Need Help Getting the Right Mosaic Art Ideas for your Kitchen?

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Need Help Getting the Right Mosaic Design Ideas for your Kitchen?

Tired of your old, lifeless kitchen design?

Are you in need of stunning ideas that can breathe new life to your kitchen?

Mosaic back-splashes adds another dimension of beauty to your kitchen walls. If you’ve been thinking about adding a new backsplash to your kitchen, or replacing an old design, you can choose from a wide array of classic and contemporary designs. Many of these mosaic art designs can last for decades, providing beauty to your kitchen walls without demanding constant maintenance.

But with all the mosaic designs available, and with so many artists who tirelessly create new works of mosaic art, it can be quite difficult to pick one out. We strongly advice though that instead of immersing yourself with a ton of possible designs, you start first by taking a closer look at the available space on your kitchen. The kitchen can actually be fitted with all kinds of mosaic arts, but the best way for you to get good results is to make sure that the one you choose will fit the color schemes and overall design of your kitchen properly.

Here are a few mosaic design ideas which might help you narrow down your selection.

Mosaic Art for the Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary kitchens with stainless steel kitchen appliances, modern lighting fixtures, lively colors and or nice crisp and clean lines often calls for unique mosaic backsplash designs. One can select from a wide array of mosaic art that is made up of circular, oval or rectangular tiles and you can even use one that is made up of tile pieces that are in different sizes just to add to its quirkiness.

Contemporary kitchens are also perfect for those who want to make use of photography patterns and other colorful designs for their mosaic wall art. Your kitchen backsplash can also form a mural, stemming from one corner to the other. Metallic backsplashes can also be used especially on kitchens that are in predominantly white or black color schemes. Modern cobble tiles with stainless steel and glass tiles can also be used to create a modern backsplash for your kitchen. Nevertheless, you can still use typical ceramic or marble tiles in order to create your own interpretation of a contemporary mosaic kitchen wall art piece.

Of course, the contemporary kitchen is also the perfect place for DIY-ers and those with a vibrant taste when it comes to colors or design patterns, to do exactly what they want when it comes to mosaic art. One can create lovely mosaic pieces which portray different modern icons, one can create mosaics using colorful stones and tiles with their children, and one can also use unique tile shapes, colors and designs in order to create a fully customized kitchen backsplash that looks modern, sleek and stylistic.

Kitchen mosaic art back-splash grapes

Kitchen mosaic art backsplash fruits

Backsplashes for the Classic or Ethnic Kitchen

For those who want a more traditional-looking kitchen on the other hand, one has to focus more on elegance and heritage. Ethnic designs require the use of the correct tiles, the proper colors as well as the ideal designs in order to re-create the right ambience and atmosphere.

For example, Persian designs utilize predominantly floral or complex geometric designs with the use of blue and white tiles, and Mexican designs makes use of predominantly red, orange and brown tiles to form crazy quilt patterns or designs which bring to life the diverse culture and the Spanish influences in Mexico. Italian designs on the other hand, are considered some of the most highly prized as they are typically made from high end tiles and made into large-scale patterns that have bold and luscious colors.

Classic backsplashes for the kitchen typically uses earthy or pastel colors, but who said they have to be boring and old? One can do a mosaic of popular paintings, vintage posters, or better yet, what about a mosaic of a can of Campbell’s Soup in homage to Andy Warhol right at the wall behind your stove? Traditional kitchens typically use simple appliances, as well as wooden cabinets and tables, its design is easy on the eyes and simplistic in general, which is why it is crucial for you to add mosaics that will help add another dimension of elegance within your classic kitchen space.

Black matte backsplash with mosaic art of wine

White mosaic art backsplash in kitchen

Are you ready to take on your kitchen’s mosaic art design needs?

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