Mosaic Portraits Immortalizing Moments: Alexander Mosaic & More

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Romans Didn’t Have Cameras

If you’re fascinated with Roman history of mosaics, you might wonder how we know so much about their civilization and daily lives. Food, clothing, sporting events, their activities, and their gods are well known. So, how did ancient Romans capture those special moments?

Would you believe mosaic art?

We’re lucky that so many Roman citizens chose this way to decorate their homes and businesses. At the time, the choice of glass mosaic wall art and floors was practical, as well as beautiful. Unlike painted pieces, this art was practically indestructible. Moreover, the tiny tesserae (individual tiles) made for lavish interiors, displaying fine detailing. Using the small pieces of glass and stone, the mosaic artists of the time could create effects like brushstrokes, but rendered in a more lasting medium.
The durability of mosaic allows us to still appreciate this portrait from the 1st century AD. Found in the villa of a patrician Pompeiian family, it captures the subject’s beauty and personality.

Mosaic Portrait
Image Source: Mosaic Blues

The Alexander Mosaic sets the standard

Also from Pompeii, the masterpiece known now as the Alexander Mosaic continues to captivate us today. Discovered in 1831, the huge floor mosaic once decorated the villa known as the House of the Faun. Commissioned by its wealthy owner, the piece is believed to commemorate a battle between Alexander the Great and Darius of Persia.

urability of mosaic allows
Image Source: Pinterest

It’s huge: 8 ft 11 inches × 16 ft 10 inches, and quite complicated in its composition. More than 50 men are depicted in the skirmish, as well as several horses. Everything is portrayed with lifelike details, even their weapons.

several horses
Image Source: Pinterest

The main figure of the nearly life-sized mosaic art is, of course, Alexander the Great. He is mounted on his famous horse Bucephalus, and does not wear a helmet – the better to spot him in battle. Shown below, he is staring directly at the Persian King, who is beginning his retreat.

Another notable aspect of this immense custom mosaic art is where it was featured in the Villa of the Faun. Placed in the room where guests were first received, it was a piece that showed the reverence of the owner towards the heroic figure of Alexander. He was an aspirational figure who represented power and success to successful Pompeiians – practically a deity. The superlative details and use of more than one and half million handmade mosaic tiles that created this homage support this idea.

Today, one can visit the original piece at the Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Naples, Italy – as well as a careful reproduction placed at the restored House of the Faun in Pompeii.

The Best Portraits – Then and Now

Since the heyday of glorious Pompeii, mosaic artwork has never ceased to be a superb way to commemorate moments and people. It’s a distinctive, versatile way to display a portrait of someone special.

The intricate and long-lasting mosaic designs of ancient Pompeii were the best portrait medium of the time. Today, the same effects can be achieved with custom mosaic designs. Here, we’ll look at some of our favorite commissions we’ve received.

The beauty and depth of black and white photography translate beautifully into marble tesserae. Pieces like these invite guests closer so that they can examine the fineness of the tiles that are used.

Quality mosaic artwork can create the swirling effects of brushwork and lighting that even the best photography cannot use.

Special Moments, a Distinctive Medium

It’s said that all brides are beautiful, and we certainly agree. We’ve worked with a number of custom mosaic art pieces that commemorate this meaningful day. Why not preserve the loveliness of a wedding day with an equally stunning portrait?

We also enjoy the creation of highly personalized custom mosaics. This colorful portrait not only shows the subject, but also many of his favorite pastimes. There really are no limits to what our talented artists can do with mosaic wall art.

These lifelike portraits can be used in a variety of locations – indoors, or outdoors. Our quality mosaic art is suitable for use on floors, walls, tabletops, or even locations exposed to water and the elements.

They’re also a meaningful gift for business owners. We’ve been making mosaic art portraits for all types of professionals for years.

Preserve Your Favorites in Colorful Mosaic

Not all portraits have to be formal. Just like the ancient Romans, we all enjoy the appeal of a more natural style. This young lady is captured at a prime moment in her life.

Not all portraits are human subjects! The installation of a custom piece of mosaic wall art can liven up your home or business with a different take on portraiture!

Meet the object of one customer’s affection: their electric blue, lovingly restored vintage car. Perfect for a man cave, office, or show car garage, it glows like a newly waxed jalopy.

Pets are a popular choice, too – always available to brighten up a backsplash or tabletop, like this winsome Basset Hound.

Any breed or color scheme can be made into a distinctive piece of mosaic artwork. The marble mosaic art here is a Schnauzer.

Custom mosaic art is easy to order

No matter what the subject, the process of ordering a custom mosaic art portrait is quite easy. Working with the image you provide, our artisans can create a piece that is totally to your specifications

We provide complimentary art proofs to help you visualize your portrait before we start setting the tiles, and your ability to customize is extensive. You can choose the materials that will go into your mosaic artwork, selecting from stone, marble, and glass in any colors you wish.

Our mosaic art comes with a lifetime warranty, free shipping, and turnaround times of 3-4 weeks. With relatively short notice, you can share a wonderful surprise for someone on a special day. And we have a special code to share with you. Benefit from the code while you can!

With all the options for displaying a piece of custom portrait art, what would you choose? A family pet on a mosaic tabletop? A wedding day remembrance in a dressing room? What other creative ideas can you think of?

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