Most Impressive Swimming Pool Designs of the Season

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• How to Beautify Your Swimming Pool Around Your Swimming Pool

When the colors of nature turn into a warm inferno, we instinctively feel that summer is just around the corner! The best way to celebrate the return of summer is to take a jump into the swimming pool or go to the beach! A swimming pool on a summery day is like heaven serving our thirst; a cold pool that energizing our senses from the burning sun. Swimming isn’t just fun, it’s a workout for the body and mind, which can be another way to meditate and relax. The world fluctuates with many impressive pool designs. Whether you long for a tropical holiday in Bali or an exotic journey in Africa, this article will take you into an odyssey through the most refreshing swimming pools of the world! A swimming pool is a lot more than just an object. A cautiously designed swimming pool can be a destination on its own. This article will also inspire you to go a step further by adding character to your lawn with many imposing pool mosaic designs.

Enjoy this warily compiled list of the most interesting swimming pools and learn how to design your own!

• Before and After

Figurative Mosaic Design

This “before and after” example was meant to make you wonder about both mosaic ideas and to illustrate the evolution of art tiles. Glass mosaic tiles have been around for centuries, in swimming pools and their use in construction has exploded exponentially in the last decade. However, as the demand for this material has grown, so have the problems. Designers started looking for a medium that lasts longer and doesn’t lack a minimum industry performance standard. Recently after discovering the unlimited functions of marble tiles, we started seeing many figurative and geometric designs in pool art.


Pool Mosaic


Pool mosaics

• Coral Reef And Sea Creatures

Did you ever want to refer to your swimming pool as an ocean? Giving life to your pool with ocean mosaic designs will make this possibility possible! A design pattern of the coral reef, a fish, an octopus or even a shark will add life and character to your pool design and lawn.

Fish Mosaic swimming Pools

Mosaic Art See mosaic here.

Octopus Mosaic Swimming Pool

Octopus Mosaic Pool
See mosaic here.

Coral Reef Marble Art

Coral Mosaic Art

• Glow in The Dark Swimming Pool

Luminescent Tiles

Glow in the dark mosaic tiles are becoming a famous and trendy application. The demand for these glass mosaic tiles is expanding because of their lasting glow absorbed throughout the day. Glow in the dark mosaic tiles would certainly look beautiful decorating your outdoor space as the sun will make the mosaic tiles sparkle even more so at night. Read More

Glow in the dark mosaic art

• Must Visit Swimming Pool Of The Season

The Pool at the Hanging Gardens Ubud Hotel in Bali, Indonesia

The pool at Hanging Gardens in Bali, Indonesia is a must visit this season for sure! This stunning split-level infinity pool, lined with Batu Chandi stone, features an enormous geometric wall of coagulated volcanic ash. It is suspended celestially high over the surrounding jungle to appear and float in its setting. This must visit pool gives swimmers the unique, immersive feeling of literally swimming above the treetops and the valley.

The pool at Hanging Gardens Ubud Hotel in Bali, Indonesia

The Library, Koh Samui, Thailand

This swimming pool is known as the red pool and is located in the Library, Koh Samui Thailand. It has been selected as one of the world’s most extravagant swimming pools by both Tripadvisor and CNN. The Red Pool, with its mosaic tiles of orange, yellow and deep red, illustrates a dazzling spectacle of brilliant color and unique style.

Koh Samui pool

• How to Beautify Your Swimming Pool

Pools aren’t just a luxurious part of your lawn! Did you know that relaxing next to the pool on a sweltering summer day is like a medicine for your well being ? Did you know that you can use chosen water plants instead of chlorine to keep the swimming territory clean and clear? To ornament the surrounding of your swimming pool, consider using plants and bushes that are local to your zone. You should also keep in mind adding waterfalls or rocks. Decorating the inside of your swimming pool can only be done once for a lasting while, that is why you have to be intelligently tricky. First of all rather than selecting a random hodgepodge of decorations and materials, choose a theme for the area and extend it through your design. In the pictures below, the mermaid theme is the main theme giving a touch of fantasy to the swimming pools. People typically use blue tiles for pools to match the color that the water reflects as a result of the sky’s color during the day. Sometimes it is also cool to add a unique vibe and personalize your swimming pool!

Around your swimming Pool

Fish pool mosaicSee mosaic here.

Pool design

Inside your Swimming Pool

Pool design

Pool mosaic artSee the mermaid mosaic here.

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