Nautical Mosaics: the Ambiance Generators

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Nautical mosaics have been stumbled upon in a variety of civilizations throughout history. The classic compass or anchor design is a classic example of these maritime motif-mosaics. However, nautical mosaics can also depict various other aspects of the sea that just bring that unmistakable feeling of being by the sea on a warm summer’s day.

Architects, interior designers and artists often collaborate to create some of the most astounding results – obviously not at a cheap price. Owners of private estates and 5-star hotels all demand the very best to ascertain that ambiance witnessed in raw nature: the sun, the vegetation & above all the soothing element of water.

This is a collection of the five classiest pools around the world that incorporate that nautical ambiance via not only the mosaics patterns chosen but by every little detail contained within the exhibited space to guarantee the zenith of relaxation.

Where mosaic artistry meets limitless comfort:

The Peninsula Shanghai

indoor pool - nautical mosaic

This is the Peninsula hotel’s luxurious indoor swimming pool in Shanghai. The Peninsula is an icon of luxury and thus attempted to induce the aesthetic of a Roman palace. The floral mosaic design, the heaps of light entering from the rooftop windows and potted palms all add a scent of unmistakable coastal Mediterranean elegance.

The Neptune Pool

nautical mosaic

Neptune – the name directly takes you to ancient Greece – the home of mystical gods, adventurous sailors and a country embellished by the sea. This gorgeous piece of art has been built by Hearst Castle in California, USA. The particular pool is considered to be one of the most expensive and luxurious pools in the world. The entire pool area, including the statues and furnishing cost approximately 10 million USD. Today it would subsequently be difficult to replicate the same for a similar price.

The Roman Pool

Roman pool - nautical mosaics

Within the same estate, another exquisite pool has been created. Inspired by ancient Roman baths, Hearst created this astonishing space which absolutely leaves you stunned. On occasion the estate bids to the public for an evening to enjoy its facilities – at the end of the day, who wouldn’t want to take a dip in this beauty?
The entirety of the space is dominated by nautical mosaic artworks that were inspired by mosaics found in the 5TH Century Mausoleum of Galla Placidia in Ravenna, Italy. The glittering tiles that adorn this pool’s interior and exterior are blue, orange & gold smalti, filling the space with vivid energy. And to complete the nautical experience, several Greek & Roman copied statues ensure the presence of the gods in the room.

The Dreamy Pool

dreamy pool - nautical mosaic

This indoor dazzling bath area is housed at the Ritz Carlton, an award-winning luxury hotel in Berlin. It’s basically everyone’s dream. The main attraction is the contrast witnessed between the dark blue shades of the pool and the light toned cream colours of the tiled floor and walls. The nautical mosaic pattern of the star-like compass found on the pool floor elegantly blends in with the very realistic depiction of a baby blue sky and white fluffy clouds found on the ceiling.

The Medallion Pool

nautical mosaics

This private mosaic-tile medallion pool is the perfect solution to beat up hot summery afternoon when you just can’t make it to the sea. This curvy pool has been designed in such a way to optimize layout for entry and lounging options. The mosaic artistry exhibited on the massive mosaic medallion is profound and characteristic of the nautical mosaic motif mentioned earlier on.

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