Mosaic Art: Christmas Color Palette

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This season’s color palette is an homage to the hues of Holidays, an inspiration from the bright poinsettia, sifting the last rays of the year!

Inspired to add a festive holiday cheer to your home, aren’t you?

Curious about the latest trends of colors? In this article I’ll help you discover this season’s Christmas-inspired hues, and how to make your season sparkle! You will also discover how these colors will invite a warm scenery to your snowy environment!

Holidays Color Chart

After the Thanksgiving holiday, we begin looking forward to the next: Christmas. It’s such an amazing time of year! We start thinking of gift ideas, and wonder how to light up the eyes of our friends and family, gathering all the scrumptious recipes, and putting out all the holiday decoration! Recently while I was setting up my Christmas tree, witnessing the colorful ornaments, I actually noticed that our color scheme is mostly of green, gold, red and whites. Consequently this narrow plot got me thinking about other homey and magical holiday color palettes. Whenever I think of color I immediately think of mosaic art, which actually junctions and elucidates the hues. In my opinion natural stones have the most beautiful colors that can fit any design or color chart you can think of! After delving into the web, looking for some holiday color palettes and brainwave, I’ll share with you a few of my favorite and of course some of my favorite mosaic art!

Christmas Color Palette How To Use These Colors?

Ever since I started decking the halls this year, I thought of scripting this article, because we all need some inspiration for Christmas-inspired color palettes. Check this list to get some fresh new ideas. Adding a warm holiday flush into your home decor is as easy as a piece of cake! Decorating a space in terms of color and trying to decide on the right color scheme for a room or an entire home can be difficult at times. However, when you narrow down the trendy seasonal color palettes, you grant yourself a great piece to start. Two things to keep in mind, before you start the process:

Color Harmony

There are a few different theories when it comes to Christmas decorating colors. You can either choose a color theme and stick to it or go completely wild and use every color you can come up with. I used to think that color-themed Christmas decorations were the prettiest, but now I think that Any color-palette can be used for Christmas decorating, so we shall incorporate our favorites! Creating a harmony of color between the rooms is a theory based on improving and balancing the colors in different areas. This Holiday Season consider glazing a gorgeous glam with cyan blue/bright vermilion hybrid in your office, living room or even your bedroom accessories! It’s a simple theory, one can use in large or small degrees to create a seasonal harmony of sparkles, shades, hues and colors.

Mosaic Christmas floral

Color Combos

As I already explained, the traditional color palette is a narrow plot combining greens and reds. This year there are a lot of other great alternatives that are a little more distinctive and innovative, for example; Black&White Cyan-Turquoise&Vermilion Magenta-Browns.Consider combining any of these color palettes with natural greenery and pine-cone hues. Last but not least adding gleam and glitter will also make your seasons sparkle!

Happy Christmas Decorating!

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