Patrick Ward: Casting a spell on Mosaic Art

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Patrick Joseph Ward is a mosaic artist from Co Down Ireland. He graduated from the University of Ulster Belfast with BA. Hons. Fine and Applied Art in 1999, specialized in sculpture. He has been participating in exhibitions, art projects and sculpture competitions since 1988. This imaginary artist is constantly seeking opportunities to grow his work experience.

As a working artist, his path is not a clear cut. He has participated in the works of an art bronze casting foundry for two consecutive years in Dublin. Where he had a humble workshop on the outskirts of the city. He left Dublin in 2002 and moved to Finland for a one year residency program and have lived there up until now! The artist has been involved in many art projects, exhibitions and teaching program in Ireland and Finland.

Ever since he started hand-cutting tiles, he embarked on a sensational odyssey in search of the “right” pieces that inherently hold the desirable qualities of color, shape, and texture.

My work has always been inspired by found objects which normally culminated working with multiples. Patrick Joseph Ward

Artist Statement:

I love the idea of small pieces coming together to make a bigger picture and it´s certainly a very appropriate metaphor with regards to mosaic making. It is the small details which are so important to notice, but which are so easily overlooked, and I think how lucky I am to be able to see and have the time to appreciate such detail in the course of my work…

Mosaic Artist Ward

• How did you start making mosaic patterns?

Many people ask how have I started creating mosaics. As a sculptor, I didn’t set out to focus on mosaic; rather, I stumbled into it as a result of a personal experience that changed my life.Therefore I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. It all started In 2006 a friend of mine wanted to reveal a large domed rock in her garden. While using my claw to remove the solid surface of soil, a tortoise flipped over in the backyard. It was alive when I found it! “Tortoise” I wailed! It was so fortuitous, therefore I decided to transform my friend’s domed rock into a mosaic running Hare and turtle. The installation was 2 meters long.Ever since I started hand-cutting tiles, i felt a great passion of the sensational odyssey in search of the “right” pieces that inherently hold the desirable qualities of color, shape, and texture. After creating my first piece, all I wanted was to mosaic everything in my sight!

Mosaic art featured in newspaper

• What are the major challenges you face as a mosaic artist?

The challenges that face an artist are many. It often takes years of education and practice to hone one’s craft. Nevertheless, one of the major challenges I personally face, is being a full-time artist and fulfill my dream of focusing all of my time on creating artworks…

Mosaic art cow

• What are you working on at the moment?

Nowadays, I decided to work with irregular shaped wood bases, using degrees of the outermost layers of stems and roots of woody plants, more specifically the bark intact. My influence, is to combine wooden elements with the art of puzzling, illustrating a chain between, mosaic patterns, nature and life.

Mosaic art horse

• How has your practice change over time?

My practice changed completely when I stopped using grout to fill-in the joints. I now use pieces of ceramic and the finished works are allowed to breathe. As a result of this I have given myself much more options as to how and where mosaic can be created! My work is more than a hobby for me. It is my passion, capturing the many facets of nature, humaity and animals. The portraits of horses in my mosaics are not meant to depict the beauty and power but rather a connection of mediums and souls!

Mosaic Art horse

• What is your artistic outlook on life?

For me mosaic art is a sort of duality, a matrix, so similar to the art of life and philosophy. Our different figures, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes and so on, create of us a very large mosaic project, a “Human Mosaic Project” Ever since i created my first mosaic, I understood the art of tolerance through collaboration! I have made mosaic for the last 10 years and it feels like I’ve recently started to learn. I am motivated by my own challenges of creating better techniques and making as good and as much mosaics as I can!

Artist Portfolio: www.ward-art.net

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