Mosaic Art for Home Improvement

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After you finish decorating your home, it may still feel incomplete. If your home needs that something else, what you are looking for may well be a mosaic. The great thing about mosaic art is that they are available in any design imaginable and are suitable for almost any area of the home, bringing art, color, and personality to a space.

Now, you just need to decide what style of mosaic you want. The possibilities are numerous.


Backsplash mosaic art

Probably the most obvious place to include a mosaic art is as a backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom. In the kitchen, the most common place to install a backsplash is behind the sink, but you could also consider installing one behind the stove. Wherever you choose, the mosaic will draw attention to this part of the room, turning it into the focal point.

Designs for backsplashes are endless. If you have classic decor or are going for a chic look, a simple mix of colored tiles will create quite the effect. If you want something more drastic, use a mosaic to form a picture. For the bathroom, watery themes are ideal, whereas for the kitchen you may like to use food and drink pictures.

Entire Sink

Entire Sink mosaic art

What’s to say that you need to stop with a backsplash behind the sink? Mosaic art is versatile enough to install on objects as well as flat surfaces. This is most common on a small scale, such as for vases or pots, but there’s no reason why you can’t go big. Sinks are a top choice, as the mosaic can provide a waterproof surface.

Whereas a picture is unlikely to work well on a sink, you do have the ideal opportunity to bring vibrant colors to your room, which may help to tie other elements together. If the area around the sink is looking a bit dull, brighten things up with an interesting pattern.

Mosaic Accent

Mosaic Accent mosaic art

Similar to a backsplash is a mosaic art accent. You can use one anywhere that needs livening up, perhaps where a piece of art would be unsuitable. A mosaic accent is often an image, but even an attractive pattern will make a big impact.

Feature Walls

Feature Walls mosaic art

Instead of hanging a piece of artwork on your wall, turn the entire (or the majority) of your wall into a mosaic art. This is definitely the way to go if you want to set a statement. Mosaics depicting scenes are ideal for this, but geometric patterns are also stunning. You may even be able to use your current decor to form part of the mosaic. For instance, in the bathroom the mosaic could utilize the wall mirror.

Throw Rug

Throw Rug mosaic art

When searching for places to add character to your home with a mosaic, it’s common to turn to the walls. This ignores the great expanse of floor you have available. Go beyond a simple tiled floor with a mosaic throw rug. It’s ideal for rooms where a fabric rug would be impractical, but it can also express your personality better in places like your bedroom or living room. Plus, a mosaic art throw rug is a particularly good choice for any small space where you want to increase the sense of size.

Mosaic Border

Mosaic Border mosaic art

A horizontal mosaic art border can divide a room in half. This can be an excellent solution if you want to use a different color or design for the top half of the wall from the bottom.

For something more original, though, you should consider a vertical mosaic border. This works especially well for highlighting a particular feature in the room. For instance, you can use this style in the bathroom to frame the shower head and faucets. An alternative is to use several vertical mosaics for a zoning effect. Yet another option is to continue the border from the wall across the floor. This works well in rooms with tiled floors, like bathrooms.

Outdoor Wall

Outdoor Wall mosaic art

You can create an interesting effect by installing a mosaic art indoors with materials that would typically be found outdoors. If you choose the right design, you can achieve this without taking away any sense of comfort. Instead, you’ll form a rustic look, which is perfect for a farmhouse atmosphere. For a more contemporary appearance, opt for outdoor materials in surprising tones.

Wall Wrap

Wall Wrap mosaic art

Detailed designs tend to look best when they cover a large area. This means that if you only have a small space for your mosaic art, you’ll be limited as to what you can choose. However, there is a way around this: if you’re looking to install a mosaic on a wall, consider wrapping it over a corner. Not only will this enable you to use the design you like the most, it will also appear quite unique.

Shower Wall

Shower Wall mosaic art

Even if you forgo mosaics elsewhere in the bathroom, there is one place you must at least consider — the shower. You’ll make your daily shower that much more relaxing when you’re surrounded by a mosaic in soothing tones. Choose tiles that are slightly reflective to bring some light to your mornings. Just bear in mind that you should opt for a design with slim grout lines to reduce maintenance needs.

Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island mosaic art

We’ve covered many of the most obvious places where you can use mosaics in the kitchen, but there’s one still one more: the kitchen island. By using a color scheme different from the rest of the room or an eye-catching patten, you can make your island pop. Alternatively, repeat the mosaic art you have on your backsplash or just use the same tones to create cohesion.

Mosaic Bathtub

Mosaic Bathtub mosaic art

Another item to cover is the bathtub. This is a top choice if you want to make your tub the centerpiece of the bathroom. You could cover the entire tub or just create a mosaic border around the top. Consider using a design where the tiles have various textures to add a sensory element. It will feel delicious to run your fingers along while you’re bathing.


Fireplace mosaic art

The natural centerpiece of the living room is the fireplace. However, a subdued design may go unnoticed. Draw attention to your fireplace by surrounding it with a mosaic art. Just make sure that the tiles you choose are able to withstand heat (and smoke, if you have a wood-burning fire).

Mosaic Alcoves

Mosaic Alcoves mosaic art

Mosaic alcoves can be aesthetically pleasing and functional. For example, they are perfect for holding bottles in the shower or other toiletries elsewhere in the bathroom. However, they’re equally suitable for purely decorative purposes, such as to form a backdrop for ornaments.

Staircase Wall

Staircase Wall mosaic art

The wall next to your staircase is the perfect place for a scene, as you can enjoy how the picture changes as you ascend the stairs. However, if you prefer something less drastic, a pattern will work just as well.

Outdoor Options

Outdoor Options mosaic art

Of course, there’s no reason to be limited to the interior when working on home improvement. When you take mosaic art outdoors, you have yet more versatility. Classic options include throw rugs on the patio, a mosaic path, and stepping stones. Some more original ideas include creating a mosaic fence spanning one side of your yard or covering stone furniture with a mosaic.

Use the above ideas for inspiration to include mosaics in your own home. If you can think of a creative place to install a mosaic, go for it. Don’t be afraid to pick a unique style if it will express who you are.

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