Mosaic Walkway: Journey To The Heart of Sentosa

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Ciao folks! It’s been a while but I just wanted to let you all know that I’m finally back from Italy, and I will get back to posting regularly this week!

Journey to the heart of Sentosa Island is actually the first article I dedicate to the Island of Death from Behind! This Island embraced magical butterfly parks, wax museums, and spectacular mosaic walkway, and this fact is revealed in the world renowned Universal Studios and Madame Tussauds chain of attractions, as well as a Marine Life Park, which consists of a water park and an aquarium. Certainly, a visit to Sentosa will remain incomplete without a step foot inside The Merlion Walk, which is one of the most famous mosaic landmarks in Singapore.

Just like Park Güell and Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, The Merlion Walk is also believed to be one of the world’s most beautiful sites for contemporary mosaic art, colorful tiles, and recycled ceramics! Enough said. Let’s take a loop through this forgotten Singapore island and contemplate its mosaic marvels!

Sentosa Island is actually

Origin and Creation

With its 120 meters long Gaudi inspired mosaic walkway, Sentosa Merlion Park is perhaps the most iconic of public spaces in Singapore. However, what few people know is that Gaudí is, of course, the main inspiration behind the long undulating fountain of the Sentosa Merlion Park. Well, I honestly doubt Gaudí ever made it to Singapore in his life… It is more likely a few local architects or landscape architects brought the inspiration of Park Güell to Singapore!

Barcelona has the Lizard, Singapore has the Merlion. Located in the Merlion Walk that that stretches between the Imbiah and Beach Stations on the Sentosa Express, construction on what is now known as Merlion Park began in the Early 20th-century. The main concept behind this park was to create artistic communities surrounded by green, open spaces. The park was named after the “Merlion”, or the national personification of Singapore. Its name combines “mer”, meaning the sea, and “lion”.


mosaic walkway

Visiting The Sentosa Merlion Garden

Hitting the Merlion Park in the morning has a few advantages. One is that there will be fewer people obstructing your photos with the mosaic fountain and Merlion statue, and another is that it starts getting hot around 12 PM in Sentosa, especially in summer. Visiting the park in the afternoon sun in July or August could be literally miserable due to rising temperatures. During low-season, the park will be less crowded, and heatstroke won’t be much of an issue!

mosaic walkway

mosaic walkway

A journey through tiles of color and light

If you went to Sentosa on your Singapore vacation and didn’t spend a few hours contemplating the magnificent mosaic in the Merlion Park, well… you didn’t really visit Singapore! Alright, actually this is a little unfair. There’s still plenty to enjoy in the Singaporean Island outside of the mosaics, but this park is a big part of what makes Sentosa more special to mosaic enthusiasts! Last but foremost, as Gaudí was the source of inspiration for the new generations of architects, one must not forget to mention the passionate and exceptional talents who brought a piece of Barcelona to Singapore!


mosaic walkway

Have you ever been to Sentosa’s Merlion Park?

In one word, how you describe its mosaic walkway? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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