My Mosaic Finder: Finding the Perfect Mosaics for You

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Interior design can often turn into a black hole of choices. that’s usually the case when you choose accessories for art decorations like mosaics to spice up your interiors. There are many styles. You never know which one will remain trending. Same goes for mosaics.

At Mozaico, we designed more than 6000 mosaics . A lot of options can be overwhelming, especially if it is your first mosaic! That’s why we designed “My Mosaic Finder” specifically for you. This mosaic integrated solution will narrow down, from 6000+ mosaics, the ones that best reflect your personality and style.

What Does My Mosaic Finder Do?

This new feature on our website will suggest mosaic designs according to your character and style. From painting style, to color, shape, and the placement of your mosaic artwork, through a simple set of questions, our mosaics integrated solution will be able to analyze your taste and character, and discover a set of mosaic designs that reflect your personality and style. By submitting the details that match your personality, this feature will recommend a set of mosaics to choose from. It’s that simple! You will see your personality, style, and inner-self reflected in immortal art. It will only take a few seconds, but you will be a step closer to owning a breathtaking and handmade mosaic art piece.

Step 1: Choose a painting style that appeals to you the most

My Mosaic Finder - Mosaic art generator | Mozaico

Simply, this step will allow you to choose your favorite painting style that you like the most.

Step 2: Select the shape of the mosaic that you prefer the most

My Mosaic Finder - Mosaic art generator | Mozaico

Often, we have exact spaces at our homes that we need the perfect art fit for. My Mosaic Finder allows you to choose the shape of your preference that compliments your interiors.

Step 3: Select a color palette that suits your interiors

My Mosaic Finder - Mosaic art generator | Mozaico

Color palettes are so personal. And every year a new trend pops up. This new feature will grant you the chance to choose your favorite combination of colors.

Step 4: Choose the location where you want to install your mosaic

My Mosaic Finder - Mosaic art generator | Mozaico

Mosaics are so versatile; you can install them anywhere: indoors or outdoors. Our Mosaic Finder will allow you to choose the location for better search results.

Through our intelligent AI, you will be shown a set of mosaics that will make it easier for you to purchase the mosaic design of dreams! If you are interested in the full catalog, our mosaic designs are a click away.For any custom orders, you can email us at sales@mozaico.com

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