Mosaic Decor and other Natural Elements Of Earth's Vast Resources

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In the freshness of spring, earth awakens to a new cycle of life. Nature all around is celebrating, giving birth to vibrant greens and flamboyant beds of blossoms adorning the horizon. Trees, plants, flowers and meadows are a wonderful representation of the earth element, one of the five essential elements of Feng Shui. One of the easiest methods to incorporate the earth element into any home decor is color, of course. For me, however, the perfect examples to provoke the energy of earth element are crystals, stone art, mosaic decor as well as pottery. Let’s welcome the new season in farmhouse style and some accessory ideas symbolic of the Earth element!

Accent You Space With Natural Elements Of Earth’s Vast Resources

To accent your space with the earth element, select decor accents that come out of your personality and creativity rather than from a textbook on feng shui! Make sure to understand the basics of each element, then apply them in your own creative touch. Nevertheless when you think “earth”, remember gemstones or crystals in various shades of color, earthy landscape wall art or images, mosaic decor, pottery in addition to decorative items with flat and square shapes.

mosaic decor

mosaic decor

Earth Energy in Your Home

Strong, yet flexible, the earth element is an indispensable aspect in your home, garden or office. It symbolizes the birth of new life and renewal, as well as growth and creativity. According to Feng Shui, the earth element in home decor governs the wealth and prosperity area located in the southeast sector and the family and health area in the east sector. Balancing the energy of with other elements is necessary to prevent its excessive influence.

mosaic decor

Stimulate a Fresh and Healing Energy

It’s time to paint the walls in shades of green, blue or light brown. These earth enhancers’ colors will not only stimulate a fresh and healing energy in your home, but they will also bid winter a fond farewell!

Spring, the season of breathless creativity! Think floral prints, colorful drapes, and linen. Incorporate straw and rattan baskets, pottery, as well as wooden picture frames and vases to amplify the energy of the earth in your space!

mosaic decor

mosaic decor

Plants, the Perfect Earth Representation

Plants will not only make you enjoy that outdoorsy sentiment within your living space, indoor plants are also the best air purifiers and mood enhancers. Just as trees provide oxygen for us to breathe, the earth element is the source of positive energy in home decorating. Welcoming bouquets of fresh flowers will also attract a revitalizing energy in your home.

But when you can’t water your plants regularly and remove dead leaves, floral accents and coverings are another stylish, but nonetheless, a very simple method to add excitement and interest to your living space.

mosaic decor

mosaic decor

And, don’t forget mosaic décor!

Mosaic decor, my personal favorite! Decorating with natural marble mosaics will help you add an elite accent and synchronously elegant character to your interior design that always meets and expresses any personal taste! Mosaic decor will also exhibit a rich artistic history and ascertain a refined style throughout your space, obviously implementing the earth element throughout your space.

mosaic decor

mosaic decor

How are you incorporating the five Feng Shui elements in your life? Comment below and share your own creative decorative ideas with us!

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