Mirror Mirror: 10 Most Attractive Mosaic Portrait Expressions

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Mirror Mirror:

10 Most Attractive Portrait Expressions

From Vedova’s La Treccia Bionda to Sharps’s multicoloured Lady with scarf, blessed Lady with the blue veil and Myers’s fading thoughts … here are the mosaic portrait expressions you’ll never forget!

• La Treccia Bionda

La Treccia Bionda ( Blonde Braid ) is one of the most wonderful and expressive paintings, of Giovanni Boldinni. Boldini was a well renowned Italian portrait painter born in 1845. He was meekly popular as a colorist and technician, influenced by passionate and delicate Parisian brush strokes!

His prize portrait La Treccia Bionda was recreated by Maestra Evelina Della Vedova, using marble, terracotta and ecological tiles. Using brick and dark colored tiles, the mosaicist could elucidate the passionate and fluid Boldini’s brushstrokes. Using natural materials, the artist has obviously illustrated an expression of warmth and intrigue, which made her crown my list of 10 attractive portrait expressions!

La Treccia Bionda Mosaic portrait

10) Young Woman

Maestra Evelina Della Vedova, was also the artist behind this mosaic. This time, in collaboration with Valter Solari, they both succeeded despite their composition. Using a range of natural stones, they reproduced Klimt’s magnificent portrait of a young woman. This expressionistic portrait illustrates sensitivity in a deep hole.

Klimt Evelina Della Mosaic portrait

9) Fading Thoughts

Stumbling upon the creation of life within metal is almost beyond belief; Andrew Myers fading thoughts have succeeded to manifest his screw art portraits, from thousands of lifeless objects.“Fading Thoughts” is one of his numerous portrayals depicted using steel screws and despite the fact that all of his portraits are warmly expressive, I’ve personally found a passionate linkage between the art piece and the artist fading thoughts… This dynamic portrait is but a successful experimentation of movement, light and shadow.

Fading thoughts mosaic portrait

8) Donna

Donna, an expressive female mosaic portrait, passionately illustrated with pastel colored tiles in contrast with dark smalti. Giuseppe Arrabito was born in Scicli, Sicily, in June 9th 1986. After getting his high school diploma in classical studies he attended the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli where, at the end of the 3rd year program, he was selected for the fourth year’s restricted access internship.

Iwona Lorenzini mosaic portrait

7) The Lady of Shalott

In this pious portrait, a devout woman, her face hallowed by a spirit of devotion, recline on a chaise lounge and gazes languidly at the observer. In contrast to the high degree of finish in this mosaic and the rendering of the almond shaped eyes, the artist manifested the Lady’s veil and clothing in a looser, more summary manner, manifesting an emotional connection between spirituality and wisdom.

Mosaic Portrait The Lady of Shalott

6) Frida Kahlo

Mary Read an architect, painter and mosaicist, was inspired by the native charm and beauty of Frida Kahlo. Her work here point up the suffering, grief and doubt in Kahlo’s enigmatic stare. This portrait is all about a certain eloquent of expressions varying between wonder, lust and desire.

Frida Kahlo Mosaic portrait

5) Pensieri

According to Anna Minardo, there is no need to destroy the good that has been done. We only have to evaluate new desires, expressing fresh aesthetic values and shapes by talented and capable creators. Pensieri is an abstract mosaic portrait handcrafted with natural marble tiles. The new thing in this portrait’s expression, was her dazed and desirous eyes, which kept me pondering over a helm of awe!

Pensieri Mosaic Portrait

4) African

This wonderfully revealed African portrait of lady, is a beautiful yet touching guise. This piece is one of Annie Dunlop’s greatest creations, handcrafted using unique Albertini glass and smalti. As you can witness, the colorful veil and blue lipstick, gave this mystical mosaic a unique yet cryptic impression!

African mosaic portrait of lady

3) Virgin of the Blue Veil

Here’s another pious portrait, Virgin with the blue veil, her face consecrated by a mystic of devotion, gapesthe languorous of any viewer.The artist here was trying to reflect the Lady’s blue veil in a palpable yet detailed synopsis. Manifesting an emotional connection between spirituality and wisdom in this figurative mosaic as well.

Virgin with the blue veil Mosaic portrait

2) Judikaëlle Sharp and Aurore Laty

Last but not least, Judikaëlle Sharp and Aurore Laty have both created this expressively modern mosaic. Using several mediums: marble, venetian enamels as well as various treasures and stone found in nature. Their mosaic is generally in direct contact with nature, reflecting the fact that whether human or plant, respect and attention have to be given to simple and essential things!

Mosaic Portait by Judikaëlle Sharp and Aurore Laty

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