Mosaic Wall Art: Valentine Color Palette

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This month’s color palette is veneration to passionate tinges, transcending all districts and decorative standards.

I recently mentioned in my previous article a craze of intense shades raiding the boutiques, galleries and stores displays. Where I also stated, a serene color harmony in 2016’s palette.

Valentine’s Day has become a long way from its roots as a day honoring St. Valentine. The holiday currently settles in nicely between New Year’s and approaching spring, suggesting us a chance to demonstrate our love and affection. The collection of decorative standards began to emerge as the day altered love and relationships, where it became a great opportunity for sending cards and other gadgets. Red, for example, the passionate color and passion is important when it comes to you and your Valentine. According to the psychology of color, perceiving red increases the heart rate, reminiscent of being in love. However Valentine’s Day wasn’t always about the pearly pinks and rosy reds, and choosing quixotic colors and color palettes beyond pink can launch a world of decorative possibilities!

Wondering how to pick a new color combination to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year?

Want to get started on your Valentine’s special decor inspiration?

Curious about color combos that evoke passion, lust, comfort, and plain old love?

In this article I’ll help you narrow down the latest trends of colors and color combos, and how to make your Valentine’s Day more enthusiastic, with serene and chalky hues! You will also get inspired by the serene color harmony in 2016’s palette, which I aforementioned in previous color forecasts.

2 pink shades living rooms

From serene color to quixotic, natural hues, we gaze at the striking palettes predicted for Valentine’s of 2016. Getting in on this Valentine’s color palette is sure to help you get started with your fanatical decorative project, evoking passionate yet serene spaces. Let’s make the theme’s rundown more comprehensible: Contemplating a detailed floral pattern, and specially a mosaic wall art made with natural stones will spell out and light up the hues. I already illustrated in previous articles, that whenever I think of color I instantaneously consider mosaics, in my opinion natural stones have the most beautiful shades that can fit any design or color palette you may think of! After delving into the web, contemplating and analyzing many contradictory, yet impressive color forecasts, I’ll share with you in this article a few of my favorite and of course the Magenta Color forecast in Floral Patterns:
Valentine Color Palette for mosaic wall art

Floral Patterns

One of the reasons magenta became so popular on Valentine’s Day is because of how many flowers you can find of that color. Color tastes and styles transition over time so it’s no surprise that palette and pattern choices for Valentine’s Day would also be different this year.

Historical background

During the decorous Victorian era, lovers used to exchange flowers to express different nuances of their feelings. Consequently, the colors of flowers have flourished with significance. Without even uttering a compromising word, a woman had been aware about love in the course of receiving a dozen of red roses. Nevertheless the fact of perceiving yellow roses among the red, has made her understand that her love was growing impatient and even jealous.

Today, I don’t think we need a Victorian decoder to decode the message of a bouquet. Because the language of flowers speaks to our senses, from sunny yellow to dusky purple, blooms offer endless possibilities for self-expression. . Whether you select a simple monochromatic palette, choose the same blossom in a range of colors, or create floral-inspired color combos. A signature palette can always be inspired by the colors and patterns of flowers. Think of floral hues and patterns, and bring them indoors to magnify your Valentine’s eve and make the day more passionate.

Romantic Living Room Colors For Valentine’s Day

Remember, using magenta can be romantic, nonetheless it’s not the only choice you have this Valentine’s Day, or for any decorative project where romance is your hub. As a matter of fact, your Valentino will appreciate that you put a little more effort this year into making the day imaginatively creative.

Romantic seating

Romantic Bedroom Colors For Valentine’s Day:

Who said seductive and sophisticated, is only achieved with magenta hues?

It’s Time to Change Your Mindset

Soft floral throws, pastel canopy beds, floral rugs and glam chandeliers — it doesn’t get much more seductive and sophisticated than this serenely decorated bedroom. Vibrant colors make everything seem fast paced, but soft colors have the opposite effect. This Valentine’s day, take yourself on a truly romantic retreat, with a fabulous yet serene color harmony!

Flower Rug Bedroom

Color Combos:

On the color wheel, I find it easy to perceive color combos as colors of close proximity, such as yellow and orange which blend naturally. Nonetheless to keep my hands safe, I avoid using the most vibrant hue of the combos. I recently noticed how varying tones become a focal point without overwhelming. I create my color combos with the direct opposite of the color on the wheel, such as purple and citrus green, this combo creates overwhelming results. Sometimes, using opposite colors is a helpful proposal as long as one or both of the colors is muted. Last but not least, pairing any color with white works amazingly. Robin’s egg blue muscari and white peonies, for example, make an exquisite combo!

country cottage chic living room mosaic wall art

Happy Valentine’s Decorating!

Still holding onto tradition?

You want keep your decoration on the safe side?

Tip of The Day:

Choose flowers that will last. Orchids, gardenias, and lilies work for a serene—and wilt-free—look!

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