2019 Mosaic Art Trends to Try

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New year is the ideal time to start thinking about how you can redecorate your home or otherwise make improvements meet modern trends. Every year brings many new home decor trends and 2019 will be no exception. The great news for mosaic art enthusiasts is that many of these interior design trends work perfectly with mosaics.

Top Interior Design Trends 2019

Some top home interior trends 2019 will include:

  • Rustic colors and textures
  • Visual interest in flooring
  • Bold tones
  • Tempered glass
  • Traditional and antique throwbacks
  • Greater attention to kitchens
  • Living coral
  • Floral patterns
  • Cultural influences
  • Nature themes
  • Handmade decor
  • Boho style
  • Faces and human figures
  • Statement ceilings
  • Geometric patterns
  • Black bathrooms

Lets look at each of these in turn to consider how you can use mosaic decor.

Rustic Colors and Textures

The concept of bringing the outdoors in will remain a big trend in home design into 2019. A rustic look is created by using earthy tones and interesting textures. You can incorporate such an appearance into your home using a floor or wall mosaic.

mosaic art

Visual Interest in Flooring

Long gone are the days of plain hardwood flooring. Tiles are back in style, but they are no longer simple. In todays trends, its the more intricate the better. This is just what fans of mosaic rugs want to hear. To find the perfect fit for your home in 2019, look for a design that features an asymmetrical pattern and that uses a variety of materials. The best mosaic art of all are those that have pieces of shiny tesserae mixed in with matte tesserae.

mosaic art

Bold Tones

If your favorite color is orange, red, or gold, you are in luck. In 2019, home design is about to become bolder than ever. No tone is too intense, no design too daring. This is particularly true when it comes to wall decor.

In other words, you can pick any mosaic design that expresses your style and shows off your fearlessness. Consider images and patterns with metallic tesserae to reflect light and draw even more attention to your mosaic.

mosaic art

Tempered Glass

Another top trend is tempered glass, for its capability to distribute light around a room and for its asymmetry. It is easy to find mosaic art made of glass tesserae and they are especially effective on walls in places like the bathroom.

mosaic art

Traditional and Antique Throwbacks

It may sound paradoxical, but nothing says modern better than antique in 2019. This fusion of old and new can take the form of a traditional pattern on a mosaic rug, a reproduction of a famous painting in mosaic art form, or even the depiction of an ancient mythological scene.

mosaic art

Greater Attention to Kitchens

It is high time you stop thinking about your kitchen as purely functional and start focusing on aesthetic kitchen design. In 2019, kitchens are sleek and elegant with a return to classic style. Give your kitchen a contemporary twist with a sophisticated mosaic art backsplash, either behind the sink or the stove. Mosaics for kitchens tend to be more subdued than those in other areas of the home and neutral tones are always preferable. This doesnt mean, however, they you cant opt for a highly-detailed design.

mosaic art

Living Coral

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2019 is living coral.This vibrant hue is shocking yet versatile it works in practically any room of the house. Find a way to incorporate this color into your interior design with a mosaic art that includes the tone.

mosaic art

Floral Patterns

Floral patterns in fabrics and wallpapers are making a comeback in 2019. Another spin on this: floral wall mosaics. You could cover a single wall to make it the focus of the room. Alternatively, instead of creating an accent wall, you could install a floral mosaic that goes around a corner to partially cover two walls.

mosaic art

Cultural Influences

Home decor inspired by other cultures has long been popular and it will remain as one of the top trends in 2019. To add a cultural flavor to your home, nothing works better than art deco. With a mosaic, it is easy to transform an entire wall. No single culture will dominate next year; therefore, you should pick a design due to its bright colors and bold ideas instead.

mosaic art

Nature Themes

When you consider the fact that rustic tones and textures as well as floral patterns are two top interior design trends in 2019, it is unsurprising that nature themes are also popular. Plus, green will still be a favorite color in the coming year. To combine the trends of nature themes and cultural influences, choose a mosaic art that features tropical greenery or pick a scene that is clearly from a different area of the world.

mosaic art

Handmade Decor

Handmade items have a special touch that is impossible to recreate with a large-scale production. Top-quality mosaics are all handcrafted anyway, but you can go a step further by installing a mosaic art that has a custom design that says something about you or your family. One example of this is a pet portrait for your wall.

mosaic art

Boho Style

Boho style starting coming back in 2017, but it will be receiving even more attention in 2019. The key to boho is whimsicality, which is easy to achieve with a mosaic. When you embrace this trend, youll have the chance to choose a piece that you love and which doesnt necessarily match the rest of your decor but feels more unexpected and personal. The options are endless you can pick a tribal design, an abstract pattern, or practically anything else that features bright colors.

mosaic art

Faces and Human Figures

An unusual trend that will be gaining traction over the coming year is faces and images of human figures. These tend to be found in artwork, textiles, and wall coverings, but you can also take advantage of this trend in the form of a wall mosaic art.

mosaic art

Statement Ceilings

You now have your floors and walls covered, but what about the ceilings? You probably pay little attention to what is above you, but this expanse of space is just waiting to be made use of. Its perfect, then, that 2019 is all about statement ceilings. Even a simple mosaic art in two tones can make a huge impact.

mosaic art

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns never go out of style, but this doesnt necessarily mean that theyre always in fashion. Next year, however, geometric mosaic art will be a trend to watch. Geometric patterns are particularly ideal if you want to include a mosaic in your home but would prefer to avoid taking too much attention away from other decor. Better still, they work just about anywhere: walls, floors, bathrooms, backsplashes you name it.

mosaic art

Black Bathrooms

In 2018, black finishes were becoming all the rage. In 2019, the trend continues but more specifically with bathrooms. To avoid the room becoming too dark, install a mosaic art that combines black and other tones to create a chic look.

mosaic art

Consider all the above trends when deciding on a mosaic for your home in 2019. As there are a variety of different trends, the most important thing to think about is what will best express your personal style. Top trends are a good place to find home decor ideas, but it is essential that you are happy with the result and that your mosaic says something about who you are.

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