Hidden Wonder You Won’t Believe Exists

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Moorish Architechture

Photo Credits: Luca Bertinotti

Castello di Sammezzano, Tuscany, Italy

Influenced by the Moorish architecture, this monument is definitely a celestial wonder hidden in a cavern. We believe it existed, however were astonished when we discovered its location. It’s hard to believe that this monumental castle influenced by the Moroccan style of architecture, is hidden behind an abandoned castle in Tuscany, Italy. The castle was built in 1605 by the Spanish nobleman, Ximenes of Aragon.

In the early 19th century, the ingenious architect designer Ferdinand Panciatichi Ximenes, transformed it into an extravagant residence beyond compare.

The peacock room inside the castle is known to be one of the largest examples of Moorish revival architecture.

Sammezzano Castel was a main attraction for the kings of Italy, as they used to visit Ximenes with ultimate humility.


365 Rooms with Outwardly Mosaic Ceilings

The rooms of the castle are many, they symbolize the days of the year, amounting to 365 rooms. Each room is intricately unique, manifesting a labyrinth of tiles. Many otherworldly ceilings are crowning the rooms in ultimate zeal. These ceilings are another way to identify a labyrinth through complicated and geometrical figures. Flowers of life and mandala designs are also portrayed through many shades of brash and Moorish colors.

Moorish Ornaments

Moorish Architecture

Castello di Sammezzano

Castello di Sammezzano

About Moorish Revival Architecture

Moorish architecture was known for its exotic and striking revival style. This architectural style was adopted by innovative architects all around Europe. The western hemisphere was also attracted by the Moorish Revival style. This style became broadly popular after the mid-19th century. It’s considered as a technique that links classical ornaments with gothic style. The castle holds within it a peerless assortment of colours and patterns, with hidden jewel features and multifaceted Moorish ornaments. Within the daze of colours, lies an epic hallway known as the Peacock Room. We believe it’s the hidden wonder within the castle. The splendour of the mesmerizing interiors is simply beyond all words.

Peacock Mosaic Moorish


Photo Credits Luca Bertinotti -

Celestial Hallway

The castle is a celestial hallway for the tourism and prosperity of Tuscany. There was a Parkland of 450 acres filling the outdoor space of the castle. It is the largest of its kind in Tuscany. Only a small part of the nineteenth century trees survived, however there is an ongoing restoration project to preserve rare trees.

The castle has been abandoned despite some urgent restorations in 1990. Unfortunately the castle is still deserted today, except for extraordinary occasions.

Castello-di-Sammezzano Moorish

Castello-di-Sammezzano Moorish Architechture


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