Top 10 Mosaic Flower Vases Ideas

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1-Colorful Floral Flower Vase

Once again, Mozaico will celebrate the season of blooming flowers and melodious birds. Since we’ve been waiting for flowers to peak and birds to return, we hibernated to handcraft and design the most expressive mosaic artworks. To rejoice in the sea of creation, we stumbled upon ten mosaic ideas for flower vases to inspire your and ourselves. Add a little creativity and art to your tables and home ornaments during this lovely season!

1• Colorful Floral Mosaic Vase

The beautiful contrast in tiles and shades of pink against shades of orange turned this mosaic flower vase into a unique idea to ornament any table, especially in Spring. The deep brown and exotic yellow of sunflowers will harmonize the tiles of this mosaic artwork.

floral mosaic

2• Daisies Mosaic Ideas

As soon as spring is near, you only need to imagine beautiful landscapes of daisies. This mosaic vase is puzzled with tiny ceramic tiles to vibrantly illustrate these blissful daisies within a blue haze. Real daisies will look brashly beautiful inside this mosaic vase design.

mosaic flower vase

flower vase

mosaic flower vase

3• Mosaic Ideas for Vintage Vases

Old is gold! Vintage mosaic flower vases will make a rustic living room or sitting area more prosperous with authentic and audacious vibes. Handpicked ceramic or glass tiles pooled with some vintage beads and stones will make a flower of any kind blossom to appreciate its new “shell”.

vintage mosaic

Vintage flower vase

mosaic vase

mosaic flower vase

4• Glass Mosaic Vases

Glass mosaic vases can vary in color and shape to look beautiful fitting any decor or mood. Choosing the right flower vase is as important as choosing the right flower. Be aware to let the geometric shape of the flower vase complement the organic shape of the flowers’ stems.

glass mosaic vase

mosaic glass floor vase

mosaic glass vase

5• Luminiscent Mosaic Vases

Luminescent mosaic vases will give warmth and passion to your spring cozy evenings, with a divine light that shines through stained glass. These short, bold and brash vases will emerge well and shine with simple and short stemmed flowers like gardenias or peonies.

stained glass mosaic

stained glass mosaic tiles

stained glass mosaic patterns

6• Patterned Mosaic Flower Vases

Patterned mosaic flower vases come with different styles and unique strokes. These vases are wide in the middle, narrow from the top and end in a medium height. These vases are embellished with various colors and geometric shapes using different types of tiles. A single, long stemmed and light-colored flower, such as a white catmint or lavender flower plant, would perfectly fill such vases.

vase mosaic pattern

mosaic flower vase

mosaice vase

7• Blue Tiled Mosaic Vases

Imagine blue or white orchids crowning these blue tiled vases. These magnificent blue urns will glorify your table arrangements. With the light Spring sunshine, these mosaic tiles will sparkle.

blue mosaic vase

stained glass mosaic vase

stained glass mosaic art

8• Ethnic Mosaic Flower Vases

Imagine long stemmed flowers such as the bird of paradise or the lily ornamenting one of these ethnic mosaic flower vases. These tall slender vases don’t need so many blossoms to create a conspicuous look, a single long stemmed flower or two will look just perfect.

mosaic design

mosaic flower vase

flower mosaic vase

9• Flower Vases with Rainbow-Colored Tiles

These mosaic vases are made with various glass tiles: poured glass tiles, stained glass tiles and smalti tiles. A Calla Lily would look brightly beautiful contrasting and complementing the colors of the flower vases.

stained glass mosaic

stained glass mosaic vase

mosaic art

10• Modern Mosaic Vases

These modern mosaic designs will embellish your table arrangements and home ornaments with a modern and classical feel. Consider adding purple Dahlia flowers for a breathtaking and youthful vibe.

Mosaic Flower Vase

Mosaic Flower Vase

Mosaic Floor Vase

Mosaic Flower Vase

Happy Spring Decorating!

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