Change the entire design outlook of your bathroom by adding a mosaic pattern

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Change the entire design outlook of your bathroom by adding a mosaic pattern

Nothing makes for a more inviting bathroom than an artfully rendered backsplash. Offering an air of refinement, mosaic tile backsplashes also amplify the room’s sense of relaxation, a sanctuary away from the stresses of the day. Furthermore, the addition of a tile mosaic can tie together your entire design outlook, from modern to more rustic. If you’re seeking some inspiration to design your bathroom’s new backsplash, read on for some exciting suggestions.

Simple and Straightforward

If you’d like a bit of visual play without having to worry too much about installation, a simple geometric mosaic pattern might be just what you seek. Sticking with the regularized dimensions makes installation a snap, and, with the option of most motifs coming in prepped sheets, you don’t have to worry about adhering to mosaic patterns. Of course, the result is one of breathtaking beauty, as the simplicity of the rhythmic patterning allows the luster of the tile to convey an elegant and timeless aesthetic. The added benefit of choosing this approach is also the rich varieties of tile you can consider.

Petal mosaics, for example, is currently on-trend for the classic yet contemporary bathroom. Its resilience and various sizes allow you to customize your backsplash to both your color scheme and the contours of your space. The same effect can be accomplished with highly polished stone tile, which adds a bit of coloristic variety and patterning.

mosaic Pattern leaves bathroom

Rugged and Rustic

If you are seeking something more subtle or soothing than the crisp radiance of glass or polished stone tile, you might want to contemplate natural stone mosaic patterns. Coming in a wide range of earthen hues that visually warm any interior, natural stone tiles also add texture and dimension, which can be a great means of amplifying an accent wall in your bathroom. Also available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, from regularized rectangles to more organic stone-like tesserae, natural stone will work to invite your guests into your bathroom and make them feel instantly at home.

mosaic flower backsplash bathroom

Modern Metallic

Those seeking the ultimate in sleek, modern design might wish to turn to metal tile for their bathroom backsplash. Adding a bit of an industrial aesthetic when used, metallic tiles offer a great middle ground between the sheen of glass tiles and the ruggedness of natural stone: while cleaner in line than stone tiles, metallic tile offers a more of a contemporary urban feel than most glass tile counterparts.

Mosaic pattern bathroom

The Best of . . . Both?

Cannot decide which tile best suits your project? No need to worry: you can always blend together two different types of tiles in your backsplash project quite effectively. If you choose this option, you’ll just need to ensure that you pick two tile styles that most are not visually competing but rather complement each other in tone and size.

Nautical mosaic pattern bathroom

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