Top Mosaic Artworks of the Week

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As we always wander through the most impressive artworks, this week we stumbled upon many imposing handmade mosaic artworks. This list of mosaic murals inspired us to elect the ten most amazing among many mosaic designs. For all art lovers and especially mosaic art, we hope you enjoy the list of top ten mosaic artworks that we conspicuously nominated for you this week.

9• Bohemian Mosaic Horse

Vandeepp Kalra

You can drop in at her studio, located at Wood Street any time and bring home some of her finest pieces. Vandeepp Kalra is a young and ambitious mosaic artist who recently stepped into the world of mosaic art. Everything appeared to her as a hobby first, later turning into an obsessive passion and now to a full fledged career. Through her patient handles and immense sum of enthusiasm, Vandeepp created this bohemian mosaic artwork, crowning our list of ten mosaic artworks this week.

bohemian mosaic

8 • Sensual Healing Mosaic

Alberto Gonzalez Alvarez

I scrutinized this mosaic artwork for awhile. It staggered my senses and woke up the warmest passions I had. The teenage dreams, a painter’s lust, a belly dancer’s aim, the passions of a woman and the touch of a mother. This artwork was handcrafted by the great mosaic artist Alberto Gonzalez Alvarez, which I promise to feature more in many impending blog articles.

7• The Scream Mosaic Reproduction

Arianna Gallo

The Scream is the popular name given to each one of the four versions of a composition, created with acrylics and pastels by the Expressionist Edvard Munch. The scream reproduction of Arianna Gallo has made me chance upon a bright and exotic expression of colors that I rarely stalk in mosaic artworks. Arianna was born in Ravenna Italy, the land of mosaics, where she works and teaches with her sister in a workshop and mosaic institute.

 Edvard Munch the scream reproduction mosaic

6• The Peacock Pride

Laura Harris

Laura Harris’ ingenious mosaics are always bliss to feature! She already crowned our list of 10 Must Know Ethnic Mosaic Artworks. We gladly feature her mosaic peacock pride with many of her artworks spicing up our blog. Laura devoted her full-time to mosaic art after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She had to leave her beloved job as a teacher but yes everything happens for a reason! Laura reaches an international level today and regularly receives awards and honors.

Peacock Mosaic

5• Dragonfly Mosaic

Rachel Jones

Through the support and love of her dear family, Rachel Jones achieves great pieces of art! Indeed, an artist never really finishes his work, he merely abandons it! She’s spellbound by the several ways of how the art of mosaic can color an ordinary day! Working with glass tiles, consoles her and takes her to a journey where everything is calm except for her inner voice.

Dragonfly Mosaic glass tiles

4• Oakleaf Hydrangea

Lin Schorr

Lin is an artist from Michigan, mainly influenced by the serene colors of flowers and the exotic shades in nature. Lin has started to unveil her creative floral mosaics in the early 2000s. However we are utterly eager to witness her solo exhibition. If you were into floral mosaic designs, you may also like reading about the Most Beautiful Floral Mosaics.

floral mosaic

3• Sensational Reflections Mosaic

Mozaico Art

This sensational mosaic is an elegant mosaic mural, handcrafted by the Italian mosaic artist Marta Cristin. Marta puts so much passion ,time, patience and sensation into her mosaic artworks. Her pieces of art have delighted both private houses mosaic designs and public buildings because her genuine passion isn’t just for mosaics, but also design.

mosaic mural

2• The Visionary Fish

Amanda Edwards

Amanda Edwards is all about keeping her works of art spontaneous. Her zeal for glass tiles which vary in textures, colors, shapes, reflections and sizes, made her one of the most ingenious mosaic designers of the world. Her imaginative thoughts mixed with glass tiles allow her to puzzle a thousand of colorful little pieces turning them into a flowing illustrative design.

Fish Mosaic

1• Peacock Mosaic Mural

Berta Sergeant

If you are a fan of mosaic art, don’t miss out on the exquisite artworks of Berta Sergeant. For Berta, creating art is as important as breathing! Oregon and her faith in emotional instincts was her main influence and inspiration. Berta is currently showing some of her work at ‘Sun Rose’ Gallery in Seaside, Oregon.

Mosaic Mural

What do you think about these choosen mosaics of the week? Let us know in the comment box!

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