Mosaic Art by Yulia Hanansen

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Mosaic Art by Yulia Hanansen


Yulia Hanansen is a contemporary mosaicaist that surpasses all expectations when it comes to the quality and innovation witnessed within her mosaic art projects. The American artist has been trained from an early age into the classic European mosaic art practice, specializing in the utilization of stained glass material in order to create her vibrant detailed wonders. Having an extensive educational background in art and design, the gifted mosaicaist has developed a unique approach to traditional mosaic art manufacturing throughout her career, by introducing a practice called the “layered mosaic” technique. This technique gives a multi-dimensional impression, providing an exceptional sentiment of illusion.

Artist Statement

“Starscapes series is about the stars, their personalities and their interaction with the surroundings. It is about transformation and relative comparison of the outer and inner worlds of humans and stars. Like people, stars show their character, their warmth, their long-lasting influence on their surroundings. In the otherwise dark Universe, they are the sources of light. Some burn bright and short, some burn for billions of years. Some are variable, and some are constant. By exploring their intricate personalities we better understand the people that surround us. We are composed of atoms formed by second and third generation stars. In the infinity of space, one human being contains the chemical data for most of the stars that we observe.” Yulia Hanansen


The artist followed a specific layered – stained glass technique in order to attain the special dimensional effect in her mosaic art. She initially situated a layer of stained glass with the help of an adhesive onto a plywood substratum and the grouting process was accomplished by following conventional techniques. Thence additional layers of glass were adjusted over the first layer in order to create the hypnotizing dimensional visual effect. The tesserae were carefully cut in a shape of “brush-stroke” cuts as she defines them to give a dynamic and adaptable character, especially when illustrating cosmic scenery and topographical features.

Powered by Moebius Drive

This is the so called “Powered by Moebius Drive” cosmic mosaic art. The artist’s inspiration was influenced by space exploration’s main difficulty for travel, the fuel source of the aircraft. The spaceship is futuristically envisioned to be powered by an eternal engine, its goal? To explore radio signals from other civilizations in the cosmic galaxy.

mosaic art

Sirius A and B Star System

This is a space mosaic artwork composed in 2009 by utilizing her famous layered stained glass tiles to create an elusive finishing, adding movement and depth to the entirety of the piece. The artist is depicting Sirius, one of the closest star systems to the Sun that happens to be the brightest shining star in the sky.
mosaic art

mosaic art

Black Hole Sun

The “Black Hole Sun” mosaic art (created in 2008) is composed of two key materials: layered stained glass and smalti. The color contrasts and textural depth of this mosaic exemplifies the impeccable quality of the artwork.

mosaic art

When the Stars Line Up for You

This mosaic art is a juxtaposition of several materials including orzoni smaliti, gold, stained glass, glass rods and coal. The layered technique creates a fluid visual effect, articulating circular movement and a cohesive flow of events emphasising the limitless space and energy flow of our Universe.

mosaic art

mosaic art

Yullia Hanansen is a truly a one of a kind artist, capturing life in our world and not only! She dives into outer space, documenting & creating timeless mosaic artworks for sale& exhibitions, thus allowing us to take home a small but nonetheless significant part of the universe!

We can only wonder what’s next for Yulia Hanansen!

Copyrighted Credits to Mosaicsphere.com

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