Must See Outdoor Landscape Mosaic Ideas

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Mosaic Landscape Art

A mosaic artwork is formed of small and several tesserae, each individual colored piece has an essential part in the pattern. Mosaic designers and artisans are usually as patient as puzzlers, who constantly unravel riddles, mysteries and enigmas. They have to create their central mosaic based on creativity, brain teasing, deductive reasoning and numerical crossroads. Once they piece their thoughts together, they can then start to piece mosaic artworks to create large murals, huge floor inserts or even micro mosaic artworks. Whether on the floors, walls or ceilings, the perception is clear through the image formed by the mosaic tiles. However in a landscape, the idea of the artwork is found through the veracity of the entire environment. In this chosen list of mosaic outdoor designs, you will understand how mosaic landscaping can interact with the entire environment and stumble among the most creative outdoor mosaics of the year!

Spiral Patterns Outdoor Mosaics

This spiral and colorful pattern was handcrafted using natural pebbles and tiny stones. This pebble mosaic is considered to be attracting positive feng shui in gardens, attracting nourishing energy and serene delight to all your senses. When it comes to positive feng shui garden design, the size isn’t the main criteria. Since attracting a positive feng shui energy doesn’t consist on the size, this pebble spiral design will look brightly perfect in small gardens, patios or any outdoor area.

Pattern Pebble Landscape Art

Spiral rock mosaic

Simple Mosaic Spiral Patterns DIY

This is a simple landscape mosaic designs, that you can easily make yourself. Start by collecting pebbles, you will then need mortar, a few other supplies that you can find around the house and the great trait of patience of course.

Mosaic DIY Pebble

Square Patio Mosaics

Third Dimensional Mosaic Patios

Square mosaics are one of the most impressive choices for patio or landscape mosaic designs. These mosaic pieces are usually handcrafted with marble mosaic tiles. There is a very clear-cut aesthetic difference between hand-cut or machine cut marble tiles. Machine cut marble can change the impression of the mosaic artwork making it look less authentic, less warm and less precious.

Mosaic Patio Art

Stepping Stones and Pattern Mosaics

Combining pattern and floral mosaics with stepping stones is one of the most interesting crazes of the year in landscapes and patios design. You can choose to apply one big floral pattern mosaic with small stepping stones, several mosaic pieces of stepping stones’ size or small mosaics with big stepping stones. Pattern mosaics are usually one of the best choices in landscape designs, because they extend and spice up the natural outdoor scene.

Stepping stones and mosaic art

modern patio mosaic

Traditional Mosaic Rugs

Applying mosaic rugs in patios and backyards can be one of the most intrepid and daring designs. You can witness a very exquisite, elegant and lavish environment in these patio designs. Whether you choose an arabesque, a geometrical, a floral or a classical patterned rug, you will definitely end up adding a prolific and unique character to your patio.

traditional landscape mosaic

pebble mosaic rug

Pond Yard Mosaic Designs

Geometric and plain mosaic designs are perfect for fountain areas and pond yards. For those of you who are lucky enough to own a small pond yard, you have the chance to ornament it with great geometric mosaic designs. You can click on the pictures to visualize the mosaic patterns to beautify your pond yard or any other outdoor or indoor area.

Rectangular Spiral Pattern

Rectangular spiral mosaic

Optical Illusion Mosaic Art

Mosaic Landscape Art

Pebble Mosaic Art

Pebbles are the main art medium used in patios and backyards. This affordable and natural art supply is an everlasting and durable material that resists rain and strains. You can do with pebbles what you do while painting on a canvas, all you need is patience to handcraft mandalas, division cells, spirals, floral designs, peacock designs or any other design you might desire.

Simple and Plain Patterns

This pebble mosaic is typical to the spiral patio mosaic at the top of the list, all you need is a walk on a shingle beach or in the forest to gather some pebbles and start your creative journey.

Pebble Mosaic

Colorful Mosaic Pebble

Color plays a very important role in our lives and creating a colorful pebble mosaic in your patios is one of the best choices you can make. Colorful pebbles are very rare, however coloring them with acrylics or any other dyes will give the stones a less sophisticated and natural look. Dyed pebbles are also not weather-resistant. Try to find and gather naturally colored pebbles to add an elegant look to your environment.

Colorful pebble mosaic

landscape pebble mosaic

Varied Mosaic Tiles

Choosing the right medium is not always easy, that’s why people think of combing two or three rock types. Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary are the main three types of beach rocks.

•Igneous and Metamorphic, are formed after a lava cools down to harden into rock. These beach stone types create pebbles like: quarzite, granite, slate, pumice, marble etc.

•Sedimentary beach stones are formed on shores and in the water by the conditions of older stones. These beach stone types are: sandstone, shale, conglomerates and breccia.

•Beach pebbles and stones could be a variety of the above kinds of rocks “igneous, metamorphic, “sedimentary” with a change in percentage of occurrence in each rock kind.

As the beach could hold a wide variety of rock and stone types, a mosaic artwork can also hold a wide variety of rock types and colors. As long as the variety won’t ruin the pattern design.

round patio mosaic

Mosaic Art

Mosaic Garden Pathway And Fountain

Backyard Floor With Style

Add character and style to your backyard or patios floor with figurative mosaics illustrating flowers, mandalas, landscapes, seascapes or animals. The theme of mold and geometric mosaics has been at its peek in basic backyard ornaments. Mandalas and spiral designs are the most trendy outdoor floor inserts, we however can’t reject visionary feathers of a peacock ornamenting our backyard.

peacock mosaic

Nautical Patios Mosaics

Nautical designs are in fact an anthology of styles from Italian architecture, Spanish haciendas, and Greek coastal homes. Floor mosaics are usually installed in widely opened spaces, perfect for a lay-back and relaxing feel. Nautical mosaics can be of any size, but are often large and refined designs. Pastel and urban colors are usually used in Nautical themes, from clean white to a dramatic pastel, sometimes puzzled with earth colors and dramatic brick.

Mosaic Patio Art

patio mosaic art

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