Top 10 Mosaic Designs of The Week

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Once again this week, we discovered ten other impressive mosaic designs and their artists. These handmade mosaics will inspire you and spice up your day with art and creativity. Either if you’re looking to buy a new artwork, or just searching for inspiration this weekly list will clarify your vision and take you through an odyssey of dreams, visions, class and fairytales.

• The Feminine Lunge Mosaic

Laura Harris

Laura Harris Mosaic

Laura Harris was already featured in several blog articles of ours. We are passionate about her mosaic artworks and constantly follow updates of her unlimited creativity.The Feminine Lunge Mosaic isn’t just beautiful but an utterly symbolic design describing feminine lust, feminine dreams and passionate mythologies. This artwork of Laura Harris deserves to be on the peak of this article and cap our souls with art, colors and creativity.

10• Mermaid Mosaic

Marina Alexandrova

Mosaic Mural

Marina is a Russian mosaic designer. She often creates her infrequency and uncommonness with her ability to handpick the simplest and most beautiful seashells. On one hand, her designs are often impulsive, but joyful on the other hand. She constantly crafts colorful and detailed mosaics that illustrate still life, figures and even fantasy artworks. Marina’s works are elegant and exclusive since it is impossible to find identical shells in nature.

9• Ebony and Ivory

Cristina Ciloci

Cristina is one of the artists that takes into consideration the tiniest detail in her mosaic designs and even in tiling the piece. Ebony and Ivory illustrates a zebra artwork with an attentive and mysterious look. It is inspired by the title of the single released in 1982 by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder. Ebony and Ivory describes the black and white keys of the piano but it can also deal with racial harmony on a deeper human level.

Zebra Mosaic

8• White Horse Mosaic


This impressive mosaic was fully handcrafted by the Italian mosaic artist Marta Cristin. In her designs, we always notice the fragility, passion and sensation of the feminine factor. In this mosaic mural, the horse’s eyes seem alive, almost tearing and suffering of yearn. Behind this expressive horse portrait, we can contemplate an impressive abstract background that creates a colorful whirl of colors.

Horse Mosaic

7• The Pelican Lust Mosaic


This rectangular shaped mosaic illustrates a nude figure playing with a pelican, which is a symbol of water. The metaphorical sense of playing with water makes her relaxed and less tense. It’s the complete opposite of playing with fire. Earth tone colored tiles are ornamenting the background and pastel colors are perfectly detailing the female figure.

stone mosaic

6• White Rabbit Mosaic

Doreen Adams

Doreen Adams was born in Scotland in 1948 and emigrated to the US in 1979. Her love for art began at an early age. Doreen is currently working on a series of mosaic designs called Alice Adventurous in Wonderland. Her series of illustrative work was transcending her talent and mosaic art to a new level. We were wandering around her online gallery , where we stumbled upon this descriptive mosaic of the white rabbit from her series of Alice in Wonderland.


5• Welder Mosaic

Martin Cheek

Martin Cheek is a versatile mosaic artist who initially founded the technique to incorporate glass fusions into his mosaic artworks. In this mosaic mural, Martin Cheek reminds us of the famous technique of Alex Grey. This impression wasn’t just obvious in colors but in the third dimensional and visionary feel. In this mosaic artwork, Cheek rises the art of mosaic through an obvious fresh and new impression with a different perspective and inspiration.

marble mosaic design

4• The Yellow Veil

Vandeepp Kalra

This mosaic mural illustrates a women with a rustic backdrop and a painful and piercing gaze. This woman creates a strong and inexplicable connection with the viewer. It makes each individual identify and elucidate the artwork according to his personal experience. The yellow veil is delicately dealt with various shades of yellow mosaic tiles. It’s modestly yet deliberately placed to ensure that it does not overwhelm that intriguing stare!

mosaic art design

3• Bird Mosaic

Arianna Gallo

Arianna Gallo honored our previous weekly list of top ten mosaic artworks. Gallo is a clever and young mosaic designer who deserves to be featured and boosted for her creative mosaic designs. We believe in her creative perspective, which will emerge mosaic art one day. In this mosaic artwork, we can notice a still life bird realistically painted and covered with glass mosaic tiles.

Bird Mosaic

2• ‘Desire’ Figurative Mosaic

Carl and Sandra Bryant

Carl and Sandra Bryant are self taught mosaic artists, who began glass artworks in early 2001 after a couple of years spent in oil painting and fine art. Carl and Sandra are spreading their impressive artworks widely, starting with indoor and outdoor murals, mosaic sculptures to end up with whatever your imagination desires. Team up to achieve more! We discovered this figurative mosaic illustrating the desire and lust of woman encircled with various shades of nature colors.

human figure Mosaic

What do you think about this week’s top ten mosaics ? Let us know in the comment box below!

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