Mosaic Art: Indoors and Outdoors? How to Choose?

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Decisions, decisions…Often when we are remodeling or adding that one final art decoration item to our home, deciding on items like mosaic art can be a challenge. We often get indecisive about where to put certain items and which design to choose to complement our indoor and outdoor spaces.

When it comes to mosaic art, one of the most common questions we receive is: Is this mosaic designed for indoors or outdoors? The answer is: BOTH!

The only thing you need to stress on is the treatment method after installation. We are going to take you through a journey to know more about where you can install mosaic art, and how to treat it to help you make a stylish and artistic decision.

Wet Prone Areas

When mosaic art is installed in places that are vulnerable to moisture penetration, weather conditions, and humidity, they need to be treated professionally. The latter refers to grouting and sealing the mosaic artwork.

Grout is used as a filler between the marble mosaic stones once the adhesive has been set. Moreover, a marble sealer is a liquid based solvent that goes below the surface and absorbs through the stone to protect the stones, glue and grout on the long run.There are a lot of wet prone areas that you can beautify with mosaic art.

Grouting, Image Source: Unsplash
Credit: Long Beach Concrete, Image Source: Unsplash

Now, it is always recommended to seal your mosaic art whether it is indoors or outdoors, in wet prone areas or hanging on dry walls. But, grouting is only a must when weather conditions are involved.

Enjoy some inspiration from the beautiful homes of our clients!


When choosing a kitchen mosaic backsplash, your main concern will be choosing a fruit bowl mosaic, a scenery mosaic or any other design that fits your kitchen interiors. But, we are here to remind you about the importance of grouting and sealing.

Installing a kitchen mosaic as a stovetop backsplash or countertop or simply a wall hanging means that this mosaic artwork will be exposed to heat and humidity. That’s exactly why a mosaic needs to be grouted with a grout color of your choice and sealed with a marble sealer to protect the grout and glue used to hold the stones together.


We spend around 30 minutes in the bathroom on a daily basis, So, it is always lovely to have mosaic art to decorate the interiors. We all tend to make the best and craziest decisions in showers, so why not add some lovely artwork you can travel into and have the most relaxing time of the day! We recommend a natural scene like the amazing artwork “The Wave” by Hokusai.

Anything in the shower needs to be waterproof.And the same goes for mosaics in the shower or above your sinks for instance. Grouting and sealing is a must.


Take a deep breath, dive underwater, and enter the world of your dreams while looking onto the underwater mosaic art. From Koi fish to ancient mythology figures, floral mosaic patterns, Versace signs, or geometric mosaic designs; the options are endless. Also, in pools, mosaic borders will always add a touch of elegance and a feel of luxury. So, never omit the option of adding a dazzling mosaic border.

Since the mosaic art design is always underwater, it is absolutely vital to grout the mosaic and seal it to make it even more resilient and immortal.

Outdoors: Patios and Gardens

Art will always make an experience more blissful even when one is enjoying some sunshine and natural scenery. Adding mosaic art to your patios, backyards and gardens will make your outdoor spaces look luxurious and will definitely mesmerize your guests.

This mosaic artwork is constantly exposed to sun, rain and humidity probably, so grout and seal!


If you want a mosaic artwork to decorate your floor as an entrance centerpiece, or a room’s masterpiece, never doubt the power and beauty of mosaic medallions. However, if you are all about keeping your spaces clean, and using all the detergents, you might want to think ahead and keep your mosaic art intact and safe. You know what we’re going to recommend: grouting and sealing.

Indoor mosaics

Mosaic Wall Art

Some of our clients prefer to keep the mosaic non-grouted and marvel in the beauty of the spaces between the marble mosaic stones. Spaces and discontinuity is always mind boggling and it will always make you admire the magnificence that resides within imperfections. You can order your mosaic wall art framed or install it as a wall insert depending on your preference and interior design style.

We stressed on the importance of grouting a mosaic and using a marble sealer. And stated the most important thing: mosaic art can go anywhere. Now, we need you to answer one question: What will your next mosaic be, and where do you want to install it?

Our newest mosaic furniture collection might inspire you to remodel and add some mosaic art to your spaces!

When it comes to mosaic art, one of the most common questions we receive is: Is this mosaic designed for indoors or outdoors?

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