Mosaic Art Meets Halloween Art in a Spooky Twist

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Halloween brings out the spooky spirit of each and everyone of us. We can reveal our dark side without worrying about the consequences. Some of us like to maintain that spirit all year round through dark art. That being said, here’s some spooky and dark Halloween mosaic art that express volumes of emotions and you can keep all year round. Let’s get into the Halloween spirit, and discover mosaic art that transcends this holiday!

The Joker

The Joker Mosaic Artwork
The Joker Mosaic Artwork

“I’m not a monster. I’m just ahead of the curve.”

We are all familiar with one of the Joker’s famous quotes, let alone the amazing acting in The Dark Knight. The Joker has been one of the most recreated costumes for Halloween, and we are positive 2020 is going to bring many more amazing recreations. What many like more than dressing up as the character is what he stands for, and the ideas he spreads throughout the movie and comics.

This Halloween art will always remain as a mural to remind us of the shadows within. This part of us that always craves to break the rules. The character also explores the concept of “illusory superiority” which always makes us think that we are too noble, and our mistakes are too little. The shadow within us will clash will this superiority and destroy it eventually. At Mozaico, we can customize any design to create the mosaic art that inspires you and reflects your ideology.

A Parallel Universe

Upside Down World Mosaic art
A Parallel Universe Mosaic Art

Halloween 2020 isn’t only about spooky and scary characters, it’s also when our imagination is unleashed. Through the characters that we impersonate, we release our dreams and demons all at once. 2020 has been a shock to all of us, the year keeps getting worse exactly when we think we reached the peek of disaster. This year made us live in our own worlds, of dreams and we are getting in the Halloween spirit to breathe life into those fantasies. The Parallel Universe mosaic art is an escape, a happy place that you can escape to whenever you get lost in this mosaic.

The House of Horrors

The House of Horrors Mosaic Art
The House of Horrors Mosaic Art

Halloween horror isn’t only about characters, it is also about scary places that make our hearts skip a beat, and not in a good way. But let’s admit that this House of Horrors has a sense of comforting isolation that is relaxing whenever one travels into this mosaic artwork. This Halloween art will be a great hanging of an eerie abandoned house is a realistic piece of mosaic wall art that will always bring back spooky childhood memories and make you think of the parts of you that are buried deep and left behind.

Dia De Meurtos

Dia de Meurtos Mosaic Art
Dia de Meurtos Mosaic Art

Dia De Meurtos is often mixed up with the American version of Halloween. However, this day is referred to as “The Day of the Dead” when anyone with Mexican heritage celebrates all of those who have died in a really joyous and colorful way. Altars are built and decorated in celebration of departed loved ones, filled with special foods and offerings.

Though Halloween was originally meant to celebrate our deceased loved ones in this way, it’s much more about spooky things, candy and costumes today. So much vibrancy and diversity is celebrated on that day, yet the costumes associated with this Mexican traditions are usually used as spooky and scary characters on Halloween. This mosaic mural will be a great reminder of the happy moment we spent with loved ones who are no longer present among us.

Skulls Never Die

Skulls aren’t only scary, or the most famous decoration item in Halloween, they are also a symbol of mortality. This mosaic artwork will always encourage the onlooker to look at our mortality as humans as a motivation to live life to the fullest. Have no worries, leave the past behind, and cherish every moment. The spookiness of skulls also teaches us a lesson while being the scariest Halloween art there ever was.

Our Halloween mosaic art selection is indeed inspired by the holiday, but it goes way beyond with each mosaic artwork narrating a story dear to our hearts. Let’s get into the Halloween spirit; which Halloween art design you love the most?

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