Top 10 Modern Mosaic Art Designs That You’ll Love

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Mosaic art has a certain association with classic looks and traditional art. After all, it’s been adorning homes and gardens with mosaic designs for centuries! But that’s certainly not the whole picture for our favorite way to decorate – mosaic today can be modern, dynamic, and stylish in any setting.

Modern interiors mean that you have the freedom to express your personal style choices and bravely mix abstract, stylized, and photo-realistic art into your decor, We’ve gone on a search through our huge selection to share a Top 10 list of mosaic designs you’ll love. We guarantee that you’ll be ready to add some of these designs to your rooms at the end of our short tour of contemporary looks!

1. Modern Marilyn

The ancient Greeks had Aphrodite, Goddess of love, beauty, and passion. The longevity of their mosaic art assures us that she was a most popular deity, portrayed as a stunning young woman. For modern times, would anyone argue that Marilyn Monroe is every bit as alluring?

However, our depiction shares Marilyn at her funny, sexy, best. With a bit of sweetness and an irreverent take on her iconic status, this portrait is perfect as mosaic wall art in a minimal setting, or as a backsplash for a bathroom counter.

2. An Explosion of Creativity and Color

In previous blogs, we’ve explored some of the luminous ancient mosaics in Mexico. Often created with gemstones, they still glow and inspire delight with their vivid colors and complex designs. Today, color combinations are still bold, but the abstract look of this 21st-century piece places it squarely in today’s home interior styles.

Swirling with feathers, our Lady inspires every onlooker to decide their own interpretation, as she bravely faces into the winds of change. A very modern way to use this mosaic art would be as a floor inlay or in the garden

3. Eyes Upon You

Abstract art defines the modern period, with bold looks that challenged audiences to look at the world differently. This piece, featuring watchful eyes in a strong geometric composition, is perhaps a symbol of these new views.

Whether you’re a fan of Mid-Century Modern or eclectic industrial decor, this marble mosaic would be at home as a countertop or mural. The natural stones we use in this design are a perfect complement to both raw textures and shiny surfaces.

4. Flight of Fancy

With the recent trends for garden rooms and green spaces in the home, this birds and trees medallion is just looking for the perfect place to land in your rooms. We suggest using the round design as a centerpiece for your floor.

The combination of natural stones and brightly-hued subjects will blend nicely with any kind of living decor. Remember, if you’d like a variation on the color scheme, our custom mosaic designs can make it happen!

5. Avian Elegance

Peacocks are iconic, no doubt. This glass mosaic piece celebrates the beautiful indulgences of life, with shimmering tiles, and a matched lover’s pair of the most extravagant birds out there. For a piece that will convey immortality to your love of life, a special someone, or just your enjoyment of nature, this mosaic wall art is a superb choice.

Positioned on a terrace wall, in a wall niche, or as a centerpiece on a dining room wall, the lustrous colors of the birds and blooms will bring lasting elegance to your life.

6. Clear and Focused

Mosaic art has been used as a focal point since its beginnings. Bold geometric designs are brought up to date in this handmade marble mosaic medallion. The incredible detail of the design creates a three-dimensional effect that has to be experienced in person.

It’s a wonderful way to add depth and interest as a backsplash, countertop, or especially as part of a tile floor installation. Consider ordering it in a polished finish for added luster and smoothness.

7. The Life Aquatic

In the past, aquatic life and the oceans were popular art subjects. Today, the cheerful colors of hand-cut tiles create a song of the sea that’s completely irresistible. Swimming over a countertop or behind a water feature in your pool area, these four fine fish are resistant to both temperature changes and moisture.

Pardon the pun, but we think your relationship with this particular piece of mosaic art will go swimmingly.

8. Van Gogh’s Visions

The subject of a previous blog, Van Gogh turned the art world on its head with his work. His compositions are impeccable, and the saturated colors of his Starry Night work are a powerful counterpoint to any type of decor.

Used as a tabletop, mural, or shower wall, you’ll bring the intensity of a night sky in the South of France to any part of your house. This piece can also be custom sized to work perfectly in any spot.

9. Jazz Age Gem

If you’re looking for a piece that will complete your space and create a mural like no other – this is the mosaic wall art you need. It will set the mood and pull ambiance out of thin air. If you hear the sultry jazz music playing as you check out this piece of marble mosaic, you’re not alone.

The sinuous figures play their instruments, candles flicker, and there’s some powerful magic in the air – all created with hundreds of tiles in this handmade masterpiece.

10. Let it Roar

2020 has been a bit of a struggle for many of us, and this lively and contemporary take on the King of Beasts is a wonderful way to remind us of our strengths! This selection will help you celebrate your life, your favorite Leo, or that safari you’ll be taking when you’re traveling again.

We love the way that this mosaic art transforms the traditional depiction of the lion and pumps it up with highly saturated colors and a crisp contrast with the background. The abstracted good looks are thoroughly modern and will look amazing on your floors or walls.

Throughout time, mosaic art is one medium that has transitioned effortlessly to each new era. We’ve covered mosaics that range from thousands of years old to newly created pieces in our blog, and we’re constantly wowed by how the old and new can seem so alike – both colorful and tough, beautiful, and capable of lasting for lifetimes. Adding these modern looks to your space is a way to honor the old and embrace the new, always with great style and longevity.

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