Stunning Ways to Use Mosaic Wall Art

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Mankind has been compelled to decorate the walls of their homes since the beginning. The most ancient examples have meanings that are lost in time: animal figures, geometric shapes, scenes of activities. We can view through the lens of our current world, and have not a clue about what their intent was. What we do know is that we’re just not happy with leaving our living environments undecorated. The art of wall decoration is one that we’re driven to pursue like wall mosaic art.

Adorning our walls has become more sophisticated over time, and styles change. Oddly, though, mosaic art has continued to stay timeless and sophisticated over the centuries – evolving effortlessly with decor schemes and architectural styles.

No matter what your style is, wall art can be divided into 5 main types:

  • Abstract
  • Florals
  • Animals
  • Landscapes
  • Borders

Each of these categories can be at home in any area of your house: don’t be afraid to think a bit outside the box when looking for ideas for mosaic wall art ideas. The richness and versatility of tile can look great absolutely anywhere – let’s look at some applications.

Abstract designs

Look around at the design trends, and you’ll see that abstract art can be blended with all types of styles. Your previous encounters with this type of art may have left you with the impression that it can be cold or hard to live with.

The truth is that there’s no particular color scheme or subject that limits the look of abstract art. It’s easy to work with, no matter what your color palette.

With truly mosaic abstract designs, you can focus on the colors and the shapes that are used – and tie them in effortlessly with all the other features of your room. Consider the size and shape of the patterns in your upholstery and rugs, or in the pottery pieces you display. Look for a mosaic design that picks up the repeating elements and colors. Incorporating an abstract pattern into your kitchen wall decor can help keep the whole look from being stale and boring – but not jarring. The effect is fresh and clever.

In a more modern home setting, a piece of abstract wall art rendered in mosaic can continue the look of your decor choice, while adding a wink to the past. The contrast of an ancient medium with the most modern art genre is delightful.

Abstract mosaic pieces are ideal for spots that need visual interest that does not overwhelm. While more realistic pieces can command attention and compete with other art, the abstract forms can be a more soothing and harmonious addition to a room. Those isolated bare spots that need more than just an accent color painted on are ideal for this sort of piece.


From the finely made patterns of Islamic art to more free-flowing and literal interpretations, floral and botanical themes have been used in mosaic pieces since the beginning. As wall designs, floral elements are timeless.

These natural motifs have traditionally been popular as bathroom wall decor, but don’t overlook their potential in other spaces in your home. They can provide a highlight for sun rooms or other areas that are embracing the whole “urban jungle” aesthetic.

There’s a strong aesthetic appeal to combining sleek surfaces and mosaic wall art that explores the link between two and three dimensions, providing a medium that invites touching the pieces, but also remaining cool and impervious to any efforts to change it. Try to incorporate some of the intriguing contrasts into your own spaces.

Floral and botanical art can also reference classic symbolism. The optimism and hope of sunflowers, the meditative aspects of lotus blossoms, and the fidelity expressed by rose blossoms can also provide a meaningful aspect to a piece of mosaic wall art – a permanent expression of a sentiment. Consider a piece like this for a special gift or commemoration.


Animals in art can range from rounded and friendly, suitable for children, to mosaic pieces that capture the beauty of the natural kingdom in styles from ancient to realistic. The textural aspect of mosaic art work seems to be a perfect fit for conveying the intricacies of feather, scale, and fur. For many, the search for wall decor ideas returns frequently to depictions of animals.

Animals are also a winner for most children’s rooms – the colors veer more to the primary colors that appeal to the younger set, and they often have more than a touch of whimsy. They make for great bedroom wall decor, of course. Somehow, the sophistication of a good mosaic art tile piece can take the sugary edge out of standard decorating looks for children, and provide a more polished finish to their rooms.

Iconic animal figures are part of many interior design traditions. The classic beauty of horses is perfect for a home that is infused with a Southwestern influence, for example. But, don’t feel limited- there are outstanding depictions of a favorite animal that cross all genres, and just simply celebrate your love for cats, dogs, or birds.


Views of countryside and land have always been depicted in mosaic wall art. Long horizontal stretches of scenery were meant to be walked along and enjoyed, evoking the sensation of a stroll in the country. The effect of a window vista is perfect for living room wall decor or any other area of your home that needs a restful spot for eyes to rest upon.

Landscape art is a broad category, as one would expect. Styles range from impressionistic to startlingly real in their execution. The right piece of landscape art adds depth to your wall space, brings out the color and beauty of other decorative elements in your room, and provides enjoyment.

Don’t feel limited in your choices to what’s available in your part of the world. Landscapes can help change the whole vibe of a room, turning a city home into a Tuscan-inspired refuge, or a Midwestern cottage into a cabin in the mountains. Let your landscape art choices help set the tone and emphasize the decor style you’ve chosen.

The cool colors of the seaside, the rusty tones of terra cotta, and the verdant greens of hillside olive orchards can all be incorporated in a piece of landscape art that provides a focal point on the wall. Large mosaic wall art with landscape scenes adds depth and center a room.


Mosaic borders deserve a category all their own. They can turn anything into art, add unique touches to the smallest of spots, and turn any space into a beautifully curated and accessorized destination.

Bathroom mosaic wall art, for example, can be particularly difficult. Space can be limited, and the humid conditions can be detrimental to many pieces of art. Faced with such a dilemma, an excellent solution is to frame mirrors with a mosaic art piece. Wide enough for impact, easy to work with, and stunning, these borders are perfect.

The versatility of tile borders can be almost addictive. Literally any part of your home can be enhanced and highlighted, and the array of styles is endless. Designers can follow a strict aesthetic, referencing a particular time, or mix styles artistically. Like the pattern mixing mentioned above, the way to work with borders is to tie the patterns and colors of your existing decor into the design.

The accents work well on permanent architectural elements such as stair risers, decorative arches, and niches, and to outline windows and fireplaces. They are an element that can complete the look of a room – one of those details that can provide the finishing touch that you’ve been searching for.

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