Mozaico's Top Ten Designs in 2021

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Mozaico is always working hard to provide the best mosaic wall art projects out there. Our team includes designers, artists, and others who are passionate about what’s new and what’s trending. Every year, we create scores of new pieces, with some hints of what will be our best sellers.

Still, when it comes to deciding the most popular pieces of mosaic art in our huge catalog, it’s customers like you who cast your votes with your purchases! We follow these trends with keen interest, because it helps us plan our latest mosaic designs. So, without further ado, may we introduce our Top Ten Mosaic Designs for 2021!

1- Ocean And Waves – Abstract Mosaic Art

Image source Mozaico

No surprise that this mosaic wall art created a wave of positive emotions with customers everywhere. It’s an incredibly versatile design in marble, suited for installation in all kinds of wet areas – like this shower wall.

kinds of wet areas
Image source Mozaico

Note how this bathroom’s beige and white and walls coordinate perfectly with the background tones of our Ocean And Waves – Abstract Mosaic Art It’s a blend of many shades of blue, perfect for easy matching in any room color scheme. The wave motif assures that it adds a dynamic flair, wherever you use it.

2- Mosaic Designs – Tuscan Ville

Image source Mozaico

Scenic mosaics are one of the best design tricks around – allowing smart decorators to extend the view, add the effect of a window, or visually open up any space. Worried about dead space on a wall? Look at how our next top seller changes the mood in this kitchen!

Scenic mosaics
Image source Mozaico

Positioned as a backsplash over the stove, the Tuscan Ville marble mosaic art provides both a durable, easy-to-clean surface and an instant trip to the Italian countryside! As with any of our designs, it can be created with custom dimensions. If you’re still waiting to schedule your European vacation, this view is the next best thing! Ready for la dolce vita?

3- Versace Logo Mosaic Design

 Tuscan Ville
Image source Mozaico

A true classic inspired by the Versace Mansion, the Vera Greco-Roman mosaic square is ready to bring color and pattern to your floors and tabletops. Handmade from natural stone and marble tiles this multi-colored design showcases the Versace logo.

 Versace Mansion
Image source Mozaico

Customers love the neutral tones of this mosaic art – it harmonizes with all types of stone, wood, and tiles. It’s easily installed around and in pools and spas, on shower walls, or even outdoor tabletops. Although it’s a circular design, the square outline provides maximum installation flexibility. In your own home, you’ll find it’s as classic as any vintage Versace piece.

4- The Voyager – Anchor Mosaic Medallion

It seems the call of the open sea is a popular longing among our customers! Next on our list of best-selling mosaic designs, we see our Anchor Mosaic Medallion. Nautical mosaics and oceanside living make for a great pairing – as durable, waterproof mosaic is a natural for outdoor areas.

Image source Mozaico

This mosaic art captures the spirit of nautical adventures that many of us dream about. A golden anchor at its center serves as a symbol of the strength, hope, and spirit needed for success in life. As a centerpiece on floors, or used on tabletops, this marble mosaic art is an attention-grabber.

5- Arabesque Marble Rug Mosaic – Selma

Image source Mozaico

Soft colors – an easy-going attitude: Meet Selma! Our Arabesque Mosaic Rug design is here to show that going with mosaic is the best-kept flooring secret out there. With creamy colors and a non-slippery surface, this popular piece is beautifying interiors everywhere! These mosaic rug floor coverings never fade, last forever, always look amazing, and allow you to put away the vacuum.

 Arabesque Mosaic Rug
Image source Mozaico

Similar designs make for spectacular kitchen backsplashes, utilizing the horizontal format to create the impression of a more spacious work area. The next time you’re looking for a more interesting tile choice for any spot in your home, check out how a mosaic rug from our massive selection can change your space!

6- Autumn Garden – Stone Mosaic Art

Image source Mozaico

Our stone mosaic designs offer a look that’s ideal for many environments. The sunny hues and substantial tiles of Autumn Garden make it an appealing choice for kitchens – and it’s understandably one of our best sellers!

Image source Mozaico

Customers love the sophisticated color blend and easy care of this piece – it looks superb with so many types of tile, pottery, and counter tops. As you can see here, it’s a memorable choice for even larger areas – like walls and kitchen islands. The tough stone can handle the abuse of daily living. If you’ve never considered updating your surfaces with mosaic, now is the time! It allows you to create highly customized looks – even for irregular shapes.

7- Wabasso Coastal Beach – Mosaic Art

Autumn Garden
Image source Mozaico

Wabasso Coast Beach is one of our most popular designs – with good reason. We’re astounded at the creative ways our customers continue to use this mosaic art – and at the breathtaking results! The art of mosaic is particularly suited to capturing the rippling light of underwater scenes, as well as the varying textures of shells, coral, scales, and sealife.

Image source Mozaico

Installed in a pool, the effect is further enhanced. When mosaic is used for aquatic applications, it adds a whole new dimension to your outdoor living areas. Illuminated by sunshine or pool lights, mosaic designs shine!

8- Matira – Compass Mosaic Medallion

Image source Mozaico

Our compass designs can be both practical and ornamental! They’re one of our best sellers because of their inherent versatility. Used as a tabletop, a floor inlay, or even outside on a deck, they combine a nautical influence with appealing classicism. Our Matira Compass Mosaic Medallion combines baby blue, navy, and gold to create a piece of marble mosaic art that pops!

Matira Compass Mosaic Medallion
Image source Mozaico

This installed art echoes the cerulean seas and skies just beyond the deck. Carefully calibrated to the exact compass points, it’s a reminder to stay on life’s course – even in such lovely, relaxing surroundings!

9- Mosaic Tile Art – Tree Of Life

Image source Mozaico

Tree of Life designs have a nearly universal appeal, and this particular mosaic design is a customer favorite. The concept resonates with all kinds of people – cultures from the Celtic to Nordic, Roman to Native American have all utilized the idea of a deeply rooted tree. We offer several versions of the Tree of Life in our catalog!

Tree of Life
Image source Mozaico

Here, the perfectly symmetrical layout of the mosaic wall art is both pleasing to the eye and spirit. As a focal point on a garden wall, it can be appreciated for both its meaning and its beauty. Enjoy this lovely symbol of wisdom, harmony with nature, and enlightenment in your own home as a piece of art in any room.

10- Dolphins Medallion Mosaic Marble Art

focal point on a garden
Image source Mozaico

Dolphins are mysterious, incredible, and intelligent – and are beautiful, to boot! No big surprise that our trio of dolphins on this marble mosaic medallion is closing out our Top Ten for 2021. The popularity of this design isn’t giving anyone the blues! Packed with handset marble and stone tiles, it has a classical influence and an upbeat color scheme.

marble mosaic medallion
Image source Mozaico

As you can see, it looks particularly great in pool or spa installations, where the non-slippery surface and extreme durability are desirable. But don’t overlook it as a wonderful inlaid floor centerpiece or a bit of oceanic elegance in a bathroom.

What will 2022 hold in the world of interior design and mosaic inspiration? We’re just as excited as you to find out! Make sure to check our website, we’ve got more than 7000 items you can choose from!

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