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Looking for ideas to layer up your home this fall?

Are you curious about the latest trends of colors and patterns?

Wondering what else you can use to create a gorgeous glam in your living space?

In this article I’ll help you discover how to bring fall to your home, adding the wonderful hues of your favorite season! You will also discover a new medium, which will add a three dimensional feel and warmth to your surrounding!

With the entertaining season drawing close, designers all over the globe start sharing their creative tips and ideas on how to be ready for fall. Creating the coziest environment to enjoy spending more time indoor, will remain the challenge of seasonal trends. Who wouldn’t want to update his wardrobe at least two times a year? Same thing for home décor, creating a warm and cozy environment to celebrate the back of fall is a great thing one can do to enjoy his indoor gatherings in rainy and cold days. The back of fall reminds us of our warm couch and snugly wall ornaments, when area rugs become our loveliest cuddly toy. It also reminds us of our comfiest wine reunions where cinnamon-scented candles are always burning nearby. If leaves are changing from green to red and the days are growing shorter to let the nights grow longer, don’t you think your home decoration also deserves a foretaste of change?

Take a glimpse of the warmest shades and hues which I prepared for you to help you know what’s hot in home décor this fall!


Tired of the clockwork of colors each fall? Typical colorways invade and sweep through our favorite stores! Bored of the brash jewel hues like deep emerald, earthy shades of olive and brow? The great news this year is that instead of relying on the identical fall gamut, a new kaleidoscopic upgrade will raid our home décor! Pushing the limits with a new seasonal palette couldn’t be less colorful this year! This fall be ready to hail your furniture with an unexpected new zesty yellow hues that reads way more lemon-citrus than predictable mustard. Then meet a glorious persimmon hue that will dress up your walls and tabletops to inject life into any dark fall ensemble! Finally glaze a gorgeous glam with pistachio-mint hybrid in your kitchen and bathroom accessories!

Vase sunflower mosaic art in yellow living room


This fall, will set us free with a great “curated” look which is the greatest design trend this fall! The coolest thing about this liberating design trend is that it gives us access to our old cellars. Who knows how many jewels can we collect when we dedicate a day for cellar hunt? Don’t you miss fun activities with your kids? The only rule this fall is that you collect and display what you love. What something costs is irrelevant; vision and originality are what really make a trendy décor for fall this year! Take more risk in mixing and matching style and design genres.Finally make sure to avoid any negativity about unifying new with old items.

Green botanic wallpaper

Yellow and grey living room


Want to know how to use this season’s chicest motifs at home? Animal prints and globally-inspired textiles were the craze of summer this year and are so this autumn! However delicate botanical, will also embrace the coming season with light floral shadows! Bored of animal prints and colorful textiles? Then botanic patterns will spice up your surrounding with a harvest theme decor!

Flowers wallpaper bathroom

Yellow flowers wallpaper

Dimension and Texture

Mosaic patterns are a great way to add movement to your decorating and break up all the linear shapes. Choosing a mosaic pattern isn’t always easy, thus it has been a risky choice for many. This year and with the botanical invasion, mosaic art will be a perfect choice as a wallpaper bringing dimension and earthy texture to your walls. Micro mosaics will also look great anywhere and add a fun whimsical touch to even the most serious room. Last but not least, for your curated, you can always think of artifacts and objects that can represent your hobbies and interests in your home with custom mosaics.

Mosaic art in living room

Village mosaic art in living room

What other vogue for fall would you like to talk more about?

Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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