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The beauty of a finely worked object points to the beauty of the craftsmanship. The beauty of the craftsmanship points to the beauty of the name which was the source of the craftsmanship. The beauty of the name of the craftsman’s art points to the beauty of the craftsman’s attributes manifested in that art”. Said Nursi

When I looked up the word ‘handicrafts-man’ in the dictionary to find the exact meaning of this word, there were two definitions written; a person who practices or is highly skilled in a craft, an artisan & an artist. For me personally a handicrafts man is an individual that does what he loves and does it right.
Meet Johnny Clasper, a man coming from Yorkshire (UK) that brings craftsmanship at its best. This artist started as a bricklayer and ended up being a recognized & well-established stonemason. From a young age Clasper used to spend significant time working on his pottery, wood and metal projects. Nowadays the artists finds himself turning to a new page and creating some of the most captivating patios & mosaics by using stones in a free-form motif.

stone-sculptures-mosaic-johny-clasper-18 Have a look at some of his stonework’s below:




Mesmerizing arty stone swirl located in an urban back garden. The artist admits that:

“Building a wall without cement or any form of bonding material at all is somewhat difficult; it is a craft that requires a lot of patience and skill to create that perfect combination of gravity & friction.

  • The artist creates a flowing movement of stone pebbles in an organic & visually dynamic placement method to portray the urge of momentum.

“If stone can be brought to life maybe it could become fluid and flow like water?” Underlining the artists emphasis on the boundary between solid and fluid states in one of his interview…


• These are some pebble and brick mosaics that the artist created with a variety of styles and techniques.


• Johnny’s hypnotic free-form stonework really depicts what a great handicrafts-man he is. His passion and creativity is profound and it can be captured in each of his exhibited artwork. stone-sculptures-mosaic-johny-clasper-5

“Any chance I got I would arrange pebbles or shards of slate into flowing patterns or drains, mimicking the flow of water spiraling away.”

Johnny Clasper is a true handicrafts man whose creative nature is driving him to continue creating some of the most magnificent mosaic projects that adorn exterior spaces.

Artist Potrfolio: Johnny Clasper

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