Bath in Quietude: Traditional and Modern Merge in Your Bathroom

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Bath in Quietude: Traditional and Modern Merge in Your Bathroom

Ever felt as though something’s not quite right about your bathroom? You think it’s hard to perceive your cosmetics, or your bathtub feels dull and unattractive.Have you recently moved in and stumbled upon a mess? Having a hard time, settling with the fact for many year? Whether you’re looking to add a classical flair to your walls or single out a contemporary rug for your floor, here are 5 ways to make your bathroom a soothingly serene, bathing experience!

Watery Accent

A dark and outdated bathroom goes through an unbelievable alteration to become more bright with watery blue accents. Visible Light-Inducing degradation is a terrific way to wake up a boring bathroom. You can also witness a metallic glaze, creating a textured look that is both modern and full of character. The pop of turquoise prevents monochromatic finishes like dual-tone honeycomb flooring from reading as flat.

Color doesn’t always have to appear as paint on the walls or ceilings. The bath below features a glorious degradation of watery accents.

Shades of blue for bathroom

mermaid pattern bathroom mosaic wall

Wooden vs. Vinyl Windows

Traditional wooden windows are often characterized durability and longevity, and harsh climate conditions resistant. Wooden windows will also add a rich layer of texture. If you however, don’t want this vintage vibe, you can still opt for vinyl windows.

Balancing tradition and modernity within the home is all about moderation, where you find yourself able to complement different design elements in order to create a unique merge.

Bathroom design

Wall vs. Floor Tile

Ever wondered how a traditional mosaic pattern would look like with contemporary designs and colors? Or this traditional medium would look like when used in contemporary murals? Mosaic art tiles can add a lot when it comes to your bathroom interior.

In the last few years, many innovations have transfigured the tile industry. Floor tiles wall tiles are complementing an authentic stone appearance of very refined and modern designs .Although this medium is still basically used ornamenting floors, its new concept of composition was managed by a conception of perspective and choice. They brought the medium from floors to jewelries and ornaments arriving to walls, and the choice remains exquisite.

Bathroom Scene birds

Misused vs. Confused Chair Rail

Your chair rail is another element within your home interior that you can work on to merge traditional with contemporary style. The classical regulations of architecture are definitely the key to a proper size and position of moldings in your bathroom. One of the best tips for chair rails, is to keep in mind the height of window sills. Try to install the windows so that the window sills are the same height as the chair rail. In case your window sills are 40 in. from the floor, run the chair below, and remember: it’s better to slip up on the side of too low rather than too high!

Bathroom Mosaic

Asymmetrical Balance

Ever wondered how to use traditional elements within your home and still make it look contemporary ? Balancing tradition and modernity in your bathroom is a critical tread that can help you create a balanced look and atmosphere for your home interior. Combining mediums properly ensures that you are able to have a classical/traditional flamboyance, yet still bring something new to your bathing experience!

Here for example, the colorful mosaic of honeycomb tiles is a classic geometric pattern that gives the space a modern yet vintage finesse. Blending old and new to perfection, making the room more charming and warm. Brass had been an unexpected material in bathrooms that is getting more common in contemporary designs. Beautiful wooden cabinetry with a gorgeous natural look has been incorporated to bring a balmy feeling into this bathroom.

Floor Bathroom mosaic

Honeycomb tiles bathroom

Last but not least, merging the traditional with modern will not only create balance between the couple’s disparate styles, but while giving it a contemporary impression it will still fit in with the style of the home. I previously stated how the right color can set a mood and absorb away bad energies from the bathroom! While most of us may not spend time thinking about creating a balance in the bathroom, hence the colors and mediums we decide to use in our home interior play a big role in the way we feel and think. Sometimes singling out mediums and accessories, may appear like a tough task. However one must not be afraid to try out bold and innovative designs, with a forecast in hand, you can find the stroke that will make your home an expression of your traits and flavor, only then would you bath in quietude…

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