Mosaic Decor To Embrace The Spirit of Spring

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With the same old feeling that I had last spring, “Every year, winter seems to last a little bit longer” but it’s finally time to bid one last farewell to the season of flu and indoors.

Arrivederci, winter! Spring is finally back, and now is the right time to embrace this season of new beginnings. Indeed, it’s time to swap out our wintery decorative elements and bring in the fresh and vivid color palettes and crafty accents to embrace the spirit of spring!

These are 5 ways to help you step into spring with colorful and creative mosaic decor ideas that are sure to lighten and refresh your home and spirit!

Spirit of Spring

Embrace Florals

Now that spring is back, the first thing we want is to add a touch of the outdoors into our homes. The easy-peasy way to do it is to accentuate with cheerful radiance. Your space is always more pleasant with flower centerpieces, but they don’t need to be sitting in a vase to the trick. A swath of floral-themed wallpaper, vivid oil paintings or flower-patterned mosaic decor will create an instantly captivating focal point. Whether it’s a little accent or a dramatic pattern, floral elements will bring new life and energy to your space and will also help you celebrate the back of warm weather in a cheery pop of spring color!


Bring In New Textures

As mentioned in my previous article, visual texture is one of the most crucial aspects of interior design, since without it any decor would look monotonous. So, if you’re looking for a dramatic interior design scheme this spring, you definitely need to incorporate interesting texture in your décor elements. Selecting a well-balanced mix of textural decor accessories will initiate a new dimension that instantly makes any décor theme more interesting. Yes, even if you’re going for a sleek and modern style, some elements like mosaic decor, glossy surfaces, and shiny metals will make your space more dynamic and ready to celebrate the new season in style!


Incorporate Splashes of Color

With tones as varied as grass green, lavender and metallic tones, this spring is anything but dreary! To undertone, the season’s to life combine nature-inspired hues with rich splashes of metallic colors, like gold or silver glow. This combination of cheerful colors with metallic accents will strike the perfect balance of glamor and whimsy this year!


Natural Elements For a Fresh Decor

Natural elements will play an important role in obtaining the outdoorsy vibe we want! Whether it’s a clump of organic pillows, a marble mosaic decor or some crafts/accessories inspired by the great outdoors, ornamenting with natural elements will breathe new life to our springtime decoration. A play on nature can reflect a bit of resourcefulness and a classic springtime touch.


Lively patterns, fresh accents, and more Flowers

Last but certainly not least, it’s hard to imagine a spring themed home décor without cheerful patterns that are subtle in contrast, yet fresh, and lively in saturation. No matter the season, your goal should always be to create a home that feels curated, and an easy way to achieve this is through creating contrasts of smooth and rough, thick and thin, shiny and dull. These basic interior design rules will prevent home decor from appearing too sober!

Think simple lines, geometric designs, triangles and a whole lotta flowers…


Happy Spring Decorating!

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