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Avatar Mosaic Art

Fantasy and Contemporary Mosaic Art

The contemporary theme has been at its peek for a few years now and is so this new year! What is more modern than Avatars? Both mosaic art pieces are handcrafted by Mozaico artisans. Blue is the dominant color, with all of its shades. Mosaic tiles used for this specific color are made out of glass, which gives off the shine and brightness of the Avatar figure. However, the rest of the mosaic artwork is crafted with marble tiles translating the more subtle colors in the pieces. For fantasy and fiction fans, these would look perfect hanging on your walls. If you wish to order any of the pieces, click on the images to be redirected to our Mozaico website.

Glass Mosaic

Square Pixel Mosaics

Mosaic Tile Art

Pixel mosaic is a recently famous craft. Pixel mosaic designs are created using square glass tiles of the same size. The design is completed by filling the “baseplate”, showing which colors should be placed for the final outcome. The mosaic with the drinking glass is one of our makings. To check all the purchasing information, you can click on the image and be redirected to our store. This piece would look refreshing on the wall behind the bar or as a mosaic mural in your bedrooms! Pixel mosaics portray a simpler, more settled feel.

Pixel mosaics

Mosaic Mandalas

Mosaic Medallion

Both mosaic art pieces are made out of natural stones and marble hand cut tiles. They feature beautiful geometric designs emphasized with the mixture of colors. The melange of bright, pale and dark colors produces the illusionary effect of the mosaic pieces. Both mosaics can be installed as rugs or as tabletops. The Mandala print has been on the rise as it is the symbol of art in the Buddhist culture and a new way to relax the mind.
It is necessary for your home decor this new year! If you wish to have any of these mosaics, click on the images to follow the link to our Mozaico shop.

Mosaic Medallion

Fiery/Bright Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic Art

The abundance of color is a continuing trend from 2014, especially varying shades of red, yellow, green and blue. These fiery colors bring an exotic and dynamic vibe into your homes. They have been used in fashion and in street artworks.In the art of mosaics, bright colors always come in glass stones. Mosaic art pieces with colorful tiles are used to break the monotone feel of a home with calming tones. If you want to spice up your home decor, order one of Mozaico’s designs such as the following artwork. Click on the picture to find out more on our website!

Angelic Woman Mosaic

Glittery Mosaic Tiles

Glass Tile Art

Glittery mosaic tiles are made out of glass shards. The glitter in the tiles make the entire mosaic art piece shine, it is the reason why the demand for mosaics with glittery shards is expanding. Mosaic pieces with glitter would certainly look beautiful decorating your outdoor space as the sun will make the mosaic tiles sparkle even more. The last mosaic piece that you see is handcrafted at Mozaico and can be used as an outdoor tabletop! If you wish to order this piece now, click on the following image and follow the link to our web shop.

Mosaic Glass Tiles

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