credits to Gordana Jovanović

Click here to see her profile and more mosaic artworks

6- Saint Basil Cathedral

Marble Mosaic Art

Mozaico Art

More than 16000 marble tiles were used to create this mosaic mural. This mosaic marble perfectly portrays the Saint Basil Cathedral of Moscow. The brash color contrast brings in a new dimension to this piece.

Moscow cathedral Landscape Mosaic Art

Copyrighted Credits to Mozaico Art

For more mosaic artworks of this kind, click here.

5- Miscellaneous Mosaic

Marble Mosaic Art

Gift of J. Pierpont Morgan, 1917

This marble mosaic is a great example of modern mosaics inspired by ancient techniques. The mosaic gives the impression of wonderland. It was gifted by J. Perpont Morgan in 1917 to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Rabbit mosaic art

Source: http://www.metmuseum.org/collection/the-collection-online/search/249477

4- Someone to Watch over Me

Marble Mosaic Art

Jenny Perry

Jenny Perry is an ambitiously creative mosaic artist. In 2001, Perry began her journey in the extended ocean of mosaic art. She added many remarkable signatures into the medium and the world of art.

Jenny Perry Mosaic art

Copyrighted Credits to Jenny Perry

Find more of her mosaics here: http://www.jennyperrymosaics.com

3- The Queen Esther

Marble and Glass Mosaic

Lilian Broca

Broca creates large scale mosaic glass and marble artworks using historical iconography and an ancient medium. Her mosaic art are influenced by contemporary societal issues.

Queen esther mosaic art

Copyrighted Credits to Lilian Broca

Find more of her artworks here: http://www.lilianbroca.com

2- Ragazza Con Scodella

Marble and Limestone Mosaic Art

Igor Marziali

Marziali comes from a family of artists and painters. For him, mosaic art is painting in stone. The Ragazza con Scodella is a mosaic artwork of a painting reproduction, made by Felice Casorati Novara in 1883. Igor Marziali works in Montreal for Ciot, a renowned natural stone and ceramics retailer.

Ragazza con Scodella Mosaic Art

Copyrighted Credits to Igor Marziali and Ciot

1- Oceanus Occidentalis

Mix of Natural Stones

This mosaic artwork is made out different natural stones. It is a combination of sandstone, limestone, Italian smalti, glazed ceramic and marble tiles. In her artist statement, Sager says : “this map-like composition represents the continents of North America and Europe with the Western Ocean between them”. This mosaic design was made following European techniques and represents Rachel Sager’s capability to do art even if she doesn’t follow the American technique she initially acquired.

Rachel Sager Mosaic art

Copyrighted Credits to Rachel Sager

Find more of her mosaic artworks here: www.rachelsagermosaics.com

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