Marble Mosaics: Renaissance of the Western World

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Marble Mosaics: Renaissance of the Western World

Recent statistics assert that perhaps the last of all the varied creations of the numerous ranges of mosaic art to reach the appreciation of Western public are marble mosaics. Little interest, compared with that flooded on stained glass mosaics, has been given to marble either in European or American art shows, except for Ancient Roman mosaics.

So Far as the West is concerned it is also possible to describe this lack by analyzing the main circumstances under which the familiarity with the art form was created. In modern times most Westerners gave value to the ancient art form, and yet forgot to examine the contemporary movement which has been dramatically evolving over the centuries.

Nevertheless, this art form is now experiencing a major revival in the Western World. Amid strong stimulation and miscellaneous prices, mosaics are increasingly attracting the attention of art collectors worldwide.

Today’s article covers an orderly knowledge towards the creation and the energy about mosaic craftsmanship from the Western point of view and the growth of interest.

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The Revival of Practice:

As I already presumed in many previous articles, contemporary marble mosaics are progressively influencing Western and international art collectors.

The revival of practice has also started to unveil Western and international solo and group exhibitions, such as Mosaic Odysseys. A series of three recent exhibitions of contemporary mosaics were held in London, Athens, and Mykonos, showcasing many mosaicists who work within the realms of splendor!

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The Appraisal:

Although, some mosaicists of the 21st century have not given much interest in modernizing the art form, but they have certainly succeeded in reviving its practice.

The main reason is that mosaicists have been considered as artisans, not artists. Once the creation of marble mosaics had been appraised as a decorative ornament, artists seem to have concerned themselves very little with their later successors. In the whole unbroken record of the art history, I never noticed any single mention of an outstanding mosaicist as a highly recognized artist. Unfortunately, most of the extraordinary skills of their journey, all the sensitiveness and refinement of their creations, were maintained in anonymity. Craftsmen or artisans, their work was considered a humble contribution within a grander scheme.

Yet from its origins, hidden in the Western ancient history, and over the long course of all the dynasties, this art form has finally developed and changed basically both in purpose and design.

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Millennial Generation:

Taking everything into account, the millennial era had turned out to be so indistinguishable from workmanship, and one would never comprehend the connection without sinking oneself into an acknowledgment of this art form. On the other hand, when the involved traditions and suggestions both of formal and casual manifestations, are intimately understood, one is on the highway towards a firm understanding of higher matters and constant growth.

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Last but not least, this is only the beginning of what should be systematically collected, from this rich art form, if we are to analyze the phase which will yield us more details of imminent creations!

Featured Mosaics: Jim Bachor

Kenned by his fascination of leaving a trademark in this world, Jim Bachor is additionally fascinated by renovating archaic techniques and merging these two intrigues into his art.

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If you had to choose between Ancient Roman mosaics and Contemporary Mosaic art, what would you pick?

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