Mythical Sea Mammals Conquer Mosaic Art

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Mother Nature has been a source of artistic inspiration and an unrestricted source of creativity since pre-historic times. Nature has played a vital and some could unquestionably support an almost revolutionary role in creative expression.

Marine life has always significantly contributed to the artistic inspirations for civilizations adjacent to the sea. A great example is the ancient Greeks, who were amongst the first to depict dolphins within their art.

duo dolphins mosaic art

Greeks are renowned for their Classical Mythology. Mythology was capable of providing a stable dosage of artistic inspiration to this greatly expressive civilization, accelerating the cultural importance of these marine mammals. Dolphins were one of the creatures to be witnessed from marine sailors and being perceived as “messenger from the gods” and also as a good sign. First sparks of this artistic movement came with paintings and mosaics portraying dolphins in various seascapes. Due to their daring nature, Greeks, who became amongst the greatest seafarers in the Mediterranean, would subsequently encounter the magical creatures would return home to recite their unique experiences to their families. These descriptions became muses to artisans who promoted the visual aspect of their experience.

The following white and blue mural painting is an ancient piece of artwork which dates back to 1600 BC

Knossos – Crete, Greece

dolphins & fish mosaic art

Dolphins in various ancient cultures have been considered as the “king fish of the ocean” and were almost always worshiped for their altruistic nature; there are many accounts throughout history of dolphins helping humans and even their larger mammal brothers – whales. This explains the urge of ancient and more contemporary artists to incorporate figures of dolphins in aquatic areas as symbols of protection, stability and compassion.

Below is a Roman mosaic exhibiting the magical creature. This dolphin mosaic is currently being exhibited in the Antioch Mosaic Gallery – Museum of Fine Arts (Boston).

fish mosaic art

Magnification and emphasis to the dolphin and portrait of a human from the above-mentioned mosaic.

dolphin mosaic art

These beautiful creatures are so intrinsically tied to our cultural core that people almost always react ecstatically to incorporating their illustration in a customized personal space. The ideal environment to incorporate marine life is obviously in a location that would support the aura and essence of an aquatic area, such as the swimming pool or even on occasion, bathrooms.

Dolphin mosaic artwork or decorative projects are currently extremely popular in the interior/exterior design of personal or public places.

Have a look at some of the most exquisite mosaic pool designs:

This dolphin mosaic, conveys an inexplicable feeling of freedom and energy of the sea reef.

Cover Photo!

Here’s another pool installation of a dolphin mosaic, it elegantly complements the aquatic scenery and exemplify the aesthetic of the pool.

dolphin pool mosaic art

Nature’s beauty and power has been engraved into our lives by our history and our culture. By protecting and caring for nature, we are also encouraging our artistic spirit and ensuring that future generations will continue to find inspiration in the natural world around us.

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